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  1. puppytoes

    Mexican Dynasties

    I guess these people are the 1% white Mexicans in Mexico City.
  2. puppytoes

    S09.E05: Shutting Down

  3. puppytoes

    S06.E06: Fat Hating is Real

    Grown people who don’t have careers (hello buddy, Chelsea, Whitney). Just pathetic in my opinion.
  4. puppytoes

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    Lol, she is so repulsive and I feel sorry for the camera man. i will try the double sided tape to see if it works and I will let you know.
  5. puppytoes

    House Hunters International

    Good grief, Junior is going be a virgin forever with Mommy running his life. Strange family!
  6. puppytoes

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    I did try that and it worked for a while but he is a stubborn little brat and will jump back up after I spray him. I will continue to try. Thanks.
  7. puppytoes

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    How do you keep your cat off the kitchen counter? I Have tried everything to get my kitty to stay off but nothing works except me getting up off the couch and removing him from the counter.
  8. puppytoes

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    Is Whitney really naked? I am hoping that this was a producer setup and she had a nude bathing suit on.
  9. puppytoes

    House Hunters International

    I wanted to pull that nose ring out of his nose! Most annoying couple of the mo th.
  10. puppytoes

    House Hunters International

    The Canadian girl needs to dump skater boy and go back home to Vancouver.
  11. puppytoes

    House Hunters International

    They are losing 20 plus years of paying into social security if they don’t go back to the states and work. I don’t know if I believe their story line.
  12. puppytoes

    Amanda To The Rescue

    This is hands down the best show on Animal Planet. I wonder why she shaves her head? It really is a flattering look for her.
  13. puppytoes

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    That is such an ugly house.
  14. puppytoes

    House Hunters International

    I kept yelling at the blond sister to get her own apartment. The storyline was ridiculous.
  15. She looks like The Dollar store version.