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S03.E04: Laila Ali / Angie Stone

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I've just started watching this show, which is why I'm commenting on an episode that originally aired over a year ago.



Just caught this episode On Demand.  Did Angie scratch her man's eye with those talons??

My son asked me if me was high.  I think it might actually be a medical condition, but I'm not sure.


This epiosde was entertaining, and it achieved its goals: both familites learned from the "new" wife, and both wives learned about some of their own weaknesses. Except, I will say that most of Laila's issues were minor: her daily scheduling was very rigid, for example. But her house, though meticulously clean, was still cozy and homey. I did like it when Angie pointed out to Laila that her kids were rude and not very sociable. Granted, they are toddlers, and toddlers aren't usually fond of strangers. But Laila's kids don't interact much with other people (except at school), which definitely could be hindering their social skills.  They don't even see Laila's family much--although that could have been a plot device created by the show's producers. Still, I don't think Laila appreciated Angie's criticism of her children. I got a little scared when she "joked" with Angie about giving her a right hook to the face.


Angie has a lot to learn about living healthier and demanding more respect from her husband and sons.  Those guys were the worst. I mean, seriously. What does Ashanti do besides manage Angie's career?*


*Angie has not had a good year since this episode aired. In 2014, she broke up with Ashanti (who was cheating on her), and she was recently arrested for domestic violence after fighting with her 30-year old daughter and knocking her teeth out.

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