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S02.03 The True Seeing is Within

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The episode was a lot better.  The pacing so far this season hasn't been that great, since it seems like everyone got their brains back at the same time.

What was Nate trying to do in the barn?  Get Jerry to drink with him?  That grifter was definitely creepy and menacing.

The episode felt more coherent without interruptions with Gilbert's subplot.  

I did like watching Anne and Diana investigating.  The lesson was a nice one, to get Anne to trust in her intuition.  Nate did such a bad job pretending to work for a mining company that I don't think it needed an investigative reporter to see through him.  

It was also interesting to see how powerless children could be.  Women as well, since Mrs. Barry was completely ignored by her husband, though she also refused to listen to what Anne and Diana told her.  I think the impact of this on their family is what I want to see the most in the next episode.

It seems like the Cuthberts paid back their debts to the bank awfully quickly.  The Season 1 finale made everything seem so much more dire.  

After thinking about this episode more, I'm surprised Anne didn't do more to stop the hand-over of cash.  Did she talk to Josephine that night?  Anne would have caused a scene when she first got to Green Gables to stop the transaction.  Even if it didn't work, it would have been better to see more attempts to stop it.

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Very interesting to watch the scene with Anne and Diana trying to get Mrs. Barry to listen to them and her refusing, in light of recent politics. A lot in there to unpack about women's voices.

Happy to see Josephine again.

I loved how Matthrew treated poor Jerry Buote. I'm really pleased the show decided to flesh out that character.

I hope this means that Gilbert will be coming back soon, even though there won't be any gold. Maybe Bash will come with him?

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Thank the tv gods, that idiotic grifting storyline is over. Too much time was spend on these criminals, and I really don’t care about Mr Dunlop’s manpain. 

This show should be a coming of age story. The adults storylines should not be the A plot. I hope the rest of the season gets back to the kids.

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On ‎26‎.‎8‎.‎2018 at 12:23 AM, Camera One said:

I did like watching Anne and Diana investigating.  The lesson was a nice one, to get Anne to trust in her intuition.  

I think it was a lot muddled. It was precicely because all people in Avanlea trusted in their intuition and not in their reason that they took liking to the con men and were betrayed by them (and of course because of their deed). Anne was no exception: she was betrayed by what she loves best, beautiful words. 

And it was only when Anne started to investigate, she began to doubt her intuition and use her reason, although she couldn't make the right conclusion without help.

I don't mean that intuition couldn't be good in some cases but that wasn't one of them. The right answers were found in the book about geology and using mathematics.  

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