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  1. Okay I’m am laughing at the Bachelorette sketch. Amy Schumer was especially fun.
  2. Not the worst monologue ever but...yeah, those OJ jokes were not funny. And WTF is up with having the full body suit including the hands? That's weird AF.
  3. Season finale dropping Sunday, October 10, 2021.
  4. Posts have been removed - please return to discussing the episode itself, and not how SNL has handled politics in the past. Thank you.
  5. I'm guessing it was easier to do a generic show then to try to make performers be specific members of The View. It's a 'The View' and 'The Talk' and 'My aunts and their friends' kind of mash up.
  6. And Pete's shirt had Norm on it. Got dusty in here for a few minutes.
  7. Welcome to season 47 of SNL! Just a reminder to take a look at this topic if you have questions, and check out the politics policy as well. As always, PM me, your forum mod ( @saoirse ) with questions. Mod actions are not allowed to be discussed in topic, so the PM is the way to go if you aren't sure why a post disappeared. And of course, feel free to live chat the episode in the episode topic!
  8. Dropping Sunday, October 3, 2021. (This is the description and title as released as of this date and time. May be subject to changes by Paramount+, in which case, will be updated accordingly. Thank you!)
  9. Airing Thursday, October 7, 2021.
  10. Season finale! Dropping Wednesday, October 6, 2021.
  11. Dropping Wednesday, September 29, 2021.
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