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  1. MaryHedwig

    S10.E18: Stand By Your Man

    Since when does Lily need babysitting?
  2. MaryHedwig

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    Doesn't Nauru have the most obese people per capita in the world?
  3. MaryHedwig

    S05. E15. Between the Seats.

    I did appreciated that the girl's groom looked like he was a kind, non-aggressive type of man. At least I am holding on to that for now.
  4. MaryHedwig

    S05. E14. Something Better

    I was happy to see that Henry's niece was more on the curvy side, and that that was not raised as an issue. I wish we saw more of that on television.
  5. MaryHedwig

    S7 E13: It Wasn't About Hockey

    I didn't like that Boden dipped his dirty spoon in each one of them.
  6. MaryHedwig

    S02.E14: Faces

    I was thinking that she did remember the yearbook entry but did not want to admit it to Glassman. (Why would she? She was totally taken off guard by his visit.) I thought the clue of that was given afterwards when she immediately found the entry in her yearbook once he left. I am confused about whether he crossed out the entry or she did. I would have assumed that she had done so, but the ink looked to be the same color as the entry.
  7. MaryHedwig

    S05. E13. Proxy War

    I also assume that must have an electric forced-air heating.
  8. MaryHedwig

    S05. E13. Proxy War

    That was a homeless woman.
  9. MaryHedwig

    S7 E12: Make This Right

    I feel sorry for Hermann's neglected kids.
  10. MaryHedwig

    S7 E12: Make This Right

    And he didn't notice the dent in the first place?
  11. MaryHedwig

    S7: E9 - Always a Catch

    The trailer family? You mean Ivanka and her two brothers? (When did Eric grow a beard?) Good point. Maybe the fire was spontaneous combustion- started by Dawson's free-flowing rage for having someone else's body in the sack with her precious Casey.
  12. MaryHedwig

    S02.E10: Quarantine

    The only one who seemed to be doing well was Lea. She seemed to be enjoying a maturity boost.
  13. MaryHedwig

    S10.E06: Kid 'n Play

    Well they forgot that Will and Grace both had children....
  14. MaryHedwig

    S10.E06: On the Same Paige

    Agreed. But to some money can be an aphrodisiac.
  15. MaryHedwig

    S2, E3: 36 Hours

    I just have to share this. I was in the ER once with my 94-year-old grandmother. A resident walked in to help us, buck naked, and proceeded to examine my grandmother. After a very long minute, a nurse came running in and said, "Doctor, you need to stop and go put on some clothes." The resident looked down at himself and appeared truly shocked that he had no clothes on. He walked out and the nurse said, "I apologize, he has been up for 36 hours. Enough said.