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  1. Did she take the wedding dress back to Leoch? I thought that they only, um, rented it. Because we never see it again even though we see bits and pieces of her other clothes showing up having been recycled into other garments.
  2. Medical things? How often is she wrong about that? Also, my recollection is that she isn't absolute about it. She has doubts but she doesn't want Mary to have to worry about something that is highly unlikely. It's a kindness, not a lie.
  3. There is a Scots/Irish custom that when major things happen in a household - births, deaths, etc - you have to go tell the bees or they get mad and leave. So that's what the title refers to.
  4. I remember when I found the Semi-Ho forum on TWoP. I was like, "Finally I have found my people!"
  5. Yeah, I remember think at the time that the show was definitely now lacking in batshittery but going back now, it was still plenty batshit. That said, I have a lot less personal animosity towards her than I had back then and even then, I mostly just hated what she did. She's had a pretty rough life, despite having been married to a super-rich guy and then spending several years in a relationship with the asshole governor of New York. Who turned out to be the scummiest of bags. My personal theory is that she learned of his scumbagedness and that's why they split.
  6. If you have an older Samsung SmartTV, you might not be able to watch this using the SmartHub. I just got a Roku and IMDb works on my (circa 2015) teevee now. It's glorious - there is all kinds of stuff on that app.
  7. Wasn't there something in the book about him selling her off to someone else? Another sea captain or something?
  8. And this is the main reason I am anxious for Book 9 because it will, presumably, answer this mystery.
  9. toolazy

    Book 3: Voyager

    I like early season 2 because I like watching Claire swan around Paris in fabulous clothes, but I also think that went on for maybe an episode or so too long. I seem to recall being very relieved to be back in Scotland when they finally went home. As for the structure of the second book and the second season, I think it was necessary to have the reveal at the beginning of the season because in the book, the knowledge that somehow, someway Claire winds up back in the 20th century with Jamie's daughter (who at the very first people assume is Faith until they start doing calendar math) and
  10. Are we really arguing that an author has an obligation to write in a hurry because they might die!? Oh, poor us if a beloved series isn't finished because the author died!? Christ on a raft.
  11. Good catch so I just re-read that part. I never really thought they were related - I attributed her attack of the megrims to his overall creepiness. She described him as smelling of "pustulant sores and unhealed wounds." So I sincerely hope he is not her relative. If he is, time travel was a lot less kind to him than to her, and she hasn't exactly had a walk in the park.
  12. Archives are up on Discovery +. Sadly, episodes prior to 2005 are not there. Her best work happened in those early years, but even in 2005 she was a hoot. "My Buddha, she's faux"!
  13. Film crews can get permits and special parking privledges. I recall seeing a street in Inner Southeast where all of the parking was blocked off for Grimm.
  14. Not sure about the Tourett's but I think most of the strip club drama was manufactured.
  15. My ex-husband had an identical twin and they really weren't identical, especially as they got older. The only time I had the least difficulty telling them apart is if they were far away. I think there are always slight differences.
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