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  1. Give some predictions for the next season 3, for Anne with an E. There seems to be a setup from season 1 and S2 where Josie Pye already got her period and her bosoms are growing and she wants to be so mature in S1. Then in S2 Josie flirts with Cole and later she sends a secret written message over to Billy Andrews, so I suspect that Josie will turn up pregnant in S3, and Billy's family will not be happy about it. Then of course Anne will get right in the middle of the entire drama, probably with Ms Stacy involved too. So does anyone else have a prediction for S3 ?
  2. I did not see that guy as being ashamed (though he might have been) as I saw him as regretting and sorrowful which is near the same as ashamed. This had me think of Bash as "turning the other cheek" because the man would not have regretted hitting Bash if Bash has responded or reacted angry or hostile in return. There was also the implication that Bash still had a sore jaw from the tooth and the stitches and that Bash was still lightheaded from the painkiller Laudanum, so Bash was not in any mood to be fighting that man, and yet it still shows that by "turning the other cheek" instead of fighting back can work wonders. I say they showed enough about Prissy to reject Mr Phillips at the alter, but it also showed a lot about Mr Phillips to inform Prissy that the marriage was not to go on. She saw the way he kept after Cole and she saw how he treated Anne and he was a bit cold to Prissy. One scene that I saw as interesting is when Mr Phillips finally kissed Prissy in the backroom where no one saw them, is that there was a sign on the wall that read something like this = "Rules for Teachers" - because a teacher is not really to be getting into a romantic relationship with a student. The scene where the 4 girls danced a circle around Prissy in the snow was simply gorgeous, picture HERE .
  3. The big point is that Marilla was correct (and she said) that this party was not fitting for Anne to attend, and Anne tricked her way into going based on her deception, and Matthew had no real idea of what he was sending Anne into, so Anne was wrong to defy and undermine her adopted custodial step-parent, especially while Marilla was taken ill. On the side of that - Aunt Jo had no right to introduce Dianna or Anne to that kind of lifestyle without the full understanding and consent of their parents - Aunt Jo violated boundaries and it could be viewed as child abuse. It is noteworthy that the writing of most of season 2 was not done by the same writer of season 1, Moira Walley-Beckett wrote all of season 1,, and the last 2 episodes of S2 are written by Moira Walley-Beckett where she introduces a cool Ms Stacey and she puts the character of Cole out of town, and hopefully he will continue by moving off to France. I did like the flashbacks for Marilla and Mathew, and I noticed a super cool thing which is that in the Sullivan version of AoGG with Megan Fallows, it has a picture on the wall of Mathew and Marilla's mother, and she looked exactly like the woman shown in this episode of Anne with an E, and so some one must have paid attention to that detail.
  4. You have that mixed up with the Sullivan version of AoGG (link HERE), but in this new Netflix version Matthew keeps on living into season 3, and we do not know what happens next yet. I am happy that this new revised version of AoGG has Matthew living longer and showing more of his personal history then did the Sullivan version.
  5. That is a convincing argument so I confess that you seem to be correct, and yet it hurts my romantical view of Prince Edward Island. I too am an American and even though I love British drama and British history - I have never liked British humor which is usually crude and rude. My view is thereby in agreement with Marilla as she told Anne at the end of this episode = I may never look at the Minister's sermons the same way ever again.
  6. The part where Bash and Anne first meet is interesting because Anne jumps into her surprise about Bash being "colored" and then Bash stands there looking stunned, and I interpret that to be that Bash had never seen such a person as Anne, because Anne had short hair and Anne has red and freckles and talking fast - so it would make sense that Bash was stunned by Anne's appearance. Everyone else is stunned by seeing Bash - but Bash is stunned by seeing Anne - she looks like some little red headed fairy person. See pic HERE. The play (the pantomime) could have been done without dressing the Minister as a drag-queen as that was unnecessary, and it would never had happened in their real life at those times. Introducing the brother who died (Michael) was brilliant - IMO - and the marbles too was a smart prop to let Mathew bring Michael to Anne at the last scene.
  7. I say it just looked like Marilla was being sterner when she was really just lost at trying to be a mother. She asked Rachel for guidance, she tried to figure out a response to "kissing", and praising Anne for being plain was a ridiculous attempt at soothing or at teaching Anne. This episode was trying to show Marilla as herself growing into the role of a matron for a young girl.
  8. My view is that it is best to just skip the first three (3) episodes and start watching at this S2-E4. By binge watching the show I quickly figured out that E4 was the real beginning, while the first 3 were insane. AnnE writing the letters to Jeannie was a clever way for the show to put AnnE in the middle of Matthew with his lost GF. The title of this episode = "The painful eagerness of unfed hope." comes from a line in a book by George Eliot (aka: Mary Anne Evans) called Middlemarch. I too saw Gilbert helping the woman give birth as excessive, but later Gilbert telling Bash that his Mom died giving birth to him - that added a lot of substance to the story. Dianna and Minnie May walking in with books on their heads was simply adorable, and it builds on the premises that Minnie May was a little wild. It is comforting to keep seeing the Barry's as a loving family because that love was the thing that Dianna so graciously gave to AnnE from the beginning.
