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S04.E03: Abestos Fest

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OF COURSE David won't get rid of anyone who compliments him! I love that Alexis knew they were shoplifting because that's exactly what she and her klepto friends used to do in the Hamptons. Side note: I always find it weird when rich people shoplift even though they could totally afford to pay for whatever they're stealing. Anyway, I found it even more hilarious that (1) these kids were stealing fancy facial products and (2) Alexis knew they would be back for the moisturizer "otherwise their t-zones will be totally effed." HA!

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I like that Jocelyn was clearly at the end of her rope with Moira. She tends to be very nice to Moira, even when Moira is being a total pain in the ass, so this was a nice change. I think the only other time that Jocelyn wasn't 100% nice to Moira was when they were running against each other for town council and even then she wasn't as short tempered with Moira then as she was in this episode. At first I thought the show might try to blame it on pregnancy hormones, but I love that nope, it was just because Moira was being insufferable again!

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This wasn't the strongest episode by far. I've never cared for Chris Elliot so the less Roland the better as far as I'm concerned. I thought the only really funny part was Moira trying to decide which of her "famous" acts she was going to revive - one about Siamese twins and one about Patty Hearst. The titles were pretty funny. Although, I feel cheated we didn't get to see the entirety of Moira and David's big number together. 

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I full-on snort-laughed at Moira and David's "number." So bad/good! 

I am also totally here for no-fucks-left-to-give Jocelyn. Another great example of character evolution on this show.

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I didn't like the shoplifting storyline.

It was painfully, painfully obvious that those kids were stealing from the store. No way would Patrick have been clueless about what was going on. (And he definitely would have noticed that inventory was missing).

I don't even buy that David would fall for it. I'm sure he likes being flattered, but I also think he has his guard up when people take a quick interest in him. Look at how reluctant he was to accept that Patrick was genuinely nice, when they first met.

I think the storyline would have been a little more believable if the teenagers had been flamingly gay, and had knowledgeable conversations with David about things like fashion and design. Then it might have been plausible to someone like Patrick that they actually enjoyed coming to the store and hanging out there.

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