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  1. I think we've already seen this in the form of prescription meds. She's as high as a kite in every episode.
  2. Isn't that exactly how she hand-waved the Joshley molestation stuff away? Nothing to see here. Move along. Gotta keep the paycheck show going. A future fun plot for the Duggs....and this WOULD be a surprise..... they march out with all those gender reveal balloons and start sticking pins in them and condoms fall out by the dozens.
  3. Too bad someone didn't smuggle scissors into that wedding.....first to cut the groom's hair, and then to cut those droopy straps off the bride's dress. Points for not cake-face-smashing tho. It would've ended up in his Tiny Tim tresses.
  4. The Bates boys are way better looking, have better hair, wear better clothes, and seem to have personalities.
  5. Was just going to comment on those gigantic prints on the wall. My mother knew every rule of decorating.....photos do not belong on living room walls, and should never be of the inhabitants of said house. Photos of other people could be lining the walls of hallways, etc. or in small frames on side tables or pianos. Those photo canvasses are atrocious...the kids are cute, but they're right there in the room to see in real time.. Tacky. I blame the Property Brothers for pushing "framing" at Michaels. Or maybe the Gaines...although they would have a stencil that says "family " (all lower case) below the prints. Ugh. Did Jana produce this?
  6. She's in this cult. She will be forever surrounded by new babies. She also seems to be handling it well....not like someone else we know who will probably never be able to gaze at a rainbow without getting the vapors.
  7. I see that Mullet managed to worm her way into the "Mommies with Baby Girls" pic... I'm sure she even arranged for Josie to coincidentally be right behind her. Her "ugly" sweater is better than anything else she ever wears...she could've won the contest with any of her green puff-sleeved blouses. And big ole dumb Bin is hanging out too.....bet he loves him some girl talk. Since when are wigs and shower caps part of the ugly sweater stuff? At first I thought they were dressing up as Gramma Mary. It's essentially turned into a fundie Halloween party. Is Jessa wearing her birthin' dress?
  8. I have close relatives in CA and they say donuts are huge there. That invite is written rather strangely , grammar-wise. It doesn't really define what "x jinger" will be doing. I'm sure Jer is planning her outfit (their outfits??) as I type this.
  9. First of all, I thought the bug-eyed smirker was Cousin Amy. Guess it's Jana??? Wow, she sure does love her some Kohl's. Must be the Property Brothers (barf) who lured her in. She lurves those handymen types. And, is that the politician as well as an accountability partner with her?? Do you get a discount at Kohl's if you wear a hat to the early bird specials?? Got to analyze the pix and see who brought their own (covered) mug. ((Hmmm...just thought of this...maybe that's what Jana's (ahem) coffee cup is all about.))
  10. Silly you....that would only be the girls. WTF is "traveling mercies"? All I can think of is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and we all know she doesn't wear pants....or have fun friends.
  11. Yes, I can think of some things that your gross hubby may be doing. Right now. In the other room. On his burner phone. I hope Amy Roloff finds out about this constant use of "littles" and #littleduggars" and beats her stupid ass.
  12. But there's a rope to keep the bodily contact at bay. Jana and her friend look about as exciting as two mud puddles.
  13. That's being nice. I've never seen so many competing layers. That poor little J or M girl (don't know the difference)....no normal kid her age would be caught dead in that frilly outfit.....and is she looking over microfiber dusters?..... as in getting ready to go forth and dust? Not worth the piece of chocolate, kid....run!
  14. In an airplane hangar, of course. One of Joshley's male offspring is wearing a braceletty-type thing on his wrist....wouldn't that be an Alert-friendly activity? Or is he copying his dad's ankle monitor?
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