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S04.E15: Wave Goodbye

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7 hours ago, AnimeMania said:

They didn't really explain why Happy and Cabe brought a SWAT team to stop Toby from hanging out with his Ex-fiancee.

They "retraced" Toby's movements

(Sly did know the address of the underground casino)

and quickly realized that they probably need backup to rescue Toby.

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It seems like from the previews that they are starting to bring Sly and the chemistry lady together. I think in the long term that Walter should end up with the chemistry lady and Sly should end up with Paige and Ralph.

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I kind of liked Toby's side story and seeing a little of his seedy past.  I wish Happy would just get pregnant already so we don't have to keep hearing about their sex life.

They all need to grow past the bickering about their relationships while they're on a job.

Loved Sly getting his book signed and meeting the author; he was so happy.  Cabe, too.  I don't care if it was blackmail, LOL.

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Tony and Happy  = chemistry.

Walter and Paige do not  = chemistry. 


I love Toby and Happy when they are squabbling and making up.  They have the Roseanne and Dan Connor feel.  No matter what, they are together for the long haul. Walter and Paige just don't have it.  

Amy needs to fall off the face of the earth. 

Loved Cabe bringing the author to Sly. Also loved Walter being worried about Happy and the steam. 

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