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  1. Companion podcast for the series; I'll Be Gone in the Dark Podcast: Episode 2 | Murder, She Blogged
  2. I was also glad to see Till survived. Javi was such a dumbass. I did think it was a bit of a stretch that Layton would trust LJ, but then I figure some handwavium is probably appropriate there - I really need to see that girl get her due, along with her idiot parents. Finding out that Strong Boy can suddenly speak - and not just speak but MANDARIN? What the heck are they playing over the sound system in the drawers??? So many questions, and I'm pretty sure that in exactly one week, I'm going to have plenty more.
  3. and Two part season finale airing Sunday, July 12, 2020.
  4. Airing Sunday, July 12, 2020.
  5. ABC has passed, and it sounds like they're going to shop it around. Pilots Not Going Forward At ABC
  6. Podcast to accompany the first episode.
  7. Folks, let's please take the future episodes discussion over to one of the topics with the Spoiler tag, and stick to the episode in here. Thank you!
  8. Airing Sunday, July 5, 2020.
  9. Series finale airing Thursday, July 2, 2020.
  10. Welcome to the forum for I'll Be Gone In The Dark, premiering Sunday, June 28, 2020, on HBO! Just a few housekeeping notes; Please stick to the episode discussion in the episode topics. Posts that veer from the episode may be removed without notice If you would like to talk about the case, the book, Michelle McNamera's take on it, please head over to The Book & The Case topic. Spoilers allowed there! If you would like to talk about off topic stuff (like how adorable Michelle and Patton's daughter Alice is), head over to the Small Talk topic. Thank you, and please send any questions to your mod, me (@saoirse), and I'll be happy to try and answer it!
  11. Here is the spot to talk about the actual case; especially during the series airing, discussion of the case, the book, and the killer should happen here, and not the episode topics. So talk about the Golden State Killer, the book I'll Be Gone In The Dark, and all things related. Thank you!
  12. Airing Sunday, June 28, 2020.
  13. I love watching the intro and first half hour or so before bed. I do actually like when one of the band members has their kids in the shot, it does usually seem to be the female, but I noticed one of the male band members has had kids in their intro on occasion. Working from home - it can be a challenge! Loved when the kids burst out of the little doors. The creepy little doors.
  14. The writing is awful. The actors? They're what keep bringing me back. As cringy as the writing was in the scene with Robin and Sam, the chemistry and just the ability of the actors made it so much better. I was sort of thrown during the Luly and Evan scene - do we need soft core in the first hour of primetime? Please, can we not have anymore shower scenes with Luly and Evan? Honestly, as much as I like the actors, their storyline does nothing for me. And Sharon Leal is so good, and capable of so much more than she's had in this role, I've been disappointed with what she's been given. Give me more Larry, give me more Anthony, give me the other kids, give me Oliver & Peter (THANK GOD they didn't do the bait and switch storyline with the adoption story! I adore them!), give me ROBIN AND SAM (I really like David Walton, you guys). And more Margot! As far as the big 'reveal' to Luly - I know it would be staggering to find out that your dad was not your biological dad. I did think that maybe it was a bit...disjointed? The family adopted Charlotte and clearly she's blended well. Family is what you make, and many families are 'made', not biological! I'm glad they didn't drag out the whole 'will Luly ever forgive Anthony' story.
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