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Bumping up because there's a new episode tonight. All I know is that they're doing something on The Purge . . . which would be dandy if Rick and Morty didn't do an outstanding riff on that in their latest season.

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I don't know when new episodes will air. In the meantime . . . what is your favorite Star Wars-themed sketch? "Empire On Ice"? Ahmed Best reprising his role as Jar Jar Binks? Any of the bits with Darth Vader and the Emperor? How about the fantasy sequences with Boba Fett? "BACK FROM THE DEAD, ASSHOLES!!!" Good times,

Dr. Ball, MD is one of my favorites.


This Week: Tyler Durden at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Should've been better.


I liked it when Robot Chicken made fun of things from the past that I didn't know vs present stuff I don't know.


The Purge segment should've been MUCH better.


Apparently Johnny Bananas is a real person...and voiced himself.

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Well. The animators/puppet people didn't take Sarah's arm tattoos into account. And points are deducted for allowing Johnny on the sketch. That said? Great Challenge sketch. They remembered TJ Lavin was a BMX biker, and Fammke Jansen played Jean Grey again. What more do you want?


Better than average episode this week. Liked the Foster's/Tyler sketch and the mime crime spree. And they managed a good takeoff of The Purge.

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And now Bitch Puddin makes Murder, She Wrote much much better. With Ernie Hudson!


Duck Dynasty - Dynasty starring ducks. Loved that.


This Kool-Aid sketch should've ended the second Kool-Aid Man burst through the wall. We got the gist of it without him sobbing.

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Back to the mediocrity. I mean, great to have George Lowe as the Horniest Unicorn, and interesting theme with soap opera credits, but a lot of it felt like a waste. And Bitch Pudding shouldn't be an automatic "go-to" for hilarity.


ETA: I think Jonestown isn't that well-known to the target demographic. Wait . ..  why am I defending the show?


ETA2: For anybody jonesing for Star Wars content, Adult Swim UK compiled some choice stuff with Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and The Emperor. Also, Gary the Stormtrooper.

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I'm not a big fan of Bitch Pudding. She was okay in small doses early in the series but her shtick has gotten old. I thought the Bitch Pudding special was one of the few real misses (before this season).

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So..150 episodes. It took forever to get there.


Marc Summers in a Double Dare sketch! There should have been more of that. But I'll settle for the Guts sketch, too.


Cthulhu is a much better candidate for president than the field we have.


The Galactus sketch was great. And the Fantasy Island sketch turned out better than it needed to be.


So they did the last 300 joke: Literally dining in hell.


Was Cheese League a real thing? It was very reminiscent of Biker Mice From Mars.

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Meh again. Nice Game Genie gag, and cool for Marc Summers to come back to his old stomping grounds, but I felt the episode was average at best. The 100th episode set the bar pretty high.


Are there going to be any more new episodes?

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Heads up . . . just saw an ad for new episodes starting next Sunday. I'll have to see the commercial again to see what's getting spoofed. I think I saw Kermit from Muppet Babies scaling a skyscraper like King Kong.

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Kel loved orange soda so much he married it and had a weird-assed lovechild with it. Loved that.


That Schindler's List sketch being self-aware of how dumb it was doesn't excuse itself for how dumb it was. Also dumb: That Skylanders sketch.


The Ninja Turtles talking about sex was delightfully creepy. I enjoyed Seth Green voicing Leonardo (and Splinter).

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Funny . . . Kenan brought up Kel in last night's monologue on SNL. Funny that Kel guested on this show. Probably would be funnier if I watched their show on Nick..


The bit with Jim Hanks and The Green Mile was interesting. Also kinda liked the ranger showdown. Ranger Smith like to poop his pants, apparently.

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We had a Power Ranger sketch, and a Minecraft sketch with god. And they were both fart jokes. SIGH.


Muppet Babies with King Kong was awesome, though. Up until Kermit's gory death, though. And speaking of gore for the sake of gore, that Nick Arcade sketch was just overkill. But yeah, they got Phil Moore to come in for this.


A Terminator sketch about Adam & Eve was interesting...and then they focuses on Arnold's crotch the whole time.

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I don't remember bombs in Nick Arcade. Worst case, your character would get jumped by the bad guy.


Damn, Muppet Babies went dark. Darker than the I Know What You Did Last Summer sketch explaining why we never saw Skeeter on The Muppet Show.


