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  1. Small Talk: Sing. Sing A Song. Media for Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Anticipation for Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (existing topic here)
  2. saoirse


    Small Talk: This Way! Media for Run Anticipation for Run (existing topic here)
  3. saoirse

    The Right Stuff

    Small Talk: To Infinity...and Beyond! Media for The Right Stuff Anticipation for The Right Stuff (existing topic here)
  4. saoirse

    Mrs. Fletcher

    Small Talk: Empty Nesting Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta (Book Talk) Anticipation for Mrs. Fletcher (existing topic here)
  5. saoirse

    Locke & Key

    Small Talk: The Keyhouse Media for Locke & Key Anticipation for Locke & Key (existing topic here)
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    Small Talk: Bone Collecting Media for Lincoln Anticipation for Lincoln (existing topic here)
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    Small Talk: Here, Now, There, Later Media for Interrogation Anticipation for Interrogation (existing topic here)
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    Small Talk: Visualize This Media for WandaVision Anticipation for WandaVision (existing topic here)
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    Small Talk: Asgardian Get Together Media for Loki Anticipation for Loki (existing topic here)
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    Small Talk: Hitting the Bullseye Target! Media for Hawkeye The Cast and Crew of Hawkeye
  11. Small Talk: The Infinity Lounge Media for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Anticipation for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (existing topic here)
  12. saoirse

    Orvillian Media: Wireless Telecommunications Facility

    The Orville Moving Exclusively to Hulu for Season 3, to Premiere in Late 2020
  13. saoirse

    Small Talk: Blah Blah Blah

    Ask and you shall receive....
  14. saoirse

    Season One: The Poll

    Keep in mind, Season Two (and beyond!) will have separate topics for episodes - the posting level per episode was high enough that it warranted a full forum, so that will be happening going forward.