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  1. I was actually impressed, people I know in a similar funk just sit on their couch and binge Netflix.
  2. Why is that so funny? It is just like the Callie's brother line about him, "Whose the demi-god in the backseat?"
  3. Wow! Are they going to have beautiful babies. 'God spent a little more time' on each one of them.
  4. My fan fiction is that when Mrs. Andrews and Dr. Andrews had a fight the day of the Guatemala trip, Dr. Andrews said, 'To hell with you: I am going to join my team in Guatemala.' Mrs. Andrews replied, 'Then take your damn toilet seat with you!' and she threw it on the front lawn.
  5. I am guessing he will get community service, which will become an interesting plot device next season.
  6. That's funny. The song 'Let's Do Something Cheap and Superficial' went through my head. About the same difference!
  7. However, I finally heard a plausible explanation as to why men have breasts!
  8. Wasn't that a throwback from the original Roseanne? Isn't Geena the black girl that DJ was reluctant to kiss when they were in school together? (Can't quite remember the episode- maybe DJ was suppose to kiss her in a school play or something.)
  9. Now I am assuming everyone has a twin. Cassie and Jenny probably have evil ones!
  10. I am with you, but I was humming 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy'.
  11. Thank you for this information. So you would say that the mother donating her O negative to the other mother's child is just in service of the story and not real life? How long does it take for the blood to be screened before it can go into the body of another? (I guess I have seen too many Westerns where the donor and receiver's arms were side by side.) Thank you again for this information. Really. I was about to make an announcement for them at Walmart (only half-kidding.)
  12. Yes, this not a MASH unit in Korea! They are in San Jose and have to wait for blood to come from LA (that's at least 300 miles away)? There are plenty of hospitals in between. Hell, why can't they just make an announcement at the local Walmart? 'All people who may think they have O- blood please come to the front to save the life of a child.'
  13. Her makeup has also been really low-key this season. Don't know the rationale but I bet these are artistic choices.
  14. You loved them as a couple, or how their beautiful voices blended together?
  15. How would they have handled masking and social distancing if their universe contained COVID!
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