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[NOT A BUG] Next Unread Topic Description Gone


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At the bottom of a page of posts in a thread, where you can click on "< GO TO TOPIC LISTING" and "NEXT UNREAD TOPIC >" I am no longer seeing the Topic name under the first or the name of the next thread/topic under the second.

First time encountering this today; was working fine yesterday.  I'm in Chrome.

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Not sure if this is a result of the maintenance that was done today or not, but the title of the next unread topic within a forum has disappeared. For example, In the General Hospital forum, after I’ve read the episode thread, the next unread topic’s name would be there, i.e. Doppelgängers!  Cast in Other Roles! Then once I’ve read through that, the next thread with new posts’ name is there. 

But now? All I see, for all forums, is Next Unread Topic. So I don’t know which thread it will be.

And in cases of Everything Else TV, there’s no Next Unread Topic to click on even though there are new and unread topics within the forum. I have to go back to the main thread and then click on the next topic I want to read and/or post in.

desktop-Windows 10/Google Chrome



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At the bottom of the page, on the left is an arrow saying "Go to topic listing" and on the right "Next unread topic".  Both of these used to have the specific info under them, i.e. the topic you were in on the left and the name of the next unread topic on the right.  Now, there's no additional info so I don't know if I want to read the next unread topic.  I'm on another forum that uses this software and recently the same thing happened there.  They haven't fixed it.  I'm wondering if it can be fixed or if this is it.


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20 hours ago, Ketzel said:

Also, since the last update, if there is more than one thread with a new post in the forum, and I open the first thread, the clickable notification at the bottom of the thread no longer tells me the name of the next thread with unread posts. It just says "Next Unread Topic."

Yep, that's by design. Please see the post in here above this one.

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