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  1. But that's because she was breaking bad.
  2. From what we know about his timeline, I think Saul must have been very young when he blew through his first two marriages, which makes me wonder if he had to get marry, at least to the first one. Does he have a love-child out there?
  3. Executive houses are built like that are built with open area ground floors for entertaining, not so much for family living.
  4. OK, another long shot. Maybe the anonymous complaint came from Claire. Maybe she knew that the appearance of favoritism was going to lead to trouble for her and everyone else.
  5. I am going to take the true long shot and say it was a nurse assisting in surgery. I noticed in one next to Park during one of those interactions. (I noticed her because she looked like a true nurse, devoid of Hollywood false eyelashes.)
  6. Bo was at the wedding, He even had a line.
  7. I think that the position they both in was a chaste one to signal that they would not be having sex (if I understand common TV code for those things). My hunch is they fell asleep that way both wake up somewhat surprised in the morning.
  8. And they seem to be neglecting their other to. Security for Noodle must be going nuts in Europe.
  9. My eyes saw him drink a glass of water. Did anyone else see that? Also, any substance abuse program worth their salt is going to not allow people addicted to opioid to drink alcohol.
  10. I was surprised that they celebrated with champagne concerning Dimitri is an alcoholic/substance abuser. You noticed he toasted with a glass of water. Welcome a new member into the family with a substance that can't drink? I would love to see a spin-off on Blake.
  11. Can a US president just order security to make a pit stop? I thought all of their movements were planned in advance. Wouldn't security want to search Hansen's house before she traipsed in there without an invite?
  12. Well. It's tradition but I have always assumed that during the holiday season- which begins with Thanksgiving- we all too busy to watch TV and the shows ratings would go down.
  13. I thought one of Jason's hands was in the shape of a gun.
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