Right now, there's a writing enclave debating whether they could use the show's "SkyNet goes back to the very beginning" premise.


ETA: Mr. Bill was awesome. "C4, motherfucker!!!"


ETA2: Forgot about the Speed Racer/Inspector Detector bit. I'd say they managed to capture the show's essence. And they didn't have to resort to a gag involving the Mach 5's trunk, which can house a small boy and a monkey.

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ETA2: Forgot about the Speed Racer/Inspector Detector bit. I'd say they managed to capture the show's essence. And they didn't have to resort to a gag involving the Mach 5's trunk, which can house a small boy and a monkey.

If I remember right, they did that gag in the Cannonball Run/Fast & The Furious sketch back in the first season.


Loved the bit with Tara Strong as essentially a skanky Twilight Sparkle, and the sketch that explored what became of cartoon characters that smoked.


Inspector Gadget being unwittingly converted into a drone was clever. "Go Go Gadget PTSD."


Anyone else notice Dr. Claw's herbal supplements in the Three Bear's fridge?

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Anybody else remember that particular commercial for Simon? I swear, this show can be hit-or-miss with me, and then it takes me somewhere I haven't been in decades. Of course the Simon expert would wind up working in what appears to be a Chipotle.


I think the "Micronauts Go Mountain Climbing" sketched worked better than what we got to end tonight's episode. Or maybe I feel that way because I never got into Micronauts.

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Super Polar Bear: Somehow less violent than Man of Steel.


Man, I wasn't expecting a Game & Watch sketch.


That Barbie sketch was great, as was the TMNT sketch. It's weird to see figures of the Mirage turtles fighting the 80s Shredder, using a modified Pizza Thrower.

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I don't remember how many old-school handheld games I had as a kid. I'm thinking two . . . three, tops. Damn, this show makes me feel old.


The Barbie sketch was based on Gone Girl, right? Haven't seen it. And now I no longer have to wonder why the Ninja Turtles had a vehicle that shot pizza. Thanks, Robot Chicken! And now I don't have to watch any more Star Wars. Apparently, Episode 9 is going to be "wall-to-wall tits."

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Wasn't expecting a Captain Phillips/Polly Pocket mashup, but here we are.

When I heard Billy West as Pancake Head, I figured that we'd see him in another sketch, then we saw Doug again. It was pretty awkward.


The Cryptkeeper meeting Monster High was great. The puns, of course, were all awful.

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Murder, She Wrote: Miami. Yes.


Figured that the Burger King commercial was a page out of young Seth Green's scrapbook.


Krang on that awful date was great, as was the random cut with KITT.


Heh, a Toy Story sketch AND a Brave Little Toaster sketch in the same episode.

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Where can I see Seth's commercial? And why is "Whacking It Off To My Mom" so catchy?


ETA: Is anybody else distressed by Robot Chicken showing a sketch of Prince dying a few months ago? That's just bad timing.

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Loved that Breaking Bad breakfast rap, and the Cash Cab bit.

I remember Exo-Squad! Hulk Hogan being in it just made it better. I don't remember Max Action, though. (EDIT: Max Action was a Robot Chicken original. These toy builders are good!)

Yeah, I'd watch Big Foot & Bigfoot (voiced by Hulk Hogan!) as a whole series.

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Too much Hulk.

I don't have much else to add. I only know about Walt Jr. through the Honest Trailer for Breaking Bad. I noticed the show got Bryan Cranston. That's an impressive "get."

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So Robot Chicken takes on that old gag of people finding Bugs bunny in drag hot. It loses points on not including that guy who dressed up like Yosemite Sam from the murder mystery sketch. I can never unsee that sketch.

Edna Mode on Project Runway was something that should've happened years ago.

It was weird seeing Soundwave into Creed.

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Who was the undead guy in the Suge Knight sketch? I'm thinking Game of Thrones, but I don't watch that.

Good episode. Soundwave getting down to Creed and all his "tapes" ejecting from his chest was funny. I'll have to rewatch to see how many there were. At minimum, I'm thinking two birds (Laserbeak and Buzzsaw), two robots (Rumble and Frenzy) and a big cat (Ravage).

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This is the season finale already? I do like how they brought back the "Show is cancelled, so everyone dies" finale ending.

An actual Go-Bots sketch with the Go-Bots toys! 

