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S01.E04: Six More Weeks Of Winter

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Hoping Rebecca and Abe's cute little girl won't turn into a pill like Rebecca. Abe's got his moments and his ugly ass haircut, but it was sweet watching him with his daughter at the festival. Most of it was probably staged, but you can tell he's a natural at being dad.


Rebecca doesn't want Chapel's cancer upstaging her. "I don't want to think you're gonna die and I don't want everyone else to think you're gonna die". Translates to "I don't want everyone to be concerned how you're doing before they're concerned about how I'm doing".


Nice try Andrew. We all know it's not real, considering they're already married. I wonder if she's Chapel Peace-Schmucker now? If she is, she deserves some kind of award for the oddest name ever. I wish her luck with her fight with lung cancer. My father is going through it right now and I'm the only one taking care of him and it's quite the fight on his part. She's got a good positive attitude.


And I thought Jeremiah said "not more than a couple of days" when asking to crash at Mary's? Such a leach.


I thought when Andrew said he was going to propose to Chapel, Mary said, "You're gonna WHAT?" because she didn't understand him. I saw the commercial all week and could not figure out what he was saying and figured Mary couldn't either. 


Sabrina, enough with the floppy vag talk. It's not a pretty picture that enters my mind when hearing her.


The bearded guy with Kate was cute. Not fond of the beard and he had something weird going on with his eyebrows, but while flirty, seemed to be nice. The blind date? Oh, hell no. I hate that selfies are in this world and it's a thing. Nothing like a trend that makes people become even more self centered. 

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Gah, Kate's blind date was awful. I would quickly lose whatever friend set me up with selfie-guy. 


Yea, Chapel and Andrew's entire storyline seems very scripted, so I imagine it's a lot of stuff that has already happened and is being redone for the drama. I totally agree, Shanaenae, that Rebecca is upset someone is stealing the drama from her. Its' ALWAYS about Reeeebecca. 


And why IS Sabrina so concerned about the state of her vagina? It's not like any decent guy would want to go near that thing after you've been with Jeremiah anyhow. 

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Agreed that Chapel & Andrew's storyline seems scripted.  I do hope she is ok. Aren't they already married?  Abe with his daughter was so cute.  Kate's blind date was terrible...LOL...taking selfies?  oy  Jeremiah and Mary selling their wares was kinda funny.  Why is he living with Mary?  Sabrina looks so uncomfortable and I'm sure she cannot wait to have that baby.

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So does Mary make a thousand of that same black and blue afghan? Or did she whip it off the couch (where the likes of Sabrina and Jeremiah have come in contact with it....ew) and put it in her booth?  Jeremiah "sold" the thing, and then there it was back on the sofa.


I think TLC has no possible story line to dream up involving Jeremiah, so they drummed up the 'living with Mary and Chester" business, which is ridiculous on so many levels. And now they're going to open a store together?  Oy.


Kate must be under some kind of contract for this show...... the parts involving her are totally disconnected from anything else. And I think she gets more beautiful with each episode. Not believing she's sewing dresses though. Maybe that fake story line is her way out of this mess. Hope so.


Sabrina and her gross topics? Does she think she's a Kardashian now?


I actually like Ree-becca's haircut....it hides that giant Helen Hunt  forehead, which is a good thing.

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Reeebecca's hair is growing on me. I do think it looks better than how she had it previously, but she needs a softer color and some work on the styling. It definitely looks a lot better in her THs than in the other shots - which I'm assuming is because someone with production fussed with it.

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I'm glad that even though Kate is separate from the others in NY they still include her on the show.  She is a breath of fresh air compared to the others.  I'd say that blind date guy was set up to look that bad, but he really seemed to be genuinely that much of a douche.  I don't think you have to try hard to find a date like that, unfortunately.


I'm hoping that Chapel has already beaten her cancer and the storyline about this is just a rehashing of old events (like the marriage proposal).


Sabrina is so loopy during her pregnancy that even she is talking about it making her "totally bipolar".  Ha!

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No matter how much I:

  • Hate the obviously scripted plotlines
  • Can't stand Andrew
  • Find the whole 'Return' scenario contrived
  • Am distracted by Chester's eyes
  • Find the Jeremiah/Mary store plot to be ridiculous...


I hate that Chapel has cancer. To deal with that, especially at her age, sucks. My one hope is that they don't play on the whole story line in a cheap attempt to get sympathy. If the situation as depicted is real (think she said something about stage 3 or 4?) she is very ill. I'm hoping they didn't set the failed proposal up as a plot device. There's enough drama in the real events to not have to stage things. Don't trivialize what for most people is the worst experience of their lives.


I've walked in Andrew's shoes. (Well, not the jail part.) Fortunately for me, she said yes. :-)

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