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  1. Novel8

    S04.E03: Man vs Rock

    I feel the show drags whenever mopie Pope comes on the screen...sick of looking at him, and that Frankie...man she is a dog....oops, I take that back...a dog is prettier.
  2. Novel8

    S04.E04: Tank

    Did Mia's boyfriend urinate on the safe? If he did, there was no reaction from J when he opened it. This is not the end for Mia...she is going to get her comeuppance eventually. I have a feeling that Adrian is going to warn Darin about the cops on to him, when Darin confronts him. BTW, is this the last season?
  3. Novel8

    S04.E03: Man vs Rock

    Ok, so what does Smurf do? Does she tell the boys of her cancer? I doubt it, it would make her too vulnerable. Who said Niki is gone...she has been replaced by Mia. What was that scene all about with Smurf and the fisherman? Didn't make any sense. OK, wasn't Baz ( Speedman ) killed off so he could take on a role In "Grey's Anatomy"? No more Billy???
  4. Novel8

    S04.E02: Angela

    Well ,like all shows, there is going to be an ending and we should know, that its not going to be a 'happy one for the Cody's. Some may be killed or jailed, and this brings in the possibility of Adrian being the "Judas" of this tale...at least that is the impression I am getting. I hope there is a good reason for these flashbacks
  5. Novel8

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    I'm rooting for the 2 big guys...and or the gay guys to win. The last 2 seem to have a better chance, cause they are more agile than the big guys, especially the one that was nervous going down the mountain.
  6. Novel8

    S04.E01: Janine

    I think Adrian is going to get at least Darin in trouble. Its either him in jail or Darin...to me he doesn't look the type that could withstand a long term jail sentence...anyway, most gay themes never seem to end on a positive note as far as tv drama shows or movies depict. I was thinking that maybe the writers were going to show the one stability among this group, turns out to be the gay lovers. I can't believe that the young sexy chick was Smurf when she was young. I just thought that there was going to be another group to give the Cody's competition.
  7. Novel8

    S03.E07 Bali

    That nail pulling scene was gory...i actually felt the pain watching it. It looked too real for me...no CGI. Wow, Cole must be a Superman in disguise...how could someone go through, what he went through and is ready to take on the world...Its too far fetch.
  8. Novel8

    S03. E08. But for the Grace

    I'm finding the last 2 shows were below par...did not like or understand how in a space of a minute were able to acquit the last 2 verdicts of this show. May have had off scene background, but usually, the audience is allowed to see and hear it.
  9. Novel8

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    I found last nights show really bad...the acting, the plot ( investigating a missing cat ), the implausible rescue at sea.. From what I have seen so far, I like the combo Rick and his pal, more than the lead...and Higgins, a drag.
  10. Novel8

    S3: E3 A Whole Lotto Trouble

    yes, i am enjoying this show again...but enough about Cole/Riggs character....for me Damon Wayans role is perfect...like they say, it takes 2 to tango...even if its men,,,lol
  11. Novel8

    S03. E03. Excessive Force

    This show threw me for a loop....did I miss something...did i unbeknownst to me that i dozed off near the end? One minute the cop has ruined her defense and the next, she is admitting to an affair with the accuser. How did Bull know this? When did she confess to him that she was lying all along and that this was a setup between both her and her accuser? Could someone please, enlighten me? If there is no logic explanation, than i am through watching this show.
  12. Novel8

    S01.E01: Pilot

    First time watcher and sensed I would not like it and sure enough, I didn't. I don't know where to start, but 2 things left me ...."why did he kill himself" and that scene where 3 men hugging each other in the seats of the Hockey arena, and the surrounding customers, looking like they were in their own world...the game. Also, the guy coming over to the widow on the first day of the wake at night, merely to show us that she was having an affair...boring as hell.
  13. Novel8

    03.01 In the Same Boat

    I liked the way they handled Riggs death. Wayan really showed some depth by exposing his partnership with Riggs. As for Cole, he is no C.C, but a good replacement. The writing was on par as in the past, so I'll keep watching . Someone in this forum said the writing was dumb..in certain scenes. If you want dumb with a capital "D"...try this for size. On another show, it was in a preview mode, where 2 women are talking and one says to the other, "I'm Pregnant", whereas the response from the other asked, "with a baby????". Can you believe that? Writers get paid for that?
  14. Novel8

    S03.E13: The Hyenas

    Honestly thought he (J)was going to pin Morgan's murder on Smurf. And why aren't the cops putting this family under surveillance? So dumb. Don't blame the actors, blame the writers...LOL
  15. Novel8

    S03.E13: The Hyenas

    I can't believe that ending. First, I thought it was a teaser for next years show...that's right folks, a year from now for the continuation of this F...ked up show. Why would any sane person blab all of his intentions, while he thinks she is asleep? Was Billy character, just a cameo appearance? Does he come back, broke again and all of that, next season? I still don't know why Mia, out of nowhere, kills Lucy. As for Adrian and that surf board scene. Was he smuggling drugs in it and for what purpose? Deran was willing to spend some money for his contest, so did he need more money? As for FX channel, stop with all those commercials or at the least cut them down. The hour show really is only about a half hour of the actual show, the rest is ads and trailers for new coming shows. Frankie, is a mess ...period. All that nudity and sex, gotta say one thing about this finale...it went out with a 'bang'.