Really loved that Superman sketch.

STONE PROTECTORS! Man, that's reaching deep. Yeah, they were lame, but I had a few of the toys like the singer. 

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Not really media, but I don't know where else to post. I went to a panel at New York Comic Con commemorating the 25th anniversary of Wizard. One of the panelists was Matthew Senreich. Afterward, I asked him if Robot Chicken was still going on, since they weren't presenting at NYCC. Turns out they haven't been working on it, but they're going to start in a few weeks. Also, Seth Green is acting. I didn't think to ask if there would be a Christmas/holiday special.

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Poking around the Comic-Con site because I hate myself, and I found this:

[adult swim]: Robot Chicken


Walkers and bawk-bawkers collide this year when the RC crew arrives with an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming season including the Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who's Walking ! Co-creator/executive producer Matthew Senreich, executive producer/co-head writer Tom Root, executive producer/co-head writer Doug Goldstein, actor/writer Breckin Meyer (Franklin & Bash), writer/director Tom Sheppard, creator/writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), and showrunner Scott M. Gimple (The Walking Dead) will be on hand for the fun, and who knows which surprise guests might "walker" onstage? Perhaps a guest who can write better puns than that. Moderated by Keith Crofford, senior vice president of production for Adult Swim.

Looks like the show will be coming back soon. Not sure how much mileage they can get from The Walking Dead, but I'll watch anyway.

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From CCI: Season 9 is in development. Evidence:

Let's see . . . Weird Al, Jabberjaw, the Nerd in Westworld, Homestar Runner (I'm guessing), Scooby Doo (hey, if it works, why stop?), Bitch Puddin, Pokemon (or at least a Charizard), and some more Star Wars (old school . . . nothing from the last two movies shown).

ETA: And I just found this for The Walking Dead special, entitled Look Who's Walking. I bailed out after a few seasons, but it still looks funny. Also: Rick and the Horniest Unicorn.

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So, what did Walking Dead fans think of last night's special?  Never watched TWD and know nothing about it.  I was mostly lost, though I figured out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire is a major character.

Generally RC sketches work for me even if I'm not really familiar with the original material; not this time.

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I bailed when the main guys got jailed in Terminus. Funny that "Carla" survived to tell The Nerd the real story. Of course, The Nerd winds up starting a new Walker disaster.

My mother watches the show, but she doesn't want to see the special. She did laugh at "Happy Glenndings." "I'll find you" = "Hold the door"?

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Good special. Once again, we had the one story for all eleven minutes, but I think it comes off better than "The Nerd Goes To The North Pole." Basically, Santa goes on a drug trip thanks to the Nerd's "special" cookies (she has recreational cancer), and Mrs. Claus and the elves deal at HQ. Something inherently wrong about elves singing about wanting people to stop demanding presents because they started with about five thousand Christian children. They bring up abortions and choosing Islam and Judaism. Very hilarious stuff.

New episode next week. I forgot the summary, but I did remember the bit where The Nerd visits Westworld. I never got into Game of Thrones, but I did watch that, so I should be entertained. My hopes for subjects covered: the screwed-up timelines, more and more characters revealed as "hosts" (not unlike Cylons, come to think of it), and viewers getting way too familiar with Thandie Newton's body.

ETA in case you need a reason to watch: original song by Jermaine Clement!

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Just curious if anybody watched the premiere. Also, I'm curious if anybody grasps the rationale of kicking off a season after the Christmas special, then shelvinh the show for three weeks due to holiday-based programming.

Anybody thinks that the writers are leaning too hard into The Nerd? The Westworld bit at the end was nice, even if "Nerd fucks hosts over and over again" gets repeated. Plus: Anthony Hopkins' character is referred to as "Thor's Dad."

What else . . . Weird Al! Bomberman trying to get through airport security! And we see the future of Beavis, only for that to be undone by Butt-head. I'm not even going to quibble that sugar and/or caffeine to awaken Cornholio, as opposed to the mere mention of "Lake Titicaca."

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I watched the first couple segments, but I'm done with the show.  What I saw was "it's funny cause it a reference" instead of actually being funny.  The rest of the segments might have been better but I'm wasn't going to find out.  I'm kind of bored with the Nerd character at this point (as it essentially the same joke each time) and Bitch Pudding wore out her welcome very early on in the series.

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