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  1. PokerNerd

    Season 1 Discussion

    I agree that one thing that makes the show great is is the depth of so many of the side characters. Lily is awkward and weird but she doesn't seem to be upset by her eccentricity. I like how she can be both empathetic and bluntly honest and the other characters end up kind of liking / respecting her. Compare Lily here to the fat chick Lola on Big Mouth who is just supposed to be disgusting and mean. I liked the little foray into the mean girls clique, but I'm surprised Ruby wasn't a bit more reformed by the last episode. Overall i love the casting in that everyone is compelling to watch. However, I fully expected Ola to be 5 years older than Otis. She is lovely but so much more self-assured and confident than everyone at the school. She looked more destined for the big sister role than the love interest. I liked the actor playing Adam, but he also looked way too physically developed for the role, not that I minded when in the scenes he was barely clothed. I lost a lot of sleep because once I got to episode 6 I couldn't stop. Agree that I love how the story line with Eric's dad played out and the way the church was portrayed as actually helping Eric find himself.
  2. PokerNerd

    S04.E10: Kimmy Finds a Liar!

    OK even funnier than the episode is the 1 star IMDB review complaining about the portrayal of the Men's Rights movement. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8367934/?ref_=ttep_ep10
  3. PokerNerd

    S04.E10: Kimmy Finds a Liar!

    I loved Rob Huebl as Tad the HGTV host unable to stop hosting. The combination of writing and delivery was pitch perfect. Looks like Mikey's got something to say. Let's kick it back over to Mikey for the end of that thought.
  4. PokerNerd

    S37.E13: Finale

    This has been the first season of Survivor I've watched in years. While I personally like Nick the best of the final three, I think Mike deserved the win and played the best game. He flew under the radar while the physical threats were picked off and then seemed to control all the votes in the end. Nobody ever cast a vote against him yet he only won immunity once. I'm shocked they chose Alison to leave before him in a season where many players seemed to respect maneuvering and strategy over physical prowess. I'm happy Nick won, and in the end it's a tautology that whoever wins deserves to win because he convinced the jury he deserved to win. That said, if I were on the jury I would have begrudgingly voted for Mike.
  5. PokerNerd

    S04.E05: Kimmy and the Beest!

    My favorite moments came in the first 2 minutes during the kids' auditions. Starts to sing "5-6-7-8" Titus's horrified line delivery of "You forgot 1 through 4!" was perfect.
  6. My favorite joke was "Sentenced for three counts of white kidnapping and one count of Oopsie no Bueno"
  7. PokerNerd

    S03.E04: Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy

    When Valencia and Heather confirmed Paula's inattentive parenting, I realized they could completely recast her two sons and I wouldn't notice. And since you're distracted now, can I get a tattoo blueprint of the local prison on my arm?
  8. PokerNerd

    Master Of None

    Every second with Angela Basset is amazing, but the moment after Michelle compliments Denise with the angry wine-drinking side eye while the aunt taking a swig from the bottle is the best thing I've seen all month. I may need to learn how to make GIFs to immortalize that second because it is PERFECTION.
  9. PokerNerd

    Master Of None

    The actress that played the Indian woman Priya was just pops off the screen. I recognized her as the good Eleanor on the Good Place, where she is also terrific. So much charisma. And it looks like she gets at least one more episode. I think she and Dev will be interesting together if the hot war photographer doesn't snatch her away.
  10. PokerNerd

    S03.E12: Kimmy and the Trolley Problem!

    I thought Billy Magnusson did a surprising job of echoing the mannerisms of David Cross. Although they look nothing alike, there were was still some of Russ 1.0 in there.
  11. PokerNerd

    S03.E13: Kimmy Bites an Onion!

    The running Yuko gag didn't work for me, but I like how she lost half a point on her test for calling the truck a trolley. I did like how they kept coming back to Titus's pronunciation of moi. It's so Titus to decide the way to show Mikey he's successful is by bringing a peacock which he totally did not rent to the site. The shades on top of shades was a fun sight gag. Also I want to date all of the guys Mikey dates after Titus, or post-smooshing Russ once he gets over himself, but he'll probably go for Andy Cohen.
  12. This show just makes me smile. I love how this show reacts differently to mistakes than other reality competitions. Moments like Nia's reaction to Courtney's cookie showstopper falling apart with a helpful, "How can we salvage this?" to the way Mary and Johnny still find something to praise in an otherwise catastrophic result are so charming. The only downside is that looking at all the amazing cakes and cookies makes me want to ruin my diet. At least I can tell myself that if I'm going to eat empty calories, I should save them for something spectacular and not some generic oreo.
  13. PokerNerd

    S05.E06: C**tgate

    It seemed clear to me since last week when they tagged Jonah to run, they are setting up a finale where Jonah wins the election, gets to cast the deciding vote, and in delicious retribution votes against Selina, sending her back to Veep.. It won't be a surprise but it will be delicious.
  14. PokerNerd

    The West Wing Weekly & Other The West Wing Podcasts

    I saw their podcast promoted on NPR. It's rare to see so much buzz for a podcast before it has an actual archive to review. The podcast for now is giving me an impetus to re-watch West Wing on Netflix and follow along. I have so much affection for Wet Wing that the podcast doesn't need to be too polished or insightful for me to enjoy the project. Without the podcast re-watching the entire series seems like an enjoyable waste of time, but with the podcast it feels a lot less lonely.
  15. PokerNerd

    S01.E07: I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!

    My favorite part of Hector's parking story (probably 10x more lines than he's had all season) was how it ends with "cuz I used to have to pay." Poor Hector. Also, cuz I'm shallow, more of White Josh in tanks, or better yet, shirtless. Can't they start a sand volleyball game? It's SoCal.