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SAIC Avery Ryan

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I usually like PA and I think she is a good actor but that in pilot CSI she had moments of truly bad, cheesy and OTT acting.

It appears from the previews that her dramatic delivery continues.

Grissom, J. B. Russell and others from the mothership just followed the evidence (unless a family member was in peril).  Even Mac Taylor was somewhat restrained. 

But if the previews are any indication, Avery looks like a female version of Horatio Caine.  Maybe TPTB can get her a pair of the "Sunglasses of Justice".

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I suppose the show scored a coup since Patricia Arquette won an Oscar - Anybody see the movie she was in? Was the character colorless?  I thought she was terrible in Medium.  Think she is terrible in CSI:Cyber.  My mind boggles at the idea that she has an Oscar.  

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