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  1. I came here today June 20th, 2020 expecting to see some info on Season 5, and saw nothing. Now they must have done some filming for the months that followed season 4, well into Feb of this year, before coronavirus hit us. Does anyone know what the status is or where to get the info about this?
  2. The show was good till the ending. When Blake was trying to thank La Croix, he said that he did not do it for him but for his son. Could someone tell me how a cold blood murderer of 4 people be saved? Doesn't he automatically go to the "Big House" for the rest of his life, or possibly executed?
  3. I recall the last season was set for the Month of May 2020...Just wondering if anyone knows that it has been completed or did this caronavirus stopped it?
  4. Today, this show would never had gone on air during the Me.too movement. Gene Rayburn is constantly kissing one or two of the panelist and the Homeric tone between him and Richard Dawson was really something....but don't get me wrong...I loved this show.
  5. This show is getting better at each new episode. I am confused by the Leland...what is he? A demon? Just a nut case? How did he come by that 'creep' youngster who is easily swayed? Does this mean he is going to continue looking for 'recruits'? I was wondering how that scenario was going to end. I doubted the studio would have let it go far to the point of the 'creep' taking a page out of today's headlines with all these mass killings. BTW, what ever came out of that crazy scene with her mother and Leland? Is she going to have a "Rosemary baby?"
  6. Novel8

    S01.E07: Vatican III

    This show was a bit confusing...was the husband the actual killer? Did David kill him or knocked him out?
  7. Novel8

    S01.E05: October 31

    I agree...seems the Catholic church is being picked on again. Are there no jother religions that have sinister powers?
  8. Novel8

    S01.E05: October 31

    I think the producers were aiming for Holloween...so they inserted the scenes with the girls. I thought as a Holloween story, pretty effective. Could not believe in Grandma reactions..she seemed desperate. BTW, I miss the earlier shows...who is the guy she 'partied' with? I think I saw in an earlier trailer that he was Mr. Evil, himself.
  9. MY wife and I had a 'tug of war' over this. We were playing 'role reversal'...what ifs. If Adrain was a woman, and Deran, her boyfriend...would Deran have gone with "Adrian" then, and leave his family behind? Lets us hear or 'read' your concept on this...just for the heck of it.
  10. I thought that too at the time, but in retrospect it could have been taken in a way that he was saying, of all the people he fell in love with, it had to be someone like a Cody, and their history.
  11. Why did they bring Billy back? Maybe they needed someone to tell Pope about Deran was leaving? BTW, which one is Billy in the Flashback, if he is there at all? Nice moment Pope and Deran.. I wish I had a dollar for how many times 's..t' was mentioned.. and not one F..k. I like to get into the psychology of the Deran character. As a gay man, he does not strike me as the typical 'cruiser'. In other words, he was a 'one man' lover. Now, at his young age, after losing Adrain , does he go out looking for a replacement, if so, where would he go? Maybe he may turn 'Flip-Flop"...or does he go Celibate? It would be interesting to see if they have any love life in store for him. BTW, I thought his performance was great during most of his scenes, especially at the end with Adrian. The one thing that I thought they would show, would have been a final hug...but no. Pamela, wasn't she the waitress that stole from them at the diner, and then gave money to Smurf after seeing the babies? Jake is just dying to tell Craig that he is his Father, and I am sure he will eventually. 10 months from now we would find all this out.
  12. Wow, the expected came unexpectedly...I thought what we saw last night would be in next years final season wrap up. How can they follow up after that? I really don't care what happens to the rest of the Cody's, so the final season is going to be a drag, for me. The one interesting part left as far as I am concerned is the Deran/Adrian mess. Smurf made sure she told J about Adrain before her suicidal attempt. Does he follow through? He didn't look too concerned. The next week promos showed J kicking someone down...was it a teaser, as they usually do with these promos, or was it Adrian getting his ass kicked, or even Deran?
  13. How come when Deran asked Craig to get 2 passports, that he did even ask why do u want two passports? Hey Bro, your thinking of leaving us? Nothing ...who writes these scenes? It would only be logical for Craig to ask his brother and yet he said nothing...just OK.
  14. I was watching the episode where Deran kills the blackmailer and he had told Pope that the guy he killed was the one that ratted to the cops, exonerating Adrain. It seemed that Pope believed it and helped bury the guy. My point is why wasn't this told to Smurf at that time? It could have been a good coverup for Adrain.
  15. This is one of the problems about shows like these that last year after year, one forgets who's, who and etc and etc. Why not have the entire show new episode day after day for a week? But of course that is not possible, after all the network has to stretch out their time slots. In the good ole's days, they did it. I see by reading comments here on this show that Deran's problem is playing second fiddle to the likes of Julia, Angela and the flashbacks. I find the Deran problem more interesting...what is this Cody man do in this situation. How far will he go? Does he divorce himself from this close knit family? Does he sell the bar that he has come to enjoy, the fruits and labor of it, also the independency? Inquiring minds would like to know.
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