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  1. This conjured up such a great new series in my mind for Whitney! Some episodes could include; 1. Whitney decides to give another themed party in her home and she dresses up as Superman. However, when the real Superman appears, Whitney is forced to climb out onto the window ledge.........wait, nope. Window ledge too narrow, Whitney can't fit thru the window. 2. Whitney hosts another cruise for her adoring fans but decides to go ashore to sniff her cat's breath one last time. She misses the boat and has to be lowered by a rope aboard the ship by a helicopter.........wait, n
  2. Was anybody else hoping to see Whitney do the Steven-Assanti-Flip-Out-Of-The-Golf-Cart-Onto-Your-Butt-Move?
  3. I believe she said she was pregnant the last time she tried it on. They shared their first kiss at their wedding.
  4. I thought she was probably using the money her father's sons gave her when he died. The younger son said something about them "discovering" she hadn't been paid for her previous 2 years of employment at the shop, so it sounded like a significant amount.
  5. As a Texan, I must disagree. We are not "too closed minded," but rather, our men aren't social outcasts and our women aren't desperate losers.
  6. Couldn't put my finger on why, the minute I saw Grandpa Putman, I was creeped out. Then today I realized, he looks like Tim Kaine. Of course, there are many, many more reasons that I find him disgusting.
  7. And the only one that didn't go into the "family" business. Don't you know he holds that over the son's head every chance he gets.
  8. Good for Will for standing up to Coco's "non-traditional" whackadoo idea. The previous season she whined and complained non-stop about not finding a man to accept her for who she is. Now she finds a nice, stable guy who seems to like her a lot and she wants an "open" relationship. It's becoming evident that she is one of those women who will pass up a dozen nice guys to hook up with a loser. Run, Will, run! Lindsay--oh, my. Is there a bigger mess on TV than her (pun intended)? She is filthy, unstable and drinks too much. I can't imagine her roommate staying long. And that phony
  9. Well, I didn't see a Menorah either, so they must not be Jewish...............
  10. Oh gee, here we go yet again with Bratgate, followed by Hairgate, then Poolgate, etc etc etc.
  11. You "fear" their patriotism appeal???
  12. This episode was actually pretty enjoyable to watch--no screaming and very few bleeps. I don't know why the producers think we enjoy non-stop verbal assaults on our televisions every week. I felt sorry for Todd--he must have felt humiliated not being able to get into the boat, yet he stayed cheerful and encouraged Christy to go on without him. Stand-up guy!
  13. Thank you. I think we are one of 10 families in the entire S. Texas coastline who didn't flood or suffer extensive damage. The help and support that has come into our state (and that was already here, as well) have been unbelievable. Very humbling and heartwarming, especially for the victims of Harvey.
  14. Regarding Whitney and Texas--I am in Houston, and I beg you all not to encourage her to visit. Really, we have enough destruction and mayhem here as it is.............
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