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Season Three Talk: Reunions and Hijinks on the seas!

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Yes, it was. I recall that there was an interview or maybe during one of the podcasts where the writers talked about how they tried to have him wear it with all his hair hidden and it looked too ridiculous. I don't know why they didn't cut his hair short, but I guess they were torn between making him look like a "wilderness man" with long, wild hair and going with the hat as portrayed in the book.

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The funny thing is, I don't think they needed to hide ALL his hair, but just use the dunbonnet to keep it from standing out so readily. It would look really stupid--and I think somewhat suspicious--if all his hair was concealed inside a cap. 

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5 hours ago, Nidratime said:

Speaking of Season 3, the DVD/Bluray for the season is coming out in early March. One of the extras that's being included is the original chemistry test between Caitriona and Sam.

Oh, sweet!  I've been wavering on whether or not to buy it but this tips the scales a bit. 

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