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  1. Lisa Edelstein Joins ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ As Recurring
  2. Season forty six returns in the studio, with Chris Rock hosting and Megan Thee Stallion as musical guest! Airing Saturday, October 3, 2020.
  3. Ah, remember when he took Stephen's audience to a Broadway performance of To Kill A Mockingbird? Remember when people could be in person? Okay, back to topic, good interview - these guys clearly like talking to each other! And Yusef Islam / Cat Stevens was good - I enjoyed that performance!
  4. Trevor Noah also covered the NY subway story tonight. That blue shirt is a nice color on Stephen tonight! Also - DOGS!
  5. I do not have strong feelings about Liv Tyler, but DAMN, I am so glad that the character is gone. She just didn't fit for me, and I think I may have written in the last episode topic that if maybe she did a disappearing act like Connie Britton in the mothership, I wouldn't be nearly as sad as I was when Connie left? And this makes me even happier about Gina Torres joining the show!
  6. The writing nominee with the kids somersaulting on the couch in the back wins my award tonight!
  7. Regina King won for lead actress in a limited series for Watchmen tonight at the Emmy's, and Watchmen won for outstanding writing for a limited series/movie/dramatic special for 'This Extraordinary Being.' The latter award was accepted by Damon Lindelhof and Cord Jackson. And Yahya Abdul-Mateen II won for supporting actor in a limited series!
  8. Samantha Bee and John Oliver are both naturalized US citizens, only Trevor is non-US citizen in that group.
  9. I can definitely see why she (and others) might not leave, with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation - any of a number of them may be ready to be done, but do they have something else to go to? A bird in the hand...
  10. Bumping this since we're coming into the next season... SNL has lots of politics within the show and around it. Please note; discussion of candidates outside episodes is not in line with the site policy. If you have specific questions, please PM me, the forum mod, @saoirse. Thank you!
  11. It's for cast discussion, and cameos would not count as cast. If it's directly related to SNL, it can go in the media topic. If it's about a past cast member, that would go in the Classics topic. As always, if it's not about SNL, it goes in the Small Talk topic. Please PM me, @saoirse, with further questions or clarifications. Thank you!
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