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S02.E09: Flustercluck


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Barf. Making everyone think the good guy is the bad guy is my most hated trope. Such a waste of our time. Looks like I will commence fast forwarding. 

Hey, Frank does his own “I’m the one who knocks” speech! 

I’m kind of rooting for John Pilgrim at this point to wipe them all out. 

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Definitely an improvement over the last two episodes.  I like the bounty subplot, I just wish the ones going after Frank were more interesting.  Frank mowing down about 13 guys was appreciated.

Nice to see Kevin Chapman from Person of Interest pop up.

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Fusco!!!  OK, fine, I know that Kevin Chapman is actually playing a very not so nice guy that Pilgrim use to work for and that's what those tattoos Pilgrim use to have represent, but I still, I loved seeing him here.

So, what is the deal with Dumont inviting Madani to her place and putting up an innocent, unknowing front?  Is she trying to get close to her and learn more about Russo's relationship with her and Frank?  Is it simply jealously and she's planning to attack her?

Frank definitely brought back up the bodycount in this episode!  And even Amy got in on the action, even if she understandably was shaken by it.

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Billy is so annoying. 

"I want Frank to hurt. I want him to feel pain for what he did to me!" Or whatever bullshit he said. 

Frank does hurt, Billy. He lives in constant pain and agony over his entire family being murdered in front of him, orchestrated by someone he considered to be his brother. All that trumps those scars on your face.

The fact that Billy and the therapist justify Billy's evil behavior with, "but Frank isn't any better, just because his wife and children were murdered in front of him!" causes me not to take them seriously at all and annoy me. That therapist is doing some serious mental leaping if she can't understand why Frank would feel the way he does but also to downplay it to make Billy seem better. 

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Russo, I'm not here for Russo. Just like just about everyone in the show, Frank, you should have finished the hob.

But, I like Pilgrim. I can't wait to see how his current path and old path's intersect. The entire thing with the Schultz family. I know, no probably not. CyberJawa, but could it be possible the Punisher doesn't Punish the son and lets him live without his parental control.

Friend obviously betraying Amy is obviously obvious to everyone but Amy. But I did like the ensuing firefight.

Definitely picking up with this episode after the last few, these series always come to a crawl in the middle.

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