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S03.E12: I'll Ride The Wind

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I always thought it a bit odd at the episode's end when John decides he DID want the chance to go to be a frat boy after all and decided to break the engagement to Mary that Mary just shrugged it off in an 'Oh, well' deal . However; Mr. Edwards was openly disappointed that these two were NOT going to settle on that little piece of land he'd somehow wrangled for them AND downright MAD at his adoptive son for spoiling his plans for an instant family nearby. It seemed,too, that he STAYED mad to John over this until John's  eventual murder which added a HUGE part to that boozy guilt trip.

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"John finds Mary studying in a tree, which is totally comfortable and not at all weird!"
"Leaving Pa with marriage-granting blue balls once again." Made me lol :)
So Pa is cool with Mary getting married when she turns 15 but Laura has to wait until she's 18?

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