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  1. saoirse

    Small Talk: Blah Blah Blah

    Ask and you shall receive....
  2. saoirse

    Season One: The Poll

    Keep in mind, Season Two (and beyond!) will have separate topics for episodes - the posting level per episode was high enough that it warranted a full forum, so that will be happening going forward.
  3. saoirse

    S04.E08: Ambo

    I'm probably a horrible person for this, but I'm really glad Mia is gone.
  4. Tell us what you think! Or not... Poll will close on Friday, July 26. Thank you!
  5. saoirse

    The Fancy Room

    Where we can share the WWDITS memes, images, and other silly and funny stuff!
  6. WELCOME TO THE BRAND NEW AND SHINY WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS FORUM! Some housekeeping first; this is a new and scary time for all of us - so much room! So part of getting the forum is that next season, we will have individual episode topics - YAY! Related to that - we'll have a poll about the season one episodes. It's possible to split topics out from the 'Season One Talk' topic, and if that's what the majority would like, it's something that I can work on. I'll be adding some other topics, and I'm going to leave this topic unlocked so that people can throw in their two cents on potential topics. Please be sure to post news in the Media topic; share your love of the cast and crew as well as their other work in the Cast & Crew topic; and share any fun and silly things in The Fancy Room! Now let's enjoy the show!
  7. Discuss the cast and crew and other production issues here!
  8. saoirse

    S04.E09: SHTF

    Airing Tuesday, July 23, 2019
  9. saoirse

    The Hunt

    Small Talk: Heatwave The Hunt in the Media Anticipation for The Hunt (existing topic here)
  10. saoirse


    Small Talk: Hollywood & Vine Media for Ryan Murphy's Hollywood Anticipation for Hollywood (existing topic here)
  11. saoirse


    Small Talk: Broke No More Dollface In The Media Anticipation for Dollface (existing topic here)
  12. saoirse


    Small Talk: LA County Sheriff's Coffee Break Media for Deputy Anticipation for Deputy (existing topic here)
  13. saoirse

    Defending Jacob

    Small Talk: Family Hour Defending Jacob by William Landay (Book Talk) Anticipation for Defending Jacob (existing topic here)