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The Classic Show: Gene and Friends

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I recently watched some of the older episodes of this show on Youtube, and there were really some clever players, but I was struck by just how awful some of the semi-regular players were, especially Joyce Bulifant and Patti Deutsch.  It seemed like they didn't even try.  

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I vaguely remember this show from when I was a kid.  Joyce Bulifant and Patty Deutsch were regulars on a lot of game shows back then and they seldom tried on any of them.  Other regular game show celebs tried to take over the show.  Charles Nelson Reilly was famous for this.  

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Today, this show would never had gone on air during the Me.too movement. Gene Rayburn is constantly kissing one or two of the panelist and the Homeric tone between him and Richard Dawson was really something....but don't get me wrong...I loved this show.

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