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Very late to the party, but I just wanted to say I can see why they made German a murderer and a creep at the end of season 2 . Not just because as the least likely suspect it would be a "shock", but it also allows the audience to ignore what a jerk Derek actually is in the whole Derek/Ahsha/German triangle so far. I'm not Ahsah's biggest fan, but I'm definitely not rooting for her to end up permanently with German, but I'm also not rooting for her and Derek either.

I've realised I don't mind Ahsha when she's interacting with anyone not part of the triangle. The actress isn't very good outside of the dancing, but the character has the potential to be interesting if written right particularly with regards to Jelena's influence on her.

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Pretty sure that's not true, Season 4 is only in the writing stages now. I'm really excited that we'll finally get another season, but it's likely going to be a while, and I'm concerned about some of the actors not being available anymore.

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NOTE: Hit the Floor is now airing on BET (not VH1)


The more things change, the more things stay the same. New Devil Girl dancers step into the arena for a chance at stardom. New rivalries form on and off the court, as the L.A. Devils nation deals with growing pains.

S4 promo:


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Ha, how did I not know that this episode existed until almost two years after it aired? I'm going to have to hunt it down so I can find out who the hell shot Jelena (and thank them).

In the mean time, here are some official clips that VH1 posted for this episode!

Ahsha and Derek get married:

Where were Jude, Zero, & Ahsha when Jelena was shot?

360° video the Devil Girls dancing Got It by Marian Hill

Devil Girls rehearsing a different dance:

Gag reel:

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On 7/9/2018 at 5:02 AM, ElleryAnne said:

Has it been confirmed whether Jelena, Terrence, Sloane, Pete and/or Ahsha are going to be in S4?


On 7/9/2018 at 6:14 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Based on the S4 promo in the ep thread, it looks like just Pete.


On 7/10/2018 at 12:05 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Creator James Larosa confirms that Ahsha and Zero will not be returning for S4.

It looks like Jelena and possibly Sloane will be in S4.E02

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Anyone else watching? I just finished the season premier and Hit the Floor was never the best show, but even for HTF this was a little lackluster and oddly paced. I'm hoping that was mostly due to being off for a year and having to cram a lot of exposition + reboot material into 40 minutes. The explanation for Derek/Ahsha's break up was interesting; the explanation for Jude/Zero's breakup was less so. I have a lot of trouble believing after all of that, after Zero came out on national television and was ready to build a house with Jude, that he'd balk at getting married and apparently go running. I honestly wish they'd just killed Zero off instead. 

Not sure how I feel yet about the new dancers, but I'm totally here for Olivia's vengeful daughter wreaking havoc on the team. Kind of shocked that they killed Pete! Badass move. 

Loved Jelena, especially her scenes with Miguel, and with Jude. I really want more of Jelena and Jude. Lionel and Jude were also fun together as usual.  

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I rewatched seasons 1-3 on demand last week, and now I don't even know what to think lol. I guess I didn't realize how many actors were leaving. Honestly, I'm kind of unsure of why they went for a 4th season instead of just ending it where it was, but whatever.  Jude and Zero were my favorite! I hate that they broke up, I agree with atlanticslide, I'm not sure I believe that Zero would leave after everything they went through. I love Kyle, but I think her being director and captain is strange. I follow a few pro dance/cheer teams and AFAIK they all have a proper director (I can't think of one that doesn't - and all the dancers have to re-tryout, even the captain) I get that this is a fantasy world where dancers get paid well and seem to be just as famous as the players, but it still bothers me how much of a 180 the devil girls are from real life teams sometimes. I don't know how I feel about Eve. I really dislike secret baby storylines, but her revenge plot could be interesting. The reason for Ahsha and Derek's divorce is not something I saw coming, and I can't say that I'll miss her. I was pretty shocked about Pete.

I love Lionel and Jude's relationship. The guy who plays Jude is so hot. So is broke rookie Pax. 

I really liked Jelena's scene with Miguel. 

Jamie kind of reminds me of Brandy from East Los High. That's my only opinion on the new dancers lol. 

