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  1. drafan

    19 Things I Hate About You: How the Duggars Infuriate

    They most likely aren't, but they were /are the two old not-married-offs for a long time, so they were /are being sold off on TV by JB. Now that JD is married, it's going to be the even harder sell of Jana every episode.
  2. Oh, good lord, no. First, she's cagey about if she's even pregnant, wearing "swing" dresses to keep everyone speculating. Then she finally announces it, only to hint that it may be twins. Then she finds out the gender, but keeps it under wraps with little teases. Then she finally gives birth, of course with some drama.....and also doesn't tell right away. Then she keeps the name a secret for a while after that. This is called......milking a pregnancy for all it's worth. Every step of it needs a paycheck.
  3. drafan

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    OK, I just looked at that mag pic, and what in the world is that black blob spreading across her knees?
  4. I hope they make Spurge's shirt in Womens and Mens , S - XL, for the Dugg crowd.
  5. I thought this was Martin Short playing Ed Grimley with one of those hook-over-the-ears fake beards.
  6. That little romper hanging on the closet door is a baby girl thing...ties with bows on the shoulders. No macho D-boy would ever wear that, lest we get get confused as to the gender. If Bin is stuffed up now, wait til that tree starts collecting dust, which should be in about a week.
  7. drafan

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I think Babe is more hipster than Jer and Audj . My friend ran into J&A & baby in an airport (I think, or somewhere on the WC) and said they are adorable....she went up to them and they were very sweet and polite to her. I don't listen to one word that any of these people spew, but if TLC is looking to create some kind of a spin-off, Babe, Babe, and Babe the Third; and Jer, Audj, and offspring are the most camera-friendly of both tribes, and that's probably all they care about.
  8. drafan

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Joshley ? Is that you ?
  9. drafan

    S09.E04: Love and Loss

    It's very probable that Jackson thinks Mullet is his (Jackson's ) aunt. He probably sees her occasionally. Is Lauren's tongue too long for her mouth? Just asking. She's annoying AF.
  10. drafan

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Wait until these nitwits find out that the term "pirate" is no longer PC......it's "Privateer" now. I'm serious. Jiily's week-old-mushroom colored blouse is one size too big and those are seatbelt wrinkles. At least we can't see her waist-length Warren Jeff's cult hair.
  11. drafan

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    If I were Caleb, I'd be pissed.
  12. drafan

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Joshley must be off to Alert in that kid group pic up there. I can't look at those older girls without wanting to puke in Joshley's honor. The little Jboys were adorable. The Jgirls were going through super-gawky. Now it's reversed....interesting. Amy was the cutest Duggar grandkid, by a mile. She probably positioned herself in front of the heart so she'd be noticed.
  13. drafan

    Season 8 Discussion

    I flipped past this last night ....three of the girls were doing a TH. Me: "Oh look....this must be one of those Teen Moms in the middle, another one is on the right. And Jenna Bush must be interviewing them, because she's there on the left, sitting kinda close. Oh wait, that's not Jenna Bush, must be her twin. But wait. Her twin looks nothing like her and this chick looks just like her. Who is this?" Then I realized this was the Bateseses show and that's Erin, the piano playing sister. KellyJo must've had a fling with Dubya. There's no other explanation.
  14. drafan

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    I can't click on that arrow, since I no longer view anything Duggar that moves, but I do believe Boob is wearing Mullet's famous lime-green blouse.
  15. drafan

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I think she is shocked that the baby is 6 months old and she's still interested in her. Her "role model" was on to the next pregnancy by this point and passed the baby off to one of the slaves. She's surprised that she's still feeling motherly love for the baby. She didn't know it was possible. Or Michael Jackson dangling Blanket from a balcony.