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  1. Donna didn't tell Gina for Gina's sake. She did it for herself because she's sad and angry and wants someone else to be sad and angry with her. St. Donna at her worst, but people IRL do that shit all the time. The most unrealistic thing about this storyline is that Donna's parents failed to anticipate exactly how Donna would react to this news. Of COURSE she was going to tell Gina! Hahaha, that noise Dylan makes after Kelly says "All or nothing" is amazing. It's just like the "Least Valuable Player" sound.
  2. Noah could easily have made his point without making up a fictional dancer, but he's too lazy/stupid to do so. Yes, dancers are real people with real problems and real bills to pay. Shouldn't be that hard to explain, NOAH, or to understand, KELLY. You're both awful.
  3. There is no way legal dilettante Matt is talented enough to achieve this huge victory. Luke Perry should have asked for more takes if they were going to use that sample of David's voice for the art installation. It sounded like he was mumbling while asking a question.
  4. I don't understand what is going on with David's hair. I thought it was accidental just-out-of-the-shower hair, but then they immortalized it on those stupid t-shirts, which means he wants his hair to look like that ON PURPOSE.
  5. Apparently, in addition to them only having 3 sets, only 1 college exists in the 90210 universe. If they can't go to CU, there are no other options! In the LA area!
  6. White flip flops are an especially bad choice for cleaning up puddles of blood. David feeling sorry for himself because "the nice guy" is a loser who gets trampled on is rich. YOU ARE NOT NICE.
  7. Tara and Sarah are correct: I watched the Netflix Fyre Festival doc before the Hulu one, and that was not the right order.
  8. Please, someone, get Donna some new bedding. Re: Dylan's terrible hair, it's like they WANT him to look like the creepy uncle of the group.
  9. That was some impressive mental gymnastics Donna used to justify macking on someone who's not her boyfriend and who, incidentally, has the squarest of square jaws. Did the hair people on the show just hate everyone except Vanessa? Everyone else's hair looks hideous. Or was that just the late 90s and I've blocked it out?
  10. Dylan's happy Kelly found someone that makes her happy? Kelly hasn't been happy since she succeeded in poaching Dylan from Brenda.
  11. I think you set a record for number of times Dave was told to shut up. Loved that Mini, and Dave's story about lying to his friends when they recommend shows to him. I told my best friend repeatedly that she would love Kimmie Schmidt, and when she didn't like it I was stunned. Not because I care if she doesn't like the shows I like, but because I felt like I'd let her down by not knowing her tastes well enough!
  12. I laughed so hard when Dave said, "I am a friend of the ladies, I want you guys to have this." Thanks, Dave!
  13. HAHAHA IT'S SO FUNNY THAT SHE MISSED POP CULTURE HAPPENINGS BECAUSE OF HER MENTAL ILLNESS, LET'S MINE IT FOR ALL THE JOKES! Of all the horrible takes on serious issues the show has had, this story line might be making me the angriest. Even when Donna has a good line, she ruins it because she can't enunciate. I suppose Season 9 is too late for me to hope she'll ever start hitting her consonants.
  14. Tara, your Runaway Heart thread brought me great joy.
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