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A place to discuss particular episodes, arcs and moments from the show's run. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.

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(S03.E01: Patton Oswalt Wears a Black Blazer and Dress Shoes)


The opening action scene wasn't bad. My roommate in the other room asked if we were watching Star Wars based on the music.


Patton was fine. I liked Agree to Disagree, the rest of the interview was just...fine.


Winner or Sinner was also solid, but even though it's a Tsk Tsk Attaboy / Soap or Dope joint, it's a little bit too much the same as the rest of that formula. I think that kind of thing would work better if it were more exactly the same thing every time, or more unique; as-is it's just, fine.


Didn't mind Jenna Fischer's turtle lady but didn't love it either.


I guess what I'm saying is: it was okay!

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(S03.E02: Craig Robinson Wears a Bordeaux Button Down & Dark Jeans)

Craig Robinson has a question on his mind; Reggie is taken up to space to battle an alien race; Scott helps renovate homes; a comedy team hides a deadly secret.

I liked this one a lot more than the first one! Biggest laughs were the Prayboys joke and when Reggie's singing the song about love and shoots a baby in the head, but there were a bunch of funny bits here, and Craig is charming.

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(S03.E03: Jenna Fischer Wears a Floral Blouse & Black Heels)


Just realized I forgot to say anything about this one when I watched it. It was fine, but more on the level of the first one than the second (which I liked much more).


The horse-fighters weren't my favorite podcast guests, but the discussion of the sheer number of horses they were killing (and how it kept increasing throughout the podcast) was pretty funny – that's all lost on the screen, which leaves it as basically just the concept that's funny, which sure it is, but not enough to sustain an episode.


Jason Alexander as the inspector was also okay, and I liked his immediate dismissal of Scott and Reggie as suspects because they make the world a happier place, but he didn't really sustain the amount of time that plot took.

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(S03.E04: Fred Armisen Wears Black Jeans & Glasses)


I liked this one! Fred was funny and Adam Pally, though his character was a little obvious, is always delightful.

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(S03.E05: Zach Galifianakis Wears a One-Armed Jacket)


Highlights: Jenny, sort of the wedding, sort of his parents, the caption just saying Scott Aukerman, "you don't need a reason for war, you just do it!". But the overall thing doesn't really work: the finale spoofs aren't over the top enough to land, Zach doesn't really do anything, and the little "mutant bats" and whatnot references didn't really do anything for me either.

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(S03.E06: Nick Offerman Wears a Green Flannel Shirt & Brown Boots)


The framing device was fine, and the staring-at-his-moustache bit was good. Didn't really like the neighbor woman.


The best thing to come out of this episode was the behind-the-scenes "Adam: That's not funny." clip they (repeatedly) used on U Talking U2 To Me.

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(S03.E07: Lizzy Caplan Wears All Black & Powder Blue Espadrilles)


Continuing to talk to myself: I liked the clip show structure here, but don't really know that it was enough to sustain a full episode. Eh.


I did enjoy seeing Sarah Silverman say "you're wonderful!" like fifteen times.

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I watched it! And it was one of my favorite episodes the show has ever done. The Victor Ramos segment was so demented and hilarious that even Scott and Reggie were close to breaking. Steven Yeun was laughing on the couch too. He was hilarious as well. I loved the conspiracy theorist Chumley. Everything about the episode was pitch perfect for me.

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I have always loved Horatio Sans, but if I didn't, his Victor Ramos would have sealed the deal.

Same here. My favorite part was when Victor flubbed and called his projects a show, and Scott commented about this is all a show now, and he said something about how they are filming it for the country music channel. That, and the mixing up the fat attractive bully for a pregnant woman, so he ended up giving him a massage.

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I was like a woman in Texas! I had no choice!


Man, Comedy Bang! Bang! has been on a role lately, and this episode was chock full of one liners. This may be my favorite season since the first. I'm even looking forward to next week, despite Dane Cook being the guest.

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The pied piper bit was pretty good, and I liked the closing line gag a lot. Ellie Kemper's being-an-asshole schtick didn't work for me at all though, and as much as I love Jesse Ventura on the podcast, his main jokes here were basically wrestling-related which is pretty different from his podcast appearances and really not all that interesting.

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I liked that there were too pack-on-more-and-more-layers jokes here (the cold opening and Reggie's commercials), both of which I think went just into the funny-again level without going too far....


Dane Cook did basically nothing, which I'm fine with. (His showing on the podcast a few weeks ago was...not great.)

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This one was really good! I loved how much of Chip Gardner made it in from the podcast, Chris Hardwick was much funnier to me than the guests usually are, and Lennon Parham's character was pretty good too. ("Like someone standing on the roof of the Folger's factory, coffee is now beneath me.")

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I was vaguely aware of this show on the periphery of my consciousness, but catching a promo for Ty Burrell last night made me watch. Loved it. This show is insane--nothing else like it. (Although I suppose I could find an antecedent in Fernwood 2Night, in its treatment of the talk show as performance art.) I now look forward to seeing every episode ever made.

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...the 6 year old movie critic made me laugh for a long time.


I loved the actress who portrayed him, whoever she is. This show regularly presents comedic actors who knock me out, who I've never seen before in my life, but want to see again.


There's an actual kid theater critic on the internet named Iain, who I figure this character was based on. Here's a sample of his work:


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I'm browsing old episodes I missed.  Just saw Zach Galifianakis Wears Grey Corduroys and Brown Leather Shoes, and loved Brent Spiner doing that over the top Sandman.

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You're not the only one still watching, but I haven't caught that episode yet.

I thought it was weird how in the first episode of the new season Weird Al had so little to do, but the ones I've seen after that, he's an important player, and he's making the show better.

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