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S04.E10: Kimmy Finds a Liar!

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I did not expect to see Fran Dodd, the Mens Right Asshole, to show again. And get a redemption story! I also liked seeing Busy Philips again, and actually trying to be a better person. Eventually...

Poor Titus, just tell Mikey how you feel! I guess that would make things too easy for him though. 

I always love jokes about Taye Diggs following everyone on Twitter. 

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Hah, the MRAs and the lesbians protesting Eleanor Roosevelt for completely different reasons. Kimmy is right, 2019 is weird!

Busy Philips is so awesome in this show, and she and Carol Kane really play off each other well.

Kimmy being excited about the Halloween store and rampaging through it (pre-pumpkin toilet) is the big mood, honestly.

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I loved Rob Huebl as Tad the HGTV host unable to stop hosting. The combination of writing and delivery was pitch perfect.  Looks like Mikey's got something to say. Let's kick it back over to Mikey for the end of that thought.

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