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  1. Aw, shucks. Thanks! <blushes> I ain't usually so good with them fancy words.
  2. Verily, I must offer my obsequious concurrence with your declaration. I so quickly tire of her meandering verbosity. πŸ’€
  3. It's been over 11 years since Phil Harris <cue angelic music and loving photo> died. Long past time for Disco to let go. But I guess when all you have left is his pathetic progeny to carry on the bloodline (Hey!! there's a spinoff idea in there somewhere!!!) you keep milking it in Every. Friggin'. Episode.
  4. Saul, what are you doing here?!? 😱
  5. Considering that they have sex on camera regularly for her cam page, I doubt that was a limiting factor. 😜 πŸ† 😎
  6. Keith has always been my least favorite captain. With his short temper, demeaning treatment of his crew, and over-inflated ego I enjoyed seeing Monte having success while Keith was away. Until now. Apparently, being an ungrateful asshole is a family trait. Johnathan saved Wizard from returning to port, waiting for a part, installing it, and then getting back out on the grounds. Not to mention the dead loss from the crab already in the tanks/pots. Add in the fuel costs and I can't even imagine the financial hit they would have taken. So Johnathan spares them all of that and the best La Fam
  7. More than anything I've ever seen on LAL, this upsets me. I can't get the image out of my head of Dougie tightly clinging to Rachel and sobbing after being verbally attacked by his 'father'. It's one thing for adults to harass, cheat, abuse, and manipulate each other. But a 12-year old child shouldn't be exploited for the sake of a TV show.
  8. Absolutely. It's definitely going to be hard.🀣
  9. Please! Let's be accurate here. Rachel is 4'10" and a half. As she says whenever she mentions her height. And as I think we all know, sometimes half an inch can make a big difference. 😜
  10. I thought the same thing. (Although fortunately without the constant smoking and baritone voice.) She's even got the male platonic friend hanging around and "offering advice".
  11. I know a lot of people have refused to watch this season after the Sandy/Malia/MaritimeLaw/Hannah debacle. I get that. But it's a shame, really, because the look on Sandy's face when the guests were telling her how the previous night sucked was the visual definition of karma. And then when the chef rebuffed her suggestion of doing the crew meals and said he'd spend time doing things that directly affect the guests? Priceless. The literal definition of tucking her tail between her legs. I must admit to a serious case of sandyfreude*. These glorious karmic moments probably won't continue f
  12. Starcasm reports on some very interesting parallels between Nicolle and another, umm, participant from a previous season.
  13. Moschino Sure wouldn't want to lean my head forward while wearing that.
  14. I believe they said she was a drug abuser/addict. And that Dougie seemed to be one very smart kid. Some of the comments he made were quite perceptive. But it just breaks my heart to see innocent kids put in the middle of the drama created by their brainless parents.
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