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  1. Airing Monday, February 1, 2021.
  2. Airing Monday, February 1, 2021.
  3. Airing Monday, January 25, 2021.
  4. I did like that Tommy and Grace are friends. Grace and Jed are my favorites, so it's a nice bonus getting to see them have a couple to hang out with. Somehow, I don't see hanging out with Owen and Gwyneth to be tons of fun (too much skin care regimen discussion).
  5. Airing Monday, January 25, 2021.
  6. Airing Sunday, January 17, 2021.
  7. Dropping Friday, January 22, 2021.
  8. Chadwick Boseman's Final Performance as Black Panther Will Be in Disney+'s What If...? Series and Frank Grillo Will Return As Crossbones In Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ On Disney+
  9. I really enjoyed this episode - Max was a stand out, and my heart broke for Mo when he sang that song. It was fun to see Zoey and Max get frustrated everytime they tried to get together, and then when they did, having the very well done mash up of Take Me Out To The Ball Game and whatever sexy time song that was (all sexy time songs sound the same to me), but then the beautiful duet - loved how they orchestrated Max's part, but Zoey's was just her - it made her seem very vulnerable, when Max was the one who felt so vulnerable with her seeing inside his 'head'. Leif! And that dirtbag Tobin! Sorry, dude, no longer a 'brogrammer'! I like seeing Zoey's family while they're adjusting. It makes sense that Maggie is still trying to 'help' people. Emily got a song all to herself, that was awesome. And David's awkward 'not-highfive' with Max...well. I laughed. Lord, I love me this show! It was nice to have some out loud and belly laughs tonight!
  10. Drama series picked up by NBC for 2021-22 season. Small Talk: The Tar Pits Media for La Brea (existing topic here) The Cast and Crew of La Brea: Here Some Come, Here They Go.
  11. Picked up to series. NBC Orders Natalie Zea Sinkhole Drama La Brea, Two Comedies to Series
  12. Lisa Edelstein Talks Up 9-1-1: Lone Star Debut, Seeing Rob Lowe for First Time Since Her 'West Wing Hooker' Days
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