This episode was boring af, but I understand why it needed so much set up since it's been so long. I'm excited to see how this season plays out with all these changes. Oh, and based on the preview, I really hope that there is not another love triangle. I'm looking forward to some badass dancing! The dances in the interviews and sneak peaks look fun. 

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Pax: Coach, I am so sorry I'm late. My Maserati almost exploded on the 405. It's new. It has a seventh gear.

London: I'm not talking to reporters right now.
Kyle: Honey, do reporters dress like this? Just give me five minutes and I'm gone. Or I'll come back every day forever.

Kyle: Shame is overrated.

Derek: Want [a drink]?
Jelena: It's nine o'clock in the morning.
Derek: I'll put cream and sugar in it.

Jude: What do you think?
Jelena: The booth needs more sound proofing. If I hear [Lionel's] mouth, I'm boarding the doors with her inside.

Lionel: Bitch.
Jelena: Hag.

Jude: I wish you wouldn't poke the dragon.
Lionel: That was flirtation. Besides, Jelena's not going to raise one of her little elfin hands to the owner of the network that carries her games.

Jude: That divorce settlement was quite the pinata for you.
Lionel: It was. One whack and your dad and all these fun trinkets fell out.

Jelena: What's she doing here?
London: She has a name.
Jelena: She also has a reputation.
London: Look who's talking.

Lionel: I'm not asking you to date. I'm asking you to bone.

Lionel: If you don't bang someone tonight, I'm going to cut off your junk with something dull and rusty.

Noah: I'm not saying they're a bad team. I'm saying they're a horrible team. Pick a different city. Pick a different sport.
Kid: Are you serious? I've got a gun!
Noah: There's football, basketball. Ever heard of snooker? It's like billiards but with more balls and more British. Takes a lot of balls to say snooker's a sport anyway. The Olympics doesn't recognize it, but what do they know? They used to give out medals for solo synchronized swimming.

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Lionel may be a total biatch but I love that she is trying so hard to help Jude get over Zero. I don't necessarily know if meaningless sex is the solution, but I appreciate that she's at least concerned and wants to help.

I want to like the new characters but there are a lot of bad actors in the bunch.  Jamie and London are particularly bad.

I find it difficult to believe that Olivia and Chase were able to keep their daughter a secret all this time. Even f they kept her out of the spotlight, people would at least know that she existed.

I have no problem with Kyle being captain, but director? That is a separate position and even a much smaller/less high profile team would have a separate director.

I thought that after such a long hiatus, they would have made sure that the first dance was mind blowing but it was just okay.

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Yeah, wasn't Olivia the director in Season 1? And then... who, Sloane? And then Jelena? So it's not like they haven't had a director before. Weird. 

I love Lionel's friendship with Jude and how concerned she is for him, even if her attempts at helping may be misguided. I'm not clear on how long ago Jude and Zero broke up so I'm not sure how long Jude's been wallowing, but I think he's probably justified in still wallowing and being depressed considering how serious the relationship was.

I'm so down for this revenge plot, but yeah, the surprise daughter is kind of weird. Why not just retcon that they had a daughter everyone knew about but who wasn't around and wasn't able to come to the funeral because [insert reason here]? It's been a while since I watched Season 1, but wasn't Pete Chase and Olivia's best friend or something? 

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Desario: You have quite the history with Miss Howard, huh? Some of it pretty public.
Zero: Find somebody who didn't have history with her.

Desario: You seem tense.
Jude: I always seem tense.

Desario: Word from the hospital. Looks like Miss Howard is gonna pull through.
Zero: Too bad whoever did it wasn't a better shot.

Ahsha: How would you feel about being my maid of honor? I know, marriage is gross, but you'll do it anyway because you love me?

Derek: How are you feeling?
Jelena: Bulletproof.

Jude: The fireplace will go here. The guest bedroom will go here. Here and here. And the baby's room will go here.
Zero: What the what?
Jude: Just seeing if you're paying attention.
Jelena: Where does the vomitorium go?

Jelena: I could've sworn I traded you.
Zero: Almost. Timing's everything.
Jelena: Lucky you. I hope you enjoy being demoted to team bitch. I'll make you a T-shirt.

Kyle: Remember, what happens tonight stays between us. We're sisters. And sisters cut the first bitch who squeals.

