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  1. I really enjoyed the show. Carey Mulligan was a willing host. Highlights for me: Bowen as an iceberg (Bowen will NEVER not be a highlight for me!) Chris Redd as Obama Lesbian drama - oh wow, this is a thing, isn’t it? Kid Cudi rocking that last outfit.
  2. Carey and Marcus were adorable. “I left the kids with the ‘Sons!’”
  3. Airing Thursday, April 15, 2021
  4. I like Max fine, but Simon seems to be the sort of 'unattainable guy' of romance novels. So I'm not shocked the show is going with this story. For now. Also, Simon is extremely pleasant to look at, and I really enjoy his singing. So I'm glad he's around with something to do. Now, neighbor boy, I'm glad that Zoey let him down, even if it was with a thud. And I am glad that David's foray into garage bands was apparently just a detour to get us to the point where we could see Andrew Leeds make those incredible faces. Bring on your Dad Band, David!
  5. A pretty good episode overall - Daniel came to play and he definitely delivered. The gentleman has some incredible chemistry for sure!
  6. Daniel owned that stage for the monologue. Well done!
  7. As with the previous episode topics, this topic is to discuss the episode. This is not the place to re-litigate Marvel movies, what Steve did in this movie or that one, etc. There is a topic for those discussions. Going forward in this topic, posts may be removed and other sanctions may be handed out for posts that are not primarily about the episode. Thank you.
  8. Dang time to break out those dvds, because yeah, I miss that show!
  9. I like the actor playing Rome, and I really liked his scene with Theo. Honestly, Rome and Gina are my favorites, even when their story sucks.
  10. Airing Wednesday, April 7, 2021.
  11. Airing Thursday, April 8, 2021.
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