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S09.E05: Shutting Down

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On 2/11/2019 at 11:54 PM, eskimo said:

Holy shit Leah, call your homeowners insurance agent stat.  Do not, repeat, do not attempt to take care of that yourself.  Water is more damaging that what you can see.  In 2013 our filter housing for our well cracked and flooded just one level of our cabin.  The entire first floor had been wet, but that seemed to be it.  We weren't sure if it would be covered and figured we might be eating a $10,000 bill to replace all the flooring and sub-flooring on the entire first floor.  We called our HO Ins and thankfully they did cover it, but the damage was crazy.  Come to find out the drywall and insulation wicked the water 3 1/2 feet up the wall.  We couldn't even tell just by looking at it.  All the lower cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen had wicked water as well.  It was $48,000 in total.  The insurance company would only cover for future mold issues if we had it professionally remediated.  Everything 3 1/2 feet down was stripped to the studs.  Everything. 

And here she is in her basement, poking at a bulging water blob above, talking about how it drained to the basement through her ducts.  I'd bet the drywall and insulation on 2 floors have been wet, and could be growing mold that she wouldn't know about for years.  I really hope this whole 'I've got so much to do because I've got to clean up my house' was all just for the cameras, and the disaster cleanup crew was waiting down the street.  If she's too dumb to have had insurance then she better take some of her six-figure income and pay for professionals to at least clean that up. 

I was thinking the same thing.  Why isn’t she calling her insurance to report this disaster?  I googled and found out that home insurance is required if you are applying for a mortgage but not required if you pay cash for the house.  Don’t know if she paid cash for her house but I hope she has insurance.

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