Lionel: Do I have to teach you everything gay?

Zero: I came up with a new story for you to tell the police. I'll tell it too so you won't have to worry about anything.
Jude: New story for what?
Zero: The night Jelena was shot.
Jude: Why would I need a new story? Wait, you think I would shoot someone? 
Zero: I know that there's nothing that you wouldn't do for me.
Jude: You think I would shoot someone for you? 
Zero: No. Maybe.

Jude: You're the single greatest thing that's ever happened to me, Gideon.
Zero: You too, stupid.

Sloane: Kyle, everything is beautiful.
Kyle: Oh, it's a day of miracles. The weather's perfect. I was able to replace the 12 doves I killed.

Jelena: Hello, Ahsha.
Ahsha: No. Nope. This is my wedding day. You will not ruin it.

Jelena: I came with a gift.
Ahsha: What?
Jelena: Miami, I'm backing off. Derek's free to go.
Ahsha: Why?
Jelena: Because that means you go too.
Ahsha: Derek is the Devils.
Jelena: Which should tell you how much I want you gone.
Ahsha: I can't believe it.
Jelena: Well, I can't believe you're wearing white, so we're even.

Jelena: Sloane, I'm a badass for taking a bullet from an unknown shooter. God forbid someone find out I was shot by some menopausal harpy.

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Awwww, I love that when Oscar asked Lionel what she wanted, she said a divorce and for him to leave Jude alone. I think Jude is the only person in the world she actually cares about.

Part of me was really disappointed that Jelena didn't die. After everything she's done to most of the people on the team, I would have been fine with her dying. Her sudden 180 on just about everything in this episode had me scratching my head - letting Derek leave the time, not turning in Sloane for shooting her, seriously, what the hell, show? The only thing that actually made sense was her decision to take Miguel since she can't have kids.

Pete's attitude about the wedding annoyed me. I get that he missed out on most of Ahsha's life, but getting all sad that he's "giving her away" is some ridiculous patriarchal bull shit. She's already living with Derek and having sex with him, but somehow that piece of paper and a ceremony means more? Okay, Pete.

Why in the hell was Ahsha wearing BLACK shoes with her white wedding dress?

The wedding location was gorgeous. It's hard to argue with a site that overlooks the ocean.

Ha, I loved that Kyle's reaction to seeing the bouquet coming towards her was to bat it away.

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New episode! Much better than the first one, I thought. Better paced and the storylines all seemed to flow pretty well. I'm interested in Pax and his backstory and his money troubles could be interesting, but I'm really not into this storyline with him basically becoming a prostitute. German becoming the new head coach was silly but not unexpected, so whatever. Loved everything with Derek - I like that both Derek and Jude see affected by their relative breakups, but not wallowing in them. I wasn't sure about Jude and Noah in the first episode, but I really enjoyed them in this one. Noah seems fun and charming, and I love how charmed he seems by Jude. He seems similar to Zero in that way, but a lot less dark and internally broody. I can't imagine how a serious relationship could work between them, though, considering their jobs. Lionel/Eve was less hot/fun than I expected, mostly because it felt like there wasn't really enough buildup to it.

Jelena! I can't believe how much I used to hate her, and somehow she became one of my favorite characters. I get the sense that this may be the last we see of her for a while, if ever, which is a bummer, but I love how she went out. 

Jude becoming the new team owner is really interesting and I can't wait to see where they go with this, but I hope he doesn't change too much - I could see them taking him down a dark path, maybe, and having him become more Oscar-like, which I think could be really fun and interesting, but not forever. I like that Jude is a generally decent guy and really don't want him to go too dark or too bad.

It's kind of weird after they barely interacted in Season 3 to see Derek and Jude so pissy with each other I feel like there should be some other explanation for their tension but it kind of seems like it really just goes back to that stuff from Season 2.

I'm liking London a lot. Jamie I could take or leave.

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Jude: How could you bring [Derek] back? He's unpredictable.
Jelena: Is your issue that he's unpredictable or that he doesn't like you? Why I have yet to figure out.
Jude: He thinks I stabbed him in the back once.
Jelena: Did you?

German: Jelena's a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them.

