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  1. divaTy

    S06.E04: Telizza & Shai

    These follow up visits are so cringey. Are we supposed to believe Telizza flew her out? Or she paid for a flight herself? And how does Telizza's friend who is clearly in love with her feel about this?
  2. divaTy


    The 90s episode bugged me because it was supposed to be from 98 but all the references and visuals were from like 93/94. I assume they made it 98 just to slip that clip of Trump in.
  3. divaTy

    Comedy Bang! Bang!

    I guess I'm the only one still watching? That was a very pointed dig at Louis CK last night.
  4. Has Trina always been this annoying?
  5. I rolled my eyes SO hard at the perfectly placed pretzel bags.
  6. I have never seen the Zeno son as animated as he was watching Lemonade!
  7. divaTy


    Louie literally phoned it in. That amused me.
  8. divaTy

    Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

    June was on Oprah's Where Are They Now recently. She bought a big house in Georgia and she lives there with Pumpkin & Alana. Sugar Bear stayed back home. There was absolutely no mention of the other daughters, which I found interesting. Also interesting, 16-year-old Pumpkin is engaged to some guy she's been dating for "about a year."
  9. The most disturbing part of this season is Scott Patterson's wig in episode 1.
  10. divaTy

    Tamar And Vince

    I don't know why Tamar fell out with Terrell, but that was the best thing that ever happened to her. Her hair and makeup has been on POINT recently. I think Terrell was just doing too much. Hair, makeup, stylist, assistant, confidante, creative director, bff, baby sitter, marriage counselor...
  11. So the Christmas album is actually happening. With a 2 year old picture on the cover. Michael is even on one song. http://www.essence.com/2015/10/09/braxtons-are-releasing-christmas-album
  12. divaTy


    Dear God, why won't Chris shut up?!
  13. When the sisters sing together, all I hear is Traci. She's a really strong harmonizer, her voice just isn't cut out for solos.
  14. For some reason I was genuinely shocked that Tom Cruise is older than Jon.