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  1. Can this become the Sex Pest /Baby Fever Victim thread title?
  2. Will "Miss Renee" survive until this conference in January? It's a long time til then. Sad to say, but my first reaction was that it was an old pic of Karen Carpenter.
  3. She's left Farrah Fawcett in the dust....bet she fancies herself to be Carrie Underwood's twinsie.
  4. Risk of spilling....because after this photo session, the kids' clothes all get sent back to that PattyCake pyramid scheme company.
  5. I thought this was one of the lesser Kartrashians. (Needs more cleavage popping out , pointy dagger fingernails, a tighter top, and more make-up. Silly me.)
  6. Joshley looks like Bill Murray...not the young Bill Murray...the present one. Anna in a white dress...OMG...please. And she probably already has given birth to the M and stuffed Mullet's BreastFriend under her angel costume to garner more sympathy. I swear that gown has wings. Anna is gross but at least Joshley must like the boobs.
  7. Because Zach has left his other job and is most likely running the boutique with Whitney....so it will never be announced or alluded to on the show.....BECAUSE IT'S NOT MANLY!!!!! They're going to show Zach fellin' trees, when, in reality, he's folding dresses.
  8. 1. JB and Mullet have matching jackets. Puke. 2. JB, get your grubby mitts off the JTeen. You haven't learned anything, have you? 3. Micro Preemie Miracle has to be staged next to Super Uterus. 4. Poor Jgirl wearing the Michaela Bates-inspired dumpy dress. 5. OMG. Jackson, aka The Former Photobomber , is huge. He looks happier now that he's not jockeying for attention.
  9. ALL of the kids would fit into that wagon. And I mean all at the same time. Jill's clothes look like thrift shop purchases.....I love thrift shops and have no problem with that....but her clothes look like they're from the "Designer Rack" (term "designer" used loosely), whereas the waifs' dresses and skirts are from "Fill a Bag for a Dollar" day. That's where all the out-of-style crap and pilly polyester ends up.
  10. OMG...now it's Big Lots. Feet all over the upholstery, waifs playing with / man-handling /wearing out the recline function. Do I spy more decor in the cart? It's not that cheap in Big Lots.
  11. I think this is also part of the carefully curated persona of Jana......even more so as the other J-slaves were sold off and she was getting to be an old maid....that's when the constant pix of her gardening, renovating, Home Depoting, decorating, etc started.
  12. And this was at about the time Jill was the designated family NIKE! yeller.
  13. She probably found out if you have a booth, everyone "working" there gets in for free. Bet she got new guy to buy Hunk fair food....like bacon-wrapped chocolate, deep-fried everything, pork sundaes, waffle burgers, etc. The waifs had to run around and find the freebies that vendors use to lure people over, like rolls of Smarties.
  14. Jana has never had a job in her life. She posts carefully curated pictures of herself "decorating", "organizing", or "crafting". Anna will be there forever. Plus, she will finagle ways to keep her baby fever at bay....with more pregnancies that will cause Meech to squeal her Mulletty head off with excitement.
  15. Walmart pic: Sad to say, but they could've fit another waif up in the baby seat of that cart, one more in the back section, and at least one folded up underneath. Bible study pic: Courtin' Rodlet looks like Rory Gilmore. I honestly thought they were in a horse-drawn carriage. With Mama getting a free ride and snappin' pix.
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