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  1. Whoever made that lemon-themed cake deserves an award. It is a work of art. And I want a slice ! Good thing the Duggs weren't there to stick their grubby paws into it.
  2. Because they live in California now !!! Jing will get hers dyed to match.
  3. Oh you know that tassel is Asa's balloon string. Aaaaand that left hand could be in full bump-clutch. Kendra looks the best by a mile. Bump-clutch notwithstanding.
  4. Burn the jacket along with every other piece of denim in that photo. Then in the process, accidentally singe off Mullet's bangs.
  5. ...and fine dinning too. ETA: Figured he was spelling harbor incorrectly also....so LOL, he is ...it's Har-Ber Crossing.
  6. I have all kinds of hope for Josie...she and Jackson love the limelight and if any kids are going to plot an escape, it will probably be these two.
  7. Jinger looks beautiful. The dress has a deep V neckline with no accountability layer underneath, the waist is actually AT her waist and not the fundie "keep 'em guessing" maternity-friendly raised waist, and the material looks pretty. Hope she sends that dress back with Jana. I don't listen to anything any of them say, and I don't care how they spend their money, so I'm easy to please.
  8. ....aaaaannnd they don't go to school, so why the big excitement over back-to-school clothes and school supplies?
  9. Oh, she meant strong enough to carry the boys' laundry downstairs, silly.
  10. In the second pic, it looks like she's about to throw that hat into the air, ala Mary Tyler Moore. Oops, we all know she's not gonna make it after all...... Why do all those hideous fundy dresses have that high waist? To segue into inevitable pregnancy? That stripey one has the worst, ill-fitting hip action going on ....maybe its jodhpur-like for carousel horse rides?
  11. LOL. No even marginally hip person in LA would wear that hat or that horrendous jean skirt. Was her Lanz of Salzburg nightgown ad pic taken there too? It does say "Summer Nights"......
  12. She actually looks like she might have a personality. But that horrific denim skirt and Dudley Do-Right hat will make her stick out like a sore thumb in LA. Jinger has on cute jeans. The cuffs match the shoes. Make-up overload = Fundy heaven. I'm sure someone here will identify the store. Please, TLC, no fake house-decorating episodes. We all know the crap will get undone the second the cameras stop filming.
  13. And, even better, the fish and jelly fish aren't walking onto the Ark two-by-two.
  14. How does she know Joshley didn't do this while sitting on the toilet and watching porn?? (OK, I just grossed myself out there.)
  15. Agree with this 100%. I just don't get it. Miscarriages happen all the time. I know many, many people who have had one or several. Granted, Joy's was farther along, but I still don't see the need to make it into a media event. They can't show their knees, collarbones, or shoulders, but they share this ?? YMMV, but I don't understand it. At. All. And, I hate to say it, but "miscarriage" categories are all over Pinterest.
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