Jude: Hey, got a minute?
Lionel: Not unless it involves you making sweet, sweet love. And I don't mean to yourself.

Jude: Has [Noah] been on tv before?
Lionel: If Carson Daly can do it, anybody can.

Lionel: You made your bed. Now you're trying to kick your little tramp out of it. Be careful, Jude. Your Kincade is showing.

Jamie: I didn't come here to be Kelly Roland.
London: Kelly Roland's a great friend of mine.

Eve: Lionel Kincade!
Lionel: Davenport.

Jude: I couldn't find my invite.
Derek: I ran out of spit for the stamps.

Kyle: If I see one second of this on snapchat, you will regret this for the rest of your lives.
Girl: What about insta?

Derek: You're quoting Freud now?
German: Freud, Lenny Kravitz, Kung Fu Panda, I don't know who said it.

Eve: Last night as interesting.
Lionel: Interesting is a word you'd use in a middle school book report.

Jamie: I didn't do it to hurt you. I did it to help me.

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I know I have complained about Ahsha's wooden acting since S1 but Jamie and Eve's bad acting are making me miss her.

How am I supposed to believe that anyone hired German to be a head coach, let alone for a huge team like the Devils? Isn't he like all of 25 years old? He's the same age as Ahsha and at Pete's number retirement, the sign said he started with the Devils in 1992 so Ahsha can't be more than 25 since Sloane got pregnant when

I already hate Noah. You're physically incapable of keeping a secret? STFU.

London's ex sucks. The pastor didn't have a problem with her being a dancer in a skimpy costume when he was cheating on his wife with her but NOW it would draw too much attention? To quote Derek: DROWN, BITCH.

Jelena had the worst advice for Miguel. Turn off your feelings? What that kid needs is not someone telling him to turn into a little robot. So how long before Jelena is arrested for international kidnapping?

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It still feels like there's a lot of directionless, random story bits, like Lionel having nothing really to do, Kyle's random non-plot subplot, and basically everything with Pax (really hoping his prostitution storyline is over now), but overall I'm still enjoying it. I think they have some fun core plots in Jude vs. Derek and Eve vs. everyone, and for the first time I kind of enjoyed Jamie vs. London since we got to see a little more of Jamie's vulnerability. Her friendship with Noah is random but seems nice and makes her a bit more likable. I really wish there was more time to explore Jude's feelings about the breakup and how it's still impacting his ability to move on, but I loved seeing some bits of evidence of that, like how he seems really hesitant to view Noah as anything more than a casual hookup while Noah seemed to be dropping pretty clear hints at wanting something more serious. I'm really curious about what else the show might do with them over the rest of the season. I'm also really curious about how this Jude vs. Derek thing is going to continue playing out. I like them both a lot so I'm hoping they'll eventually somehow end up on the same side. 

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Lionel: Cut the shots of Derek wearing his Miami uniform. This little match up is loaded enough.
Noah: Anything else?
Lionel: You're wearing too much cologne.

Lionel: If you'll excuse me, I have some body spray I need to choke on.

Noah: So in addition to being a liar, you're a hoarder too?

Lionel: Noah, put your clothes on. You look like a tramp.

Landon: Straight flush - like your career.

Noah: When Jamie said she had someone for me I didn't think it was Chris Banks. You're a movie star.
Chris: I know. Exciting, right?

Noah: I didn't know you were gay.
Chris: I mean, what is gay?
Noah: Someone who has sex with other men.

Chris: I'm a private person.
Noah: I've seen your penis on imax.
Chris: The body is a beautiful thing. I mean, my body is a beautiful thing.

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Man, the actors playing Noah and Jamie are terrible. The two of them having scenes together is painful.

I don't know what's more unbelievable: that German and Derek are friends now, that young hot women would pay $20K to sleep with a rookie basketball player, that German and Lionel would hate fuck in a car in the parking lot, that a rookie dancer would get a giant poster in the lobby just because she had one solo during a halftime performance, that German is now the head coach of a major NBA team, that Jude would approve a half million dollar video of the Devil Girls dressed in dominatrix outfits humping the floor, or that everyone would settle their disputes with a game of strip poker.

