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  1. Why is anyone surprised? She will continue to have one every two years until her fertility drops or her uterus falls out, whichever comes first. Remember...she suffers from "baby fever". I bet she will have 13 or 14 total. And be smug about it.
  2. Oh, I beg to differ...there's an eye chart on the side of the reading glasses display at Dollar Tree...."If you can read this line...."
  3. If I didn't know better, I'd say this pic is from 1955. Just needs to be in black and white.
  4. Shouldn't she be consulting with "Master Gardener" Jana?
  5. Doesn't matter.....I will never stop coveting her hair.
  6. Are these earrings pierced through one of the daughter's skinny necks ? Whenever I see handcrafted earrings, the first thing I check to see is if they are mirror images of each other.....If they're not, then they're cheaply made. These are such pure crap. Those poor kids. Dollar Tree has a "crafts section" now. Also disposable aluminum pans. Just sayin'. Because Mama made the crafting waifs glue beads along the edge of the brim.
  7. Is she wearing clip-on bangs (that are 4 shades darker than her hair)? Is she attempting to sell them? ((epic fail, if so))
  8. LOL...it's not like there was a raging kegger at her house, and she's cleaning up barf all over the place. All but 3 look like supreme doofusses (doofi ?) ... must be a Bates on the left and maybe one on the Fundy stack? Please tell me that's not the groom second from the left....
  9. I saw just a tidbit of this last night.....I thought maybe her left breast implant erupted . She's heading down the slippery slope that lands at "Kate Gosselin".
  10. I think I saw her sign with her right hand. Is she hearing impaired? Or maybe using baby signs? She's more likely resolving herself to a lifetime of not being able to play rough and tumble with her brothers. The tutu skirt will squelch that idea. That stuff clings to any synthetic like crazy. ((goose bumps))
  11. Then who at TLC decided ON THEIR OWN to black out Mullet's scandalous knees while she was water skiing in a skirt? Aren't JB and Mullet executive producers or some such nonsense?
  12. But I think he has a heavy hand in the editing process. I think they film the whole thing and then he gets to pick which things stay. He always seems to include any "drama". Jessa is the one who is the most desperate to keep the show going, so I think she agrees. And if people keep talking about it ((Ooh, I'm going to watch and see if Jessa bleeds to death, which she obviously didn't because these things are filmed months ahead and there she is posting on SM)), then win-win.
  13. LOL...they never announce the gender....and I bet she's already kicking herself for showing the sonogram...it's obviously not twins, so there goes that tease.....all she has left is the gender and the name......which they will also drag out announcing.. I also think that all the "Mother is bleeding" stuff is overly dramatized for TV.....JB loves bodily fluid (fake) crises. It's his version of all the Kardashian sex and body part talk.
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