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S13.E01: Auditions 1

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Mel really messed up doing that to her face, hopefully the injections will "calm" down. Why do these naturally beautiful women do this to themselves. Hey, that stuff really really HURTS.  Shin Lim for the win, all the way. 

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Maybe I'm alone, but I didn't  find the comic very funny.  Haha I drink, Haha my boobs are falling down.  She seemed to be a cheap knock-off of a style we've seen a hundred times before.  

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I wasn't impressed with the Golden Buzzer dance team.  They reminded me of a cheerleading acrobatic dance squad.  Amateurs?  Please.  Loved the shtick of the Sacred Rhiana.  Loved the cats the most, because when all was said and done . . . they were cats.  Hundreds of years ago, I saw the Moscow Circus in NYC, and they had a "clown" with a trained cat act.  Can't remember what else was in that Circus, but I never forgot him.  If the rest of the season is as promising as the first episode, this will be a fun summer.

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Super impressed with Shin and Riana.  Vicki is among the funniest in AGT histoire.  So much of comedy comes from pain.  With Vicky, I have zero problem with her self-deprecating set-ups.  

My biggest issue is how TPTB use special effects to augment favored acts.  Slow motion acrobats, altered voice (Riana), and the like.  It's only getting worse (more blatant and more frequent).

Hated the spitters, but I see why others think them hysterically funny.  Essence of YMMV.

I typically enjoy the backstage jidge packages.  The "best friend" bit was pretty good.  

Mel lost significant weight to go along with her chemical alterations.  I genuinely like her and I am concerned she used unhealthy means to achieve her ends.  

It is startling the degree to which the "host" role has been diminished.  Good call, Simon!  Nick could pull it off.  Tyra is good at window dressing.  

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Cats, Shin Lim, We Three were all great. 


Not a big fan of the Golden Buzzer act, though.


I'm biased, the We Three guitarist and singer is my son's guitar teacher.  


We Three to the finals!!!

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