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S05.E05: Civil Rights

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A tribute to Suffragettes who fought for their rights with jujitsu; the Birmingham Children's March; disability rights activists.


  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste on Suffrajitsu
  • Crissle West on The Birmingham Children's March
  • Suzi Barrett on The Section 504 Sit In

Tatiana Maslany as Emmeline Pankhurst
Kat Dennings as Gertrude Harding
Sheaun McKinney as Martin Luther King Jr.
Zach Anner
Sean Berdy as Frank Bowe
Ajani A.J. Murray
Lauren Potter
Ali Stroker as Judy Heumann
Rob Corddry as Joseph Califano
Eris Baker as Gwendolyn Sanders

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I thought the second segment with the kids was especially timely given the Florida shooting and those kids going to the FL statehouse, and many others doing walkouts across the country. 

Jefferson Airplane randomly showed up killed me. I Don't even know what the actor's name is, but she's my favorite on the show because she plays literally everyone. 

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I loved the part of this I saw (I stopped it before what I assume is the passing of the ADA. Things are precarious with that right now, and I am a nervous wreck so I will have to go back to finish). And yes, the children protesting is timely. 

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I'm watching these episodes out of order so I laughed when Suzi commented about being THIS drunk at THIS point. I guess the narrators say that a lot and I just missed it!

This episode was great all around. The topics, the narrators, and the actors were fantastic. I would love to hear Crissle narrate more stories, I love her style. Her Harriet Tubman is one of my all time favourite episodes.

The third story was great and I love that they had disabled actors. Zach Anner was hilarious. Some people are better at lip synching than others and he was really good at it. Edited to add I just rewatched it and Ali Stroker as Heumann was also really good.

Eris Baker from the second story who played Gwendolyn was also really good. 

@saoirse thanks for the cast summary. I know describing people like "the guy with CP" is realllly poor show, so I'm thankful to have his (and others') name readily available!

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On 3/5/2018 at 12:35 PM, mledawn said:

Eris Baker from the second story who played Gwendolyn was also really good. 

This little girl was fabulous!  Add me to the list of those who find this is very timely.  It's nice to remember that youth can make changes.  The whole episode was awesome.  Other than a few inevitable clunkers every now and then, this show continues to shine.  I also loved when they signed and lip-synced Suzi Barrett saying how drunk she was.

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