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  1. My guess based on the two episodes is that he has some sort of learning disability that we'll find out about at some point in the future.
  2. I mean this in the kindest way possible for Liv, but if the show goes on, I'm really hoping that she pulls an Abby Clark and goes to find herself somewhere far away. I'll stick around if she does, but like you, good time to do something else.
  3. Actually both the character of Paul and the actor portraying him are trans men. His 'thing' that they talk about is exactly that - he is really good at figuring things out. That's why they all stepped back and let him do his analysis thing with the food.
  4. Oh, I enjoy some trash talk. So my post starting the vote on Machia went up three minutes after you posted this last night (and I remember as it went up while I was tweaking the post), and Machia posted a bit later to start the vote against me. I went to bed certain we'd be at least half way to a final vote on someone when I woke up. So I was really surprised that there were crickets until this later this morning. Those final six votes on me took just 94 minutes this morning. There's definitely something going on there, and clearly someone wanted me gone. The question is...who? It's in there somewhere.
  5. The rule of the site is Be Civil. Please follow it, or there may be further action taken.
  6. Not just yours - it had already been pointed out that Machia and ohjoy were the two quiet ones who had voted earlier. Yet everyone jumps on the vote for someone who wasn't quiet. I am amused. ...and my dang computer won't let me post an awesome gif right at this moment. DAMMIT. There we go!
  7. Mainly because @deaja was the first to jump on the vote for me after the 'quiet ones'; and @Drogo was fairly quick and happy to close it out. Yeah, funny how there seemed to be a nice balance going, and then people who were hesitant to complete a vote rushed in and did just that? And yes, I'm looking at... @SilverStormm who seemed quite happy to maintain a balance until suddenly the vote started to turn. Honestly, votes 3-7 are all highly suspect to me. Well, okay fine. ALL EIGHT. By my estimate, there are at least three villains in that 8 count, possibly 4. You will all see. I am no villain.
  8. Yeah, they definitely did, and I’d be watching my back, the rest of you. Something something smells pretty fishy and dare I say villainous in this vote. I can only hope you don’t regret it, @Drogo and @deaja.
  9. Hmm. And the other two quietest are both voting to DL me. A conspiracy perhaps?
  10. I too could be persuaded. My main reason for targeting Machia was really just because he was the quiet one who peeked out.
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