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  1. I have a gas stove in my kitchen and, believe it or not, my cats can turn it on. I bought toddler-proof plastic covers for each of the four knobs at Lowe's for $7.50 total. I have not had a problem since. I can't be the only one who knows about this. I think she just had to criticize something to help build up the suspense.
  2. If Casey does leave, it would not surprised me if Boden stepped down and took over his job. Boden sure had fun holding that hose again.
  3. Me too! But I wouldn't have blamed him if he had sent Casey a bill afterwards.
  4. I am here and watch the show faithfully. It is frustrating that the characters do not seem to mature or learn anything. (Ex: Marianna still thinks lying will have no consequences?) I guess we are suppose to remember all the dumb things we did in our 20's and how long it took for us to reach any semblance of maturity. I remember Hugh Laurie being interviewed about House, He was asked, 'Is Dr. House ever going to change for the better?' Laurie said, 'People in movies change for the better but people on TV never do. That's why we watch, to see the same character make the same mistakes over and over again.' (This is all quoted from memory.) I think that is what's so frustrating about this show, I keep waiting for these character to grow up, and they keep repeating the same mistake again and again. Maybe good television, but not good for my soul. I am expecting Mariana to invite Raj to be part of her Bite Girls Club (token male). I am expecting Alice and Callie to have a hot romance and Callie but the one to get hurt. Of course, I have been expecting Gael to buy curtains for his loft for 3 seasons.
  5. Their dance is a common opera troupe: the diva has just enough lung capacity to belt out her last great aria before dying of tuberculous (I'm looking at you, Mimi).
  6. Yes,it’s unusual... I think they were more afraid he’d never marry though lol I think it also helped that Libbe had been in Belgium for so long so at least that had had that physical distance for a while. I remember it. He also said he had 30 some grandchildren in the same conversation. So we could have an entirely different series 'Shtisel- The Lost Siblings' and flush out completely different storylines. I'm game.
  7. I wondered if it was an overstep for Asher to look at Leo's Instagram.
  8. Can you eat milk with eggs or is it treated like meat? Is it unusual in the Ultra-Orthodox world for first cousins to marry?
  9. I thought that Shulem had mentioned that he had 6 children in a previous season. Anyone else have a memory of this?
  10. Thank you patient person answering all my questions. I just thought of something regarding the 'stranger' who was allowed to pick up Akiva's baby. Maybe Akiva's cronies at the café are really his relatives, perhaps cousins and doesn't he have a few extra siblings the show has not focused on? That would make more sense to me about why Akiva even asked that man to pick up his child, as if she was a bundle of dry cleaner. Just a thought....but it helps me like Akiva better.
  11. 6. It looked to me as if both Shiva the lucky one and Racheli were from much wealthier families. Correct? Would that have been an issue? Thank you for answering my other questions. I meant, would there be some mention regarding Shiva that this could secure a better life for the son? Would Shiva's family think Shiva was settling because the Shtisels struggling financially more than them? Or in Ultra-Orthodoxy is the issue more the amount of holiness instead of the amount in the bank account. Regarding Racheli, I guess similar thoughts. Both couples seem very well matched to me, I just wondered if one of the family members on either side would be affected by the discrepancy. You are right. My backseat does not open from the inside, my front seat does. I guess if you are new to cars you might panic and not check the front. OK, if you are game more questions. I am so appreciative of your answers. 8. Why do married people sleep in separate beds? 9. Do the Ultra-Orthodox only eat meat on the Sabbath? This comes from a line the car-driving daughter-in-law said about how she, with all her other responsibilities, had to scrounge up meat for the Sabbath. It reminded me that I thought I had only seen the Shtisels eat eggs. 10. Was I listening to Hebrew or Yiddish? This comes from the line Racheli said about Akiva signing to his daughter in Yiddish. Thank you and I am sure you are helping a lot of other people to with your clear answers.
  12. I have watched all of Season 3, and loved it, but please do not read further if you have not watched it all. I have a few questions: 1. Is child care free in Israel? Is there a push to have children, even babies, stay in childcare all day? Why was Akiva dropping his baby off at day care every day? 2. Can just everyone pick up any child at a daycare center in Israel? Doesn't there have to be a list of certified persons? 3. Was Racheli ultra-orthodox? If not, wouldn't that have been an issue regarding marrying her? 4. Libbe died when her baby was two months old? So not from childbirth I assume? Do we know why she died? 5. I didn't think one could get locked into a car, unless it was a police car. I am wrong about this? Or are cars different in Israel? (I am not wrong about my car, I just checked.) 6. It looked to me as if both Shiva the lucky one and Racheli were from much wealthier families. Correct? Would that have been an issue? 7. Does one not get paid for studying the Torah? Are all those families being supported by women working outside of the home? I probably have some more questions too, but I would appreciate any answers anyone might have. I love this series.
  13. I was assuming she was sneaking in and not paying at all.
  14. I am rooting for Chris too. He work is incredible. I love the sound of his voice. I love his clothing choices. I love the stories he comes up with for his 'clients'. I agree with you about his social media skills but I wonder if that is something they can help him with. Nobody else stands up to him. However, did you notice how the camera lingered on a beefcake shot of Eli? Maybe that is the one we are supposed to fall in love with.
  15. I feel the same way about Marianna.
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