  9. We could consider that both Matthew and Marilla were not talkative, and so they saw other people but did not speak. When the Ladies of the "Progressive Women's Circle" came to visit then they said that they saw each other in Church but were never introduced. And the fact that Matthew and Marilla were single without children then they did not have the connection of other families, and after Anne arrived then Anne brought the connection between the local children to the Cuthberts. I do not know about Marilla attending any "Lady's Aid" but she would still be likely to sit alone and quiet at every meeting just like she would in Church. As to shopping then Marilla made their clothes, and their food came directly from their farm, so they might have gone shopping just twice (2 times) per year in the Spring and in the Fall. It is totally possible to be isolated in any small town, because the Cuthbert's wanted to be left alone.
  10. I would like to see "Anne with an E" to be included into some awards, as like an Oscar or Emmy or etc etc etc. Best producer and writer = Moira Walley-Beckett. Best leading Actress = Amybeth McNulty. Other Netflix-only shows are getting lots of awards, as like "The Crown" and "Orange as the New Black" but Anne with an E seems to be ignored. What goes on with the awards?
  11. 1) Loving that picture of those three. 2) The series shows how Diana was first put into the middle of Anne and the school, then Anne and the teacher, then Diana put between Anne and the other school girls then between Anne and Gilbert and between Anne and Diana's mother with the wine, and it all started with Diana making the solemn promise (she swore) to be Anne's friend forever. In E7 it shows that Diana was no longer trying to just defend Anne or smooth things over because at the beginning of E7 when Anne ran out of the room then Diana went with her by her side, so the show is showing the growth of Diana too. 3) In the scene of Matthew having tea with Jeanie (E5) then it shows on her desk a wedding picture of Jeanie and her husband as they were married, so Jeanie was probably a widow which has not been told yet, and so she was not waiting (nor pining) 50 years for Matthew to come around. * 4) The woman greeting Mathew tells him that they make all their dresses there at the shop = just as if they come from Paris. * *) When we binge the series a few times then we start seeing the little details.
  12. I too like this version of Aunt Josephine and especially where Aunt Jo gives Anne a guidance to the books by George Eliot, aka Mary Anne Evans (with an E). My understanding about Anne is that she is a representation of L.M. Montgomery and so Anne became the world famous authoress.
  13. My view is that Matthew was bullied by his elder sister Marilla from the beginning, as seen in E1 it shows Marilla demanding that the orphanage gives them an obedient boy who is not lazy, and Matthew sitting there quiet as he knows those demands applied to his self too for his entire life. In this last episode E7 it has Matthew finally being loved both by Anne and by Marilla which he had never experienced before, and it seems very likely that it was the first and only time that Matthew and Marilla held hands as their only tender embrace in their lives - as Matthew asked for forgiveness. Marilla was really just like Rachel as a bully, and most bullies really do think that being harsh and cruel is how they express love, and Marilla had to unlearn the bullying in E2 by seeing that she bullied Anne out of the house and into the streets, and that is the truly best way to stop a bully is by the bully seeing that they are hurting the very people closest to them. Another scene was after Mrs Berry caught Anne and Diana being drunk (E5) because we can see that Diana is terrified of her mother as Diana cringes before her, and if that was just the actress acting then she (Delila) played it realistic as she was visibly afraid of Mrs Berry as her mother - and that too is just another aspect of bullying. I even like the scene where Aunt Josephine came charging down stairs to complain (to bully) about the ruckus in the kitchen and both Ruby and Diana froze but Anne confronted Aunt Jo by quoting the book about "baring what is our fate to bare" because in that case Anne instantly retaliated against the bullying and put a stop to it.
  14. Long ago (1890's) then they did use ipecac for the croup, and the diagnosis of "coup" was not so perfect as any child coughing severely and choking would be called the coup whether it was the real virus or just a serve chest cold. So Anne really did everything wrong up to the end, because the ipecac and the cold air and the steam from water and onions on Minnie May's heels did nothing to help, but at the end by turning Minnie May upside down for gravity to pull the flem down so Minnie May could cough it out - that was the one thing to save the girl. I see this as showing the "Anne with an E" as a much better informed version of the story, because both the assorted failed remedies of those times and the one successful procedure makes it far more realistic.
  15. Diana must have felt guilty because she (Diana) was the one who prompted Anne to tell about the "pet mouse" and Diana must not have known that it would get Anne into trouble, and Diana did not foresee how it would affect Prissy and the Andrew family, so Diana was deeply involved in that blunder. Another part was when Rachel Lynde became upset about Marilla attending the "Progressive Mothers" meeting then it seems obvious that Rachel had her superiority complex over Marilla because Rachel had 10 children while Marilla had none, so then Marilla was being a mother too which took Rachel down a notch from her pedestal.
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