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S02.E04: The Queen of England

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Eric's having girl problems, Abby's rage is showing, there's a talking head in the basement, and now -- sheesh -- the neighbor wants lasagna.


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On 3/23/2018 at 5:42 PM, snowwhyte said:

Mr Ball legs really freaks me out. I can't believe Ramona kept that thing as a pet.

It looks like a meatball with legs. I wonder what (or who) they’re going to feed it. They need to take that book over to the Principal’s Serbian mother for a translation. 

Who will be the Queen of England? 

Good episode. 

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You'd think Sheila and Joel would be a little more concerned about the fact that Ramona was killing and eating innocent people. Killing her really would have made the most sense - although I would have hated it, because I love the actress.

I take it that her moving to Seattle is a nod to iZombie?

I was confused about Sheila's red ball being in the freezer, because I could have sworn that he left it at the hospital last season with Patton Oswalt and the psychiatrist. But I just rewatched, and Joel took back the bag with the ball in it offscreen right before he bolted from the hospital.

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"If I win one argument this year, let it be this one!" LMAO

I thought Joel was going to build his bookshelves, when Ramona turned up after kidnapping Eric. It was nice to see that he was saving him. 

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Who would have thought that Gary, of all people, would have some decent relationship advice?

I know that Abby smacking that douchebro in the face with a cafeteria tray is supposed to be a bad thing but it was hard to be upset that a smug asshole had some sort of consequence for being a dick.

I'm kind of sad that Ramona is gone because I enjoyed the new dynamic she added to the various relationships - Eric being happy and then terrified, Eric's mom being way too excited about their relationship, Joel listing all the reasons why Eric would not be a good Joel, etc.

I'm trying to figure out how Ramona's apartment looked so clean when we just learned that (1) she vomited up a red ball and just left it on the counter for a few days and (2) she has three week old garbage in her kitchen.

So was Ramona feeding anything to Mr. Ball Legs? Or is he some kind of self sustaining life form?

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I had a nightmare that I had turned into a zombie, the way they do in this show - I threw up all over the place, and only realized what was happening when I had a red ball coming out of my mouth - only it was partially squished. Ew. 

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