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  1. Frisco

    S01.E08: There Is No End

    After being a bit confused for most of the series, LOL, it all came together and I loved the finale. Hoping for another season.
  2. Frisco

    S01.E07: The Crossing Place

    Not really sure what's always happening on this show but I love it. LOL Madison is SOOOOOO creepy.
  3. I cannot stand Riley. Lucas looks so bored with her. She acts like she's 8. Maya seems so much more mature than Riley. I do love Maya and Farkle is funny. Great to see Corey & Topanga, look forward to seeing others from BMW.
  4. Frisco

    S02.E03: The Facts of Bleeping Life

    Sh la la. OMG I love this show. Hysterical when the father used the theme song from Family Ties. Love Barry and the Hendersons. LMAO
  5. Frisco

    S04.E01: Monsters Among Us

    After waiting for this season, I'm a bit disappointed and a bit bored. Way too disgusting (lobster hands, gang rape, that clown, etc.) for me. Nor sure I'll be able to watch another episode.
  6. Frisco

    S01.E04: Girl Meets Father

    I just love this show but the one person I don't like is Riley. I love Maya, Lucas, Auggie is adorable and Farkle cracks me up. Can't wait to see Corey's parents, Shawn, and Mincus!
  7. Frisco

    S06.E21: Reunion Part 1

    Aviva is bat sh!t crazy, please get rid of her and her lecherous father. Get rid of Kristen too. Sonja IS delusional, she goes on and on about yachts, houses overseas, etc. yet lives in a run down place with holes in the wall, no running water??? Hope LuAnn is a permanent cast member next season, IF there is a next season. Ramona is cray cray, telling Andy to not ask questions about her marriage, etc. I'd tell her to answer the questions or leave the reunion.
  8. Frisco

    S01.E04: Shelter

    Don't like the new time slot. I felt so bad for Ethan when they zapped him. Agree with most of the comments, you run to your father's house, on a island, where you think no one can find you? Stupid move. Then of course go running into the dark woods, separately, to look for Ethan! Maybe Yasumoto is the father of the baby and wants the baby because it's blood/cells, etc. can help him live? I dunno, it's confusing but I will keep watching. Hope they don't cancel this show.
  9. Frisco

    S02.E05: Reconciliation

    Did they not open that locker before and NOTHING was in there? Now there's a tunnel? LOL Phil the DJ is dead, tons of food in that woman's house, Julia is still alive :-(, Sam is crazy, Lyle is on loose somewhere, Junior is still a moron, Barbie is as gorgeous as ever....Why do I continue to watch? LOL
  10. Don't like the new girls or Dina being back. Definitely do not miss the Manzo's or Laurita's. Love seeing Rosie!! The fact that the Guidice's go about their lives like nothing is wrong, continuing to live way beyond their means, and keep filming knowing how it's affecting Gia is beyond me. How about you take care of the mess you are in instead of filming for tv? JMO
  11. Frisco

    S06.E06: Everybody Loves Ray, Man

    Get rid of Emma. I don't trust her! Where is Boris? I miss Eddie. Assuming this new patient will help them open up a hospital?? Loving Paige's clothes.
  12. Frisco

    S01.E01: Night Zero

    Agreed - way more interesting than the Leftovers. I will continue to watch the vampires/zombies. LOL
  13. Frisco

    S02.E04: Donald The Normal

    Great episode. Loved the scenes with Kerwin's family. Aiden Young is awesome!
  14. Frisco

    S01.E01: Re-Entry

    Great to see Goran on tv again. Love the alien kid. Not a Halle Berry fan but will keep watching. LOL
  15. Frisco

    S02.E02: Infestation

    Wow, this episode was just bad yet I cannot stop watching!! The teacher seems a little 'off', don't believe Big Jim's nice guy routine, don't think Jr. killed Angie. But, what's in the locker, who's the girl from the lake/egg, did they even care that Linda also died? How have the not run out of food yet? Oh, and Barbie is sooooooo hot!