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S38: Julie Rosenberg

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Meet Julie

Age: 46

Hometown: Baltimore

Current Residence: New York

Occupation: Toymaker

Personal Claim to Fame: Raising my two kids who impress me every day with their intelligence, strength, humor and resilience. I hope I can make them as proud of me as I am of them.

Hobbies: Psychological thrillers, hot yoga classes, escape rooms, and spending way too much time online researching gluten-free recipes that I never end up making. 

Pet Peeves: Hoarders, people who invade my personal space, and anything that’s floral scented.

If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why? My iPhone for its playlist of my favorite songs to keep me motivated when things get tough. A picture of my husband, kids and two Bernese mountain dogs to remember that they are back home rooting for me. Milk chocolate. That’s self-explanatory.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: A combo of Stephenie for her tenacity, Cirie for her humor and fun-spirit, and Dawn for her propensity to have some emotional moments. 


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She seems very likable.  She said she learned how to make fire, but she has no outdoor skills or experience, except peeing in Central Park one time.  She has been trying to get on Survivor for 17 years.

It would be interesting to see how a superfan without any outdoor living experience would react to being sent to Extinction Island.  Will her love for the game motivate her to stay, or will her lack of experience in the outdoors make her want to quit?

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I like her.  She's the same age as Reem (the only two women in their 40s), and one of the only three people this season over 40.  Looks like the majority of the cast is in their 20s.  So if her tribe loses one too many challenges we'll see if they take the easy way out and vote out the oldest woman there (not having any outdoor experience might not help her cause, too).

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So Julie is my Survivor Pool list.  She was my third choice, so hopefully she does ok.  On Rob Has a Podcast, his episode with Angie Caunce had her cast as the "Mommie Dearest" type, which generally does decently well on the game, although not too recently (Elizabeth was last season's "MD").  We did get to hear from her on the first episode, which bodes well (as opposed to not hearing from them all, like some).  I guess we'll see if we continue to hear from her on subsequent episodes.  

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