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  1. MagnanimousRex

    S13.E09: Judge Cuts 3

    And the trick was mediocre. I can see how she did it.
  2. MagnanimousRex

    S13.E01: Auditions 1

    Cats, Shin Lim, We Three were all great. Not a big fan of the Golden Buzzer act, though. I'm biased, the We Three guitarist and singer is my son's guitar teacher. We Three to the finals!!!
  3. MagnanimousRex

    S13.E07: Judge Cuts 1

    But you have to admit he's better than Us the Duo. They made my skin crawl.
  4. MagnanimousRex

    S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    Hopefully my man here makes an appearance in season 3.
  5. MagnanimousRex

    S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    Don't worry, it's Indiana after all. Like I said elsewhere. It's Indiana, they're used to it.
  6. MagnanimousRex

    S12.E23: Live Show Finale

    :D I think it will be Darci going away but I also think Mandy might be a close 2nd because a lot of people seem to vote for "the story". Don't be surprised if Evie cracks the top 5 by that same reasoning. I am very forgiving with my views on comics but poor Preacher just crapped the bed last night. I like all kinds of comedy but his shtick last night was anything but. I just hope they bring Tom London back next year, I miss him.
  7. MagnanimousRex

    AGT Season 12 Finale - Who's your pick to win?

    Exactly. AGT fans do very funny things on voting night. They go for sappy or human interest story or cute. Sara and Hero and company are legit "dark horses".
  8. MagnanimousRex

    AGT Season 12 Finale - Who's your pick to win?

    Oh, I'm there with you. It's no surprise that we've seen the Clairvoyants everywhere lately but I haven't seen hide nor hair of Grace since her morning talk show tour a year ago. I'm all in on Darci. I just don't think Sara and Hero have enough to beat her. I will admit, their performance last night was much better than their one before.
  9. MagnanimousRex

    S10.E26: Finale Results

    Thanks, tl613!
  10. MagnanimousRex

    S10.E25 Final Performances

    Not sure why the producers wouldn't have the judges pick the top 5 and THEN have 'Murikuh vote on them. It was hard to listen to Benton, hard to watch Uzeyer and Derek, and the rest just were kind of meh. And I hope we get a critical but human judge to replace Howard but not Simon or Piers. They are old hat and hard to stomach.
  11. MagnanimousRex

    S10.E26: Finale Results

    Can anyone post the order for me? I saw it in bits an pieces. I think I have the top 5 right: Zerdin Lynch Oz Pro Regurg CLB ? ? ? ? ? I was really sad to see that CLB did not finish higher or get the whole thing. They made our whole family cheer and tear after each of their performances. I hope they go farther than AGT or Oprah could take them. Cant wait to see Oz in Vegas soon. It'll happen.
  12. MagnanimousRex

    S10.E22: Semi-Final Results 1

    Wow Benton had no power or force behind his voice or his stage presence and he goes on and Samantha doesn't!?!?! Can acts try again next year like on Idol?