Noah's date with Chris the movie star was the best scene in the episode. The show knows how to do funny scenes like that but then they veer off into poorly written dialogue and ridiculous plots.

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Pax: That looks like swamp water.
Kyle: Tastes like it too. Chugalug, buttercup.

Jamie: I love that you love hiking.
Noah: No one loves hiking.

Noah: How much stuff can one person possibly have?
Jamie: Says the guy with three boxes of Playstation stuff.
Noah: Four.

Noah: I already started interviewing people around you. Most either don't know you or don't like you.
Jude: I could have told you that.

Jude: You seem to be enjoying the idea of prying into my life.
Noah: Not only am I enjoying it. I'm getting paid for it.

Jamie: What good is doing good if no one's there to see it?

Landon: So delusional doesn't just apply to your fashion sense.

Jude: All that's missing is a Sarah MacLachlan song.
Noah: I couldn't get the rights.

Noah: You were in a pretty public relationship with a Devil.
Jude: It wasn't public.
Noah: You made out on the Jumbotron.

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Ha, I had to laugh at Landon's fake out with Roman.

Kyle whipping Pax into shape was also hilarious.

Why did Noah's piece on Jude use photos that looked like stalker pictures?

The vogue battle was so awkward to watch because Jamie and Landon were both so bad at voguing.

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2 hours ago, atlanticslide said:

Ha, hilariously, according to James LaRosa, those were Brent Antonello's actual childhood pictures!

I love when shows use an actor's childhood photos! I actually meant the pictures of Jude at the arena. There was one of him talking to Jelena in the hallawy and another one where his back was to the camera but his head was turned toward whoever shot the photo like someone had just called his name as he was walking away. The way they were shot, they looked like the kind of thing a stalker would take with a telephoto lens from far away.

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German: Ahh, the ISNYs, the night the sports world gathers to celebrate their greatness - because gold medals, trophies, and Heismans just aren't good enough.

Noah: Lionel put me on sideline duty [at the ISNY awards]. I'll get to interview Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Jamie: You mean harass.

Jude: The commissioner wants Pax's head on a stick but Derek says he needs him so basically my two choices are to ruin my relationship with the league or ruin my relationship with my number one player.
Lionel: Well, Derek already hates you.

Pax: I didn't know that Leah was married. I definitely didn't know that she was married to [the commissioner]. How was I supposed to know who she was? You didn't even know who she was. You saw her at the arena and yelled at me for talking to her.
Kyle: Black Chanel bag, red bottoms, makeup by Home Depot. Yeah, I remember.

Kyle: You should lay low.
Pax: But the ISNYs are tomorrow.
Kyle: You can watch at home in your underwear just like last year.

Lionel: I'm gone for a week and [Eve and German] happens?
Jude: You and German?
Lionel: And me and Eve.
Jude: ....
Lionel: Not at the same time.
Jude: Eve?
Lionel: Really? You don't think German's more surprising?

Jude: Does this mean I'm your hag now?

Kyle: So when I said "lay low," you thought I meant buy a tux, get your teeth whitened, and show up at the biggest awards show of the year?
Pax: I also got my nails buffed.

Pax: I wasn't going to come but then Jamie asked me to be her date.
Kyle: If she asked you to jump off a bridge, would you?
Pax: Naked and on fire.

Pax: I need [the commissioner] to know what kind of guy I am.
Kyle: The kind that would sleep with his wife for $20,000. He got it.
Pax: I have morals.
Kyle: I need the license plate of the turnip truck you just fell off of.

Eve: How many people can say they had their first date between Irv Gotti and Gabby Douglas?

Landon: Interesting that everything I have is everything you want. Seems to be a pattern.

Lionel: See if one of those snowboarders is sober enough to hand out the award.

Eve: Because of the Devils, my mother is in the ground and my father might as well be.
Derek: What happened to Olivia and Chase is because of Olivia and Chase. They brought it on themselves.
Eve: You shut your mouth.
Derek: You mother couldn't. She was a blackmailer. She pushed and pushed. Eventually someone was going to push back. Olivia Vincent dug her own grave.
Eve: How dare you?
Derek: You don't need justice. You need a shrink to deal with the fact that your parents chose a life in the hellmouth instead of a life with you.

