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  1. Indeed. Seems the more we learn about Josh, the more he is exposed as a fraud.
  2. My DVR recorded this but I haven't been able to make myself watch it yet. I mean, seriously Discovery? The guy's been dead for 11 years. Eleven. Years. And you're trying to make him out to be some mythic figure that the current captains have to analyze for tips on crab fishing? With all respect to Saint Phil <cue angelic music and beatific photo> I am completely over this. All the cutaway shots of his picture, the constant references, the spin-off series in Hawaii (which I refuse to watch), the constant attempts to paint Josh as carrying on the hallowed 'legacy' ad infinitum? SMH
  3. Maybe one of them already did. It sure sounds like someone punched her in the larynx. Between the Valley Girl-speak and the vocal fry it felt like an ice pick in my eardrums.
  4. Lest we forget, there are many tasks critical to the operation of a crab boat at which Josh excels. Among them: Knowing the position of the camera at all times. Moving his hands over levers and knobs without actually disturbing them.. Always staying in a well-lit area so the camera can get a good shot. Appearing on deck for 3.76 minutes so the camera crew can show him "helping out" with the pots. Throwing in an occasional nautical term so the audience will be impressed. Including a fawning reference to "the old man" at least once in every episode. (Accompani
  5. DUTCH HARBOR, AL - April 27, 2021 Video has surfaced of self-described crab fisherman and 'captain' Josh Harris appearing on the deck of the Time Bandit while the ship was actually underway and in the process of hauling pots. From one angle Harris appeared to be behind the control station of the crane but it was unclear whether he was actually hauling a pot or just moving the levers for the camera's sake. "Look, we all know he's here for the TV exposure," said one Time Bandit crewman who requested anonymity. "But hey, at least he made it down to the deck for almost five minutes. On t
  6. What do you call a beautiful woman on the arm of a banjo player? A tattoo. A true gentleman knows how to play Banjo, But doesn't. What's the difference between a banjo and a trampoline? People take off their shoes before they jump on a trampoline. I got a million of 'em, but I'll leave you with this:
  7. Looks like a sebaceous keratosis, and those are not usually malignant. I’ve had dozens of them, unfortunately. Easy enough for a dermatologist to remove in the office. And yes, one struggles to find a way to describe how much of an asshole Keith is.
  8. My concern is what will happen when Maureen gets her tongue caught between Daniel's teeth. 🦷🦷🦷 🦷🦷 Ain't gonna be pretty.
  9. So true. (And I can't imagine how you guessed the "young gun" to whom I was referring.) 😝 🤪 😂
  10. Agree 100%. I'd love to know the reason but I suspect your point about them not playing along with the script is true. Sean showed maturity and judgment way beyond his years. Especially compared to a certain "young gun" brother who is quick to place himself in front of a camera but do little else actually related to, you know, work.
  11. Those are from the lights that production hangs in every hoard. Look closely next episode and you'll see these round lights about the size of a soccer ball hung in most of the rooms, usually in groups of two or three. They provide bright, even lighting for the cameras. The power cords did seem especially noticeable in this episode, probably because several of the rooms were so small.
  12. Thanks for the explanation of Ashley's 'logic'. 😝 Makes total sense and seems grounded in scientific principles. Also:
  13. Ah, did not know that. Thanks. So, in other words, Ashley is trying any excuse to avoid having Potential Sidepiece getting the D until they have been spiritually joined as a family. <cough> That's some admirable principles and piety, no? And for Ashley's benefit, here are some other possible, legitimate, medically necessary reasons for keeping future potential sister wives away from her husband: Dmitri is using Vitamin B6 to ward off mosquitoes Ashley recently used a jade egg in her vag Both parties regularly practice high colonics Dmitri recently went o
  14. First time I had heard of this diet. But what confused me is why Ashley thinks this would rule out Dmitri having sex with NewGirl. I'm guessing it has something to do with exchanging bodily fluids? But kissing (swapping spit) is OK? I mean, I know it's complete bullshit but I'm just trying to figure out what tortured logic Ashley is using to justify it.
  15. So true. I had just commented to my friend while watching last night's episode that she looks like 14-15 years old. And then to see her being smothered hugged by Mr. I-Ain't-On-Steroids? Extremely creepy.
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