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S02.E12: hoMe

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With the Inner Circle and the Purifiers on the rise, and the nation more divided than ever, the dream of the X-Men is on the verge of failure. In attempts to revive the Mutant Underground, Evangeline proposes a country-wide meeting. Meanwhile, Lauren and Andy continue to disagree in their dreams and the Frost Sisters attempt to intervene. Caitlin makes the risky suggestion of connecting with a family member for vital intel, and Lorna tries to secretly investigate Reeva's plans for the Inner Circle.

Airdate: Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Slightly better? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, mystery heirlooms with a diary written in German might be a draw for some people. Also, more of Lorna wanting out of the Hellfire Club Inner Circle, though we don't really get to see the three dangerous mutants actually do dangerous stuff. And Evangeline is probably alive. No body, right?

Getting tired of the Strucker Siblings Hour of Dysfunction. Great that the Sisters are willing to escalate things to sway Lauren. Even with Esme wanting the brakes installed, that ain't gonna end well, and no scenes of the Sisters in prim outfits with the knee-high boots will make the fallout any better. #PleaseDontJudgeMe

Still waiting for the Underground to get a win. As it stands, it's probably down to eleven mutants and tin cans with strings. Also, there's the dog, though I'm betting John will probably squeeze her to death. At least we got to see Erg's ability, though his crabby disposition did not fade in the sunlight. "Oh, she's dead. I want to go back to the sewers now to continue playing Master Splinter." And Jamie Clarice Blink decides to join the Morlocks, aided by a sad tale on how her foster sister got killed after she was sent free.

I reckon if The Flash had not been so heavy-handed tonight, this would've been another mediocre episode.

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"Oh, she's dead. I want to go back to the sewers now to continue playing Master Splinter."

To be fair...she did blackmail him into being there. The Inner Circle completely taking the Mutant Underground's leadership out in one strike (whether or not Evangeline and co are actually dead) did nothing but prove his point. They are neither equipped nor capable of taking on the Inner Circle as they are. They can't even handle the purifiers.

I Laughed out loud twice this episode. Once when Lorna asked Esme if she was threatening her and Esme hit her with the old "No. I'm just telling you how it is." And when John all out punched Erg (without knowing what his powers were as someone on the Afterbuzz podcast pointed out, and hard enough to severely injure a normal person/mutant that isn't indestructible) and then got put flat on his ass.

As much as it made me roll my eyes, the John/Clarice split has been telegraphed since the first episode this season. His willingness to jump into situation after situation half-cocked just sped it up, tbh.

also, I'm tired of the underground being all anti-killing when it comes to the purifiers. These people literally torture random mutants just for being (like the mute girl that lives with Erg and co that had her vocal cords cut out) or burn down orphanages full of mutant children. The last of which we literally got no in show follow up on, so did they just get away with it? All the while, evoking the memory of a group that rolled with a guy that straight up had huge butcher knife sized adamantium claws that he was not shy about using in a fight.

Also LOL at Caitlin acting like her brother was being unreasonable not wanting to walk into his place of work and ask questions about a secret mutant group that she knows has KILLED people for doing as much. Sister of the year.

I'm probably gonna get a lot of flack for it on this board, but Lauren literally tried to kill her brother. After watching her toss her disk thingies and slice off tank doors and knowing she was throwing them at her brother willy nilly is...a look. Especially since she's supposed to be "the good" in this ying yang duo. Coupled with the fact that he's never attacked her unprovoked like she lowkey did him in their dream?

They're also anti people using their very useful abilities in apt situations on this show. Like, oh we need to hurry up and get to this place to save people. Lets just drive faster and ignore the fact that we have someone with the ability to transport us places in the BLINK of an eye? Or the fact that Marcos and his sun hands suddenly become useless in a fire fight. Or the fact that Lorna is able to dig around the inner circle for clues, bugger off for hours at a time with no question, and The Frosts have yet to take a peak inside her mind? Not to mention, she thought it was even safe to go back to a place with 3 powerful (when the show needs them to be) telepaths when she's compromised?!

I love you show, but you're starting to lose me.

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At least Caitlin spent some actual time with Lauren this week, even if it was for the greater plan for finding Andy. It was nice to see them actually connection, and not have Caitlin just yelling about Andy and ignoring her daughter who is right there, and clearly going through some shit. Really, both of the siblings are kind of struggling, and their powers and connections to their murderous relatives are a recipe for disaster. 

Damn it, I was actually looking forward to seeing the mutant underground actually doing something! Of course, that cant happen, so now they all die, and the crew is on their own again. And now they lost Clarice their favorite snark machine and living Uber!

The backstory for Blink was sad, but I dont see her lasting in the sewers too long. Nor do I totally get why she is there in the first place, even with the backstory. I can get her connection with the Morlocks and head Morlock guy, but she really wants to give up the fight to live in the sewers? I mean, the fight is pretty much "run from place to place, doing nothing", but its something! If nothing, she will probably just get bored. 

I guess with Marcos and Lorna back together, we needed the break up of Clarice and John. Someone must be angsting at all times damn it! 

Big plus of this episode? No Jace. Any episode with little or no Jace is automatically a better episode, I dont need to see his hypocritical asshole self. 

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At least Master Splinter had pizza.

Now that we know these fights in the dream world have consequences in the real world. I would love to see one of Frost Tripets get killed in the dream world after Lauren realizes she is being manipulated and they become the Frost Twins. Lauren probably doesn't realize how dangerous the dream world is or she wouldn't be attacking Andy so viciously.

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Ugh this was such a bad episode.  I feel like it was supposed to be a showcase episode for Jamie Chung.  The problem is that she’s such a terrible actress that I couldn’t care less about her character.  

Dont really care about Andy vs Lauren either.

Isn’t Lorna more powerful than those three convicts?  Why isn’t Reeva sending her out on missions?  Lorna plus the Frosts seem like they could do anything.

I guess I don’t fully understand how Blink’s powers work.  In past episodes she could open up portals to places she hadn’t necessarily seen before.  I remember when they were in that one building she said there were too many twists and turns.   Here, they were outside.  Why couldn’t she have opened a portal direct to Evangeline?  Why couldn’t they try calling her anyways?

Lauren attacked Sentinel Services.  They saw the car.   Why aren’t cops or whoever immediately coming after them?

Best part of the episode: no Jace!

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On 1/18/2019 at 10:26 PM, blackwing said:


Isn’t Lorna more powerful than those three convicts?  Why isn’t Reeva sending her out on missions?  Lorna plus the Frosts seem like they could do anything.


Yeah but as of right now, Lorna has some convictions.  Some.  

The three just enjoy making mayhem and chaos.  They don't care who gets hurt, why, or about any collateral damage.  Lorna does...at least to an extent more than the Chaos three.  

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