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S31.E20: Sins Of The Father (Irene Garza/Fr. John Feit)

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Nearly 60 years after Irene Garza disappeared after going to confession on Easter weekend, the priest accused of murdering her goes on trial – but is it too late? Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS report on the case against Father John Feit, the last man believed to have seen Garza alive, in “Sins of the Father”.

For more than five years, 48 HOURS has been investigating this case of betrayal, a murder and an alleged cover-up that ends up in a Hidalgo County, Texas courtroom.

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I watched this last night after watching the first two episodes of "The Keepers" on Netflix.  It's going to be hard not to smack the next priest who crosses my path.

And to state the obvious:  This is not JUST a Catholic church problem.  

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I saw some other shows about this case.  I remember thinking that this is the most f'ed up story - killer priest!?!  I've watched lots of true crime shows and movies and I get that people are horrible, but the fact that a Catholic priest could kill a woman just blew my mind.  I was raised Catholic and know all about the molestations - the flesh is weak, blahblahblah.   Murder - that is a concept that is on another level.  The church needs to have someone like Leah Remini - someone who will expose all of the dirt they've hidden, like Leah is doing for Scientology.

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This case has always made my blood boil.  I am just now watching it On Demand, but have seen iirc 3 other shows about it.

You should of seen the interview with the original prosecutor.  He should be in prison too regarding this case.

There are actual laws, Canal laws or canical , the churchs own government that states very clearly they not only encourage lying and covering up, its demanded.

It took several search warrants and many visits to finally get the evidence prosecutors sought in another case where a priest killed a nun. Like this case, it took decades to bring him to trial and to be found guilty.  

Same exact scenario in both cases, complete cover up by the church and a largely Catholic police force.

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