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When Jamie told Landon "watch your step" right before their performance, I was half expecting her to go all Showgirls style and cause her to fall.

Hee, I loved when Derek laid into Eve about how Olivia got what was coming to her because of her blackmailing and then told her she needed therapy.

I was tired of Eve's revenge scheme as soon as she showed up so I'm glad everyone knows what she's up to now. I loved Jude's shocked reaction when Lionel told him that she'd slept with both German and Eve.

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Is Derek really so stupid and easily manipulated that all it took was Jamie telling him that she's endgame and suddenly he's asking her out?

I had to laugh that finding out Eve is the big bad has brought together all of these rivals/enemies like Jude and Derek. One of he biggest problems is that the actress playing Eve is terrible. The character of Eve could have been a menacing villain but instead she comes off as a bratty little girl trying to play dress up. I was cracking up that Eve had a big ass block of ice in her apartment though.

While I fully support using #1 Crush, that dance sucked. They have professional dancers who are capable of more than strutting around and then rolling around on the floor. You can choreograph a sexy dance without literal stripping.

Ugh, Noah. He really thought he was going to trade sex for information with Jude? Why the hell did Jude apologize for "sabotaging" Noah's job offer? All he did was ask Lionel about it because he assumed that she already knew about it, and she was the one who killed the job offer. Jude is not the one who got his job offer revoked.

German is an idiot. Why the hell would he admit to Eve that he killed Olivia?

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I hate when tv shows make instant BFFs out of two characters who barely know each other. I totally buy that Kyle would invite London to her bachelorette party, but asking her to be the maid of honor?

As much as I enjoy watching the girls dance each week (honestly, that's the only reason I started watching this show), I liked that we finally got some male dancers!

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I had the same thought about Kyle and London. I realized last week that there's a lot of time passing offscreen (since the first episode was the start of the basketball season, and now we're at the playoffs, which in real time would be like 6 months or so), so I guess we can just assume that they've become good friends, but I feel like we've seen more of Kyle and Pax becoming friends than we have Kyle and London. And I know why they couldn't have Ahsha show up, but it's weird that they didn't even mention her. Weren't she and Kyle pretty good friends?

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1 minute ago, atlanticslide said:

know why they couldn't have Ahsha show up, but it's weird that they didn't even mention her. Weren't she and Kyle pretty good friends?

They were totally besties! They hung out a lot outside of practice so they were close enough that you’d think they would at least mention her (like “Ahsha wanted to come but she couldn’t make it on such short notice/Miami had a home game the same night”).

I was actually surprised earlier in the season when Kyle was encouraging Derek to start dating again because she was such good friends with Ahsha (and as ambitious as Kyle is, I knew she wouldn’t be mad at Ahsha for putting her career ahead of having a kid).

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Eh, kind of a lackluster finale to a lackluster season, I thought. As much as I tried, I just couldn't get on board with Jude/Noah and found myself hoping for a surprise last minute appearance by Zero (even though I knew it wasn't going to happen). I'm kind of really annoyed about Kyle being pregnant, considering her talk with Jelena last season about not wanting to be a mother. I was really intrigued by Eve and her nefarious plans early on in the season, but it kind of all fell apart after a few episodes, and I was hoping for something explosive from her in the end, but just... nothing really. Pax, meh. I'm not invested enough in London to care about her ex.

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Why does the show insist on dressing Lionel in shiny blouses like it's still the 90s?

I honestly don't buy that Derek and Landon are totally in love now. Between the shorter season and the fact that at the beginning of the season he was still dealing with Ahsha's abortion, their relationship feels so rushed. I know part of that is all the time jumps they did to get us through an entire basketball season in only eight episodes, but still.

The only reason I kind of like Derek and London together is because Jamie hates it so much. Sometimes I'm petty like that. I also kind of enjoyed Eve sipping tea while Jamie was bitching about London and Derek.

When London told Jamie, "Girls like you bug the shit out of me," she could have stopped right there and I still would have loved it.

Hahahaha, London came up with the best punishment for Jamie!

The actress playing Eve is so bad and her scene on the roof made that abundantly clear. She wasn't good at being bitchy or sneaky but she was even worse in her big dramatic scene.

