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  1. I am older than Angela and also quite overweight. I had blood tests just last week that were fabulous. No sign of diabetes, etc. I haven't had my cholesterol checked in a year or so but it was fine. So it's not beyond the realm of possibility that her test results were okay, too.
  2. In Darcey's first season, Stacey showed up at some point and she was really, really pretty. It made me sad to think that Darcey had been that pretty and then screwed up her face. But I guess Stacey decided to fuck u[ her own face, too.
  3. The kittens didn't bother me because I thought they looked very fake. My grandparents started dying when I was 3. My two grandmothers died exactly a week apart when I was 7. I was living in New Orleans so you better believe open caskets are a thing. I recall being more interested than upset about seeing them in their coffins. The only time I was bothered by an open casket was my dad's funeral because they did a terrible job on him. We were with my mom when she died and we were able to spend time with her for several hours after while we waited for my brother to arrive at hospice. She was cremated so we never had to see her artificially preserved in her coffin and I've always been grateful for that.
  4. So do we know for a fact that they took the Max to the food cart pod and didn't catch rides in TLC vans?
  5. I'm pretty sure the mom and sister live in Vancouver, WA, which is right across the Columbia River from Portland. They met up with the mom and sister at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland - it's not just a light rail stop. What I don't understand is why they didn't get an Airbnb in Vancouver to be closer to the folks.
  6. So I'm pretty sure that these two were in the Vancouver, WA area (or at least Clark County) because they flew into PDX, which is right across the river.* I googled around and there is no dedicated Samoan grocery store in the Portland Metro area, but there are stores that carry some Samoan products. I used to live in a house in Vancouver with a great view of the river and the airport.
  7. I disagree that it's immature to be sad that your kid has a greater chance of inheriting your disease.
  8. Tim and Veronica were together for 11 or 12 years, which is plenty of time to develop a genuine relationship with Veronica's daughter.
  9. Yeah, they're having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for drama for these two. At least until they go visit the parents.
  10. Pillow Talk is how I know this show is fake because these couples are nothing like they were portrayed on their season.
  11. Which episode was that?
  12. I'm stunned by this. But happy for all the pregnant ladies out there.
  13. They give morphine to women in labor?
  14. So am I the one who thinks that little dog is doomed what with Kenny pointing out that he is old and how much Kenny loves him. That bit went on for a while and made me increasingly nervous for the puppy.
  15. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.
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