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Case Files: The Real Escape from Dannemora

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I remember getting my details about this case mostly from Gawker (RIP one of the greatest sites ever!) back when it was happening. They seized on the purported fact that Richard Matt had a very, uh, large penis and used it in nearly every headline they wrote about the case afterwards:




I thought for sure at some point they'd have introduced this critical bit of information in the series, but alas...it was not mentioned. In fact, if it had, I don't think I could concentrate on the show anymore, I'd be laughing to hard reliving the Gawker headlines.

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I loved those headlines, they cracked me and Mr Wovenloaf up!! I was also hoping we'd get a hint at it in the show.... like a subtle one that you might miss if you didn't have fond memories of the Gawker coverage. 

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The other link to the final report is broken, but I found this one.

It's fascinating, and from reading it, it sounds like Stiller did a remarkably accurate representation.

Also, Joyce (Tilly) is an obvious liar, I can't figure out how stupid Lyle must be, beyond measure apparently, to still stand by her.  Wow.

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