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S02.05 The Determining Acts of Her Life

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I agree, though it did seem a little inconsistent with the way she was acting up until now.  Sometimes, she lets things go but this time, the ribbons were too much?  But then later, she wasn't even that mad when Anne defied her and came home with them in her hair.

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster when I watch this show.  There are some really nice moments but there are also some cringeworthy moments.  

It was nice to finally have an episode built around an event from the books - in this case, Anne dying her hair green.  But all the obsession with kissing was a bit tough to watch.  I've always hated spin-the-bottle games on TV shows, and this was no exception.  Why were they playing that at school?  If Anne could just walk out, why did she agree to take part the next day?  Ditto for Cole.  

Speaking of Cole, I liked his kinship with Anne.  Anne's conversations with Diana were also quite well done.  Diana sure was patient, with Anne always assuming and implying her life was perfect just because of her looks.

The flashbacks were annoying yet again.  They were so repetitive.  

There were several amusing moments in this one.  The awkward dinner with Matthew, Marilla as Anne asked her questions was good.  I also liked Marilla asking Rachel for help, but it seemed really out of character for Rachel to suggest hitting Anne, when in Season 1, didn't Rachel suggest letting Anne stay home when she refused to go to school?  Marilla trying to make Anne feel better by calling her plain was funny as well.  

Gilbert's subplot was again not very engaging.  That's good he's now home so the narrative isn't split.  Gilbert doesn't seem to realize how blessed he is... he owns an entire farm while Sebastian has nothing and has worked 10 years on that steamship doing manual labour.

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On 8/15/2018 at 1:49 AM, Brn2bwild said:

Marilla was a lot sterner in this episode, which is probably because the material was more based on the books.  

I say it just looked like Marilla was being sterner when she was really just lost at trying to be a mother.

She asked Rachel for guidance, she tried to figure out a response to "kissing", and praising Anne for being plain was a ridiculous attempt at soothing or at teaching Anne.

This episode was trying to show Marilla as herself growing into the role of a matron for a young girl.

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I think this is my last episode. There are many things about the show that I enjoy, not least the beautiful intro and listening to Gord Downie sing, but I have to accept that the whole show has been reworked from the books to suit a present day perspective and I'm just not enjoying that. I'd love to see events exactly as written, not altered to fit today's sensibilities. That's just me.

It doesn't mean I don't think the show is any good, but for me it's like watching Shakespeare or Dickens, only totally rewritten to fit with how people today think. Still interesting, but not my cup of tea. Or cordial. 

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Oh, I completely understand that perspective. I thought the show was trying too hard to shoehorn in modern day concepts. So much so that it doesn't feel true to the time period this is supposed to be taking place in. It was particularly glaringly obvious in this episode. I'm not ready to quit the show yet, but it is trying my patience. They need to try a thing called subtlety.

Okay show, you don't have to show me more or less the same flashback every five minutes. I swear I don't have the memory of a goldfish, I can manage to remember Anne was at an abusive orphanage.

Anne repeatedly complimenting Diana on her beauty reminds me of Lindsay's weird compliments to her friend Ann on Parks and Recreation.

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