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S01.E08: Departures

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Not sure if it was Hale's idea himself or Mary's idea to have Gloriana (that's her name, right?) be accused, but I have to admit that was a decent strategy.  It did put Cotton and Incense at odds, and will probably only get worse from here on out.  That said, since I thought she was doomed, Gloriana's fate actually ended up being better then I had predicted.  She at least lived, but is instead banished from Salem, because while Incense finally admits that she isn't a witch, he clearly hated that Cotton was in love with her, and wasn't going to let that continue.  Yeah, Incense is a dick!  But I'm loving the Matter scenes.  Seth Gabel and Stephen Lang are great together.


Still, the witches are in quite a pickle now.  George is now toad-free and in Incense's care?  Damn, not sure how Mary is going to be able to figure their way out of this one.  Added bonus with Anne officially believing her dad's a witch and is now off to tell Alden. Business is picking up!


I'm pretty sure I've heard about that "dunking" method before, that Incense used to make Mab "confess."  It was a cruel, but admittedly, creative world back then.

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I don't see why Mary or Tituba can't just do a spell from afar to make George remain silent somehow, but maybe it will be trickier if they aren't physically in his presence and because Increase already knows/suspects witchcraft is to blame.


Yes, I also thought Gloriana's fate would be far worse.  Her love for Cotton aside, she actually probably should be thanking her lucky stars to be out of the madhouse that is Salem and to avoid any further persecution.  I was surprised Cotton didn't try harder to make an attempt to leave town, or follow her, or something?


I wonder if Anne is really going to tell Alden that she suspects her father is in league with the witches, or if that was just a tease.  Also, in the preview for the next episode, which basically states that one of the big three witches (Mary, Tituba, Mercy) are going to die, well... goodbye Tituba, I'd guess.  There's no way in hell Mary is getting killed off, and Mercy has had far more to do than Tituba.  I hope I'm wrong, because it would suck to kill off the only minority character, but I don't want any of them to die yet, really.  Hopefully, that was just a tease too, and there is some other meaning to the preview.

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Since last episode was a total boredom festival, this one was an increase. However, how the hell did  the man managed to survive  after cutting his own stomach to take off the toad? Too much of a stretch? Or am I missing something ?

I liked the addition of the actor who plays Cotton's dominant dad, he's a pearl of an actor. But I think the series is seriously loosing gas. Does anyone here know the ratings?

This Anne who started as a strong willed person , now seems a ridiculous puppy in lust after Alden. She's getting on my nerves, really. One of these days we still shall see her going nuts after rejection and turn herself into a witch.

I feel a bit disappointed since the series hasn't been particularly ingenious or smart enough to hold the attention. If we add that the protagonists have  no chemistry  with each other...

I liked to see that Cotton has a soft side just as his name suggests, Cotton.

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how the hell did  the man managed to survive  after cutting his own stomach to take off the toad? Too much of a stretch?


Also, what was Issac thinking when he went to the tavern to have a drink?  It wasn't a secret he took George to Boston.  Anyone could have questioned him as to his expedient return, but of course it had to be Increase.

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What is truly absent from this series is the fear and madness that gripped Salem in 1692, which at various times has been attributed to land disputes and even the effects of LSD-like ergot growing on the grain.   It was a village where the "afflicted" girls functioned like a tween Star Chamber, sending innocents to their death on a whim (or perhaps at their parents' suggestion).   We had a scene or two like that early on, but then it went away.  


Come to think of it, where is George Burroughs?  Where is Ann Putnam?  Rebecca Nurse?   The Parrish family?


I know it's not meant to be historically accurate, but historically similar would have been nice.   I think the writers have strayed so far afield from the history that they have lost their way.  


Meanwhile the characters and their motivations are getting murky.   The show can't seem to decide whether John Alden is a hero or a bitter, broken man.   They can't decide whether Mary is a black-hearted witch or a woman pining away in a loveless marriage.  I'm starting to lose interest.

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