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S04.E02: Pregnancy Test

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I loved that even after Johnny and Moira knew that Alexis wasn't pregnant, they let Alexis mess with David for a minute before telling him the truth. Based on the look on Moira's face, she would have let that go on a lot longer if Johnny hadn't spoken up!

I also loved the disgusted look on David's face when Johnny was holding the pregnancy test.

I'm kind of disappointed that Alexis will be attending college online. I thought going to a new school and meeting new people would be fun for us to see. I always enjoy seeing people's reactions to the Roses, but Alexis and David in particular.

I can't believe Stevie is seeing the throuple guy again!

It's rare that I agree with Roland, but he's correct - you never need a reason to have taco night!

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Jake! OMG that whole scene where he showed up to pick up Stevie was so awkward and hilarious, the way David kept pawing at Patrick the whole time. The body language was just a hoot. I'm so glad the whole thing didn't scare Patrick away. Just last week he was saying he needed to take things slowly and now all of a sudden they're having "private time." It's hard to believe David is the type to give anyone a hickey, though.


I thought going to a new school and meeting new people would be fun for us to see. I

Except that school was so lame they couldn't even put a picture of it on their own brochure, LOL. I did like the guy she was talking to though.

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