I still don't love Noah with Jude, but I liked that he got Jamie to admit the truth. I guess they're setting her up to be the big bad next season now that Eve has given up on revenge (which is not a great idea since the actress playing Jamie is just as wooden and stilted as the one playing Eve). I wonder if the scandal is intended to clear a bunch of the characters out of the way for new ones. I can't imagine how they will be able to keep Derek, German, and Kyle around. I really hope they don't have a bunch of boring meetings with the commisioner about the game fixing next season. Just do a time jump and tell us what happened in between seasons!

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London: Who do I charge for having to pick clown hair from my nails all night?

London: Girls like you bug the shit out of me. Someone else's success is your failure.

London: I was wrong. Maybe you are Viola Davis.

Beau: The only thing I can't handle more than kids is babies. They get their mouth juice on everything. Their nose juice. They just got a lot of juice.

London: Not even if Jesus returned, threw down some cardboard, and started break-dancing on this very spot.

London: I clearly didn't slap you hard enough the last time.

Kyle: You're gonna be a daddy. 
Beau: Huh?
Kyle: And cupcakes.
Beau: What?
Kyle: Maybe if your super sperm weren't so darn aggressive hammering away at my poor, defenseless eggs.
Beau: You're pregnant?
Kyle: I'm gonna need you to grasp this just a little quicker.

Derek: Where's the rest of your stuff?
London: I plan on being naked. A lot.

Derek: You gonna make me wait for godfather or what?
Kyle: Mmm, just running your credit after that yacht buy.
Derek: I have twelve other cards and an off-shore account in the Cayman Islands.
Kyle: Goddaddy, come here!

Eve: Poetic, no?
Lionel: Eve, this isn't poetic, it's stupid.

Eve: Everyone is staring at as.
Lionel: They're staring at you because you've been a huge bitch.

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Taylour Paige is in the upcoming movie version of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, the play by Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson. The movie stars Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winner Viola Davis, Broadway actors Coleman Domingo and Michael Potts (Brother Mouzone on The Wire, Mafala Hatimbi in The Book of Mormon), Glynn Turman (Mayor Clarence Royce on The Wire), and Chadwick Boseman in his final film role. I'm still scratching my head as to how Ahsha of two facial expressions got herself cast in this, but fingers crossed that her acting has improved since her days on Hit the Floor! I would love to be pleasantly surprised by that.


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Taylour Paige discusses Zola

Some tidbits


MAJORS: You passed on Zola initially, is that right?

PAIGE: Yeah. It was originally just two white men trying to have a black voice. The writing felt very sexist and racist. It didn’t jive with the tweets that I read. The voice didn’t match what I saw her write. I still went on tape because my agent pushed it, like, “Come on, you know you need something like this, it’ll probably go to Sundance.” And I was like, “Nah I’m good.” But it’s funny, because who was I to be saying no? I needed a job. I was working at a weed dispensary, nannying, cleaning houses. I was doing PA work on pre-production for Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. 

MAJORS: What made you come back to it?

PAIGE: If it’s for you, it won’t miss you. I went on tape but I was very skeptical. Then the project went away. Then, in April of 2018, I had an audition for Hustlers—remember that movie with J.Lo? I read it and I was like, “Eh.” It was another stripper story based on a true story. So I asked my agent, “What’s happening with Zola?” And they were like, “It’s coming back, but with a new director and different writers.” And I was like, “Well that’s important information.” So I put myself on tape and the rest is history. A couple of months later I worked at Crazy Girls, the strip club on Sunset and La Brea. I stripped for three weeks.

MAJORS: So break it down for me. You’re on set, and you and Riley are opposite each other. Are you going word for word? Are you improvising? What’s your approach? 

PAIGE: With Riley and I, it was interesting, because we went to lunch and it was just instant. We both have this thing where we feel like we haven’t quite surrendered to being in the bodies that we’re in. We feel so much bigger than our limited bodies. I’ve never really had someone articulate that before. That translated into chemistry. On weekends we would get a hotel and order a bunch of food and watch HGTV. We weren’t rehearsing, but we were just spending time together. Her grandma came and visited us once, we saw a shooting star. It was just sweet.


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