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S01.E04: The Deputy Mayor

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This was the best episode so far.

Jessica finally connecting with her cousin

Mentioning Fred Hampton

Seeing the possible dynamic between Derek and Jessica's assistant

No Mayor

It did piss me off them talking about not honoring Fred Hampton because of the cops, I say screw them. Politics are so annoying.

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This was the best episode because Jessica bonded with her family. She and her cousin are a strong team and work well together. I cracked up with them when Jessica pulled out the pepper spray. I hope we get more of them as a family unit. However, I find it difficult to get into the show. 

I don't like that Jessica's love interest is in another city. What is the point of that? I wish she had a potential love interest in the show. It is obvious now that the media guy will be hooking up with her assistant. The mayor's brother might have been a possibility, but he is a murderer. I actually wish that they had cast a Black actor in that role. 

The mayor's brother didn't kill Carl Jeffries. So who did he kill? And what does this have to do with anything?

I liked the story with the deputy mayor. The mayor's lawyer/lover is the weakest link. I don't why they cast that One Tree Hill actress in that role. She is mediocre and also too young to be taken seriously as a credible threat to Jessica.

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Is the Chicago deputy mayor elected, appointed, or a civil servant who's moved up the ranks? That guy seems to have been around so long that he's virtually untouchable but they don't really consider him threat politically.


I don't like that Jessica's love interest is in another city. What is the point of that?

I don't like it either. Having her lover working in another city makes her technically not single though. So, they don't have to show Jessica dating a series of men or doing stuff couples do when they're actually together. The show can pretty much have her concentrate on her job and her family without it looking like she's a nun. Having her live like that indefinitely is going to get old though, IMO.

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I wondered if D.B. Woodside had other commitments, and according to IMDB, he appears to be a main cast member on Lucifer.  Never watched the show, but perhaps it explains why he's not a main cast member on Pearson. In the little I've seen, I don't think the actors have much romantic chemistry.  Thus, I'm okay with him on the periphery, but that may not be forever. I'd like a Nick/Jessica pairing, yet I don't have much hope. 

The two boys are super adorable.  And like others, I was glad to see Jessica bonding with her family.  Personally, I think Angela is being too prideful about the house.  Maybe she'll change her mind, or possibly compromise on it?  I'm all about resilience, but a bit of financial assistance isn't the antithesis to hard work and building a life. Peace of mind is priceless, especially when it comes to having a home.  

The pepper spray reveal was a nice bit of levity in a tense situation. I was also highly amused at Angela's "um...we can't meet these men with you looking like that" retort to Jessica because I was thinking the same thing.  (I still want that shawl, though).  


I liked the Fred Hampton recognition, but thought it was enough that the deputy mayor wanted to honor him.  No need for the "we grew up together and were friends" bit. 

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