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S04.E02: A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper

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5 minutes ago, Danielg342 said:

To be clear, it's only me saying that Gordon should kick the bucket. I just can't see any way forward for the character, narratively speaking, and it would give the show real "Anyone Can Die!" credibility.

To be clear for me, I'm just pointing out that we don't have the "unreasonable hate" against Jim that some half-psychotic shippers harbor against, say, Sofia for allegedly "de-gaying" Ozzie. It's like you say, we consider him a dramatic failure. 

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On ‎01‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 1:33 AM, paigow said:

On Adam West Batman, Catwoman actually died and came back played by a different actress. Stallone copied that scene in CliffhangerBatman was trying to save her but only managed to keep her glove...which he used to wipe away his tears.....

I thought that was Batwoman, not Catwoman? Which version?

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1. The scene with Lee in the bloody bath, dear lord! How did they get away with that? Not a fan of their relationship but that was truly shocking. 

2. So Bruce gets his suit, following the idea of Batman Begins that Batman's toys are Wayne Enterprises military prototypes. 

3. Poor Ivy, she just so wants to belong. 

4. So Barbara is back, as Debbie Harry apparently. Don't buy her story, I think Dr Bashir resurrected her and backs her. Love the Babs/Tabby/Selina triangle. 

5. Quick thinking from Bruce as to why he was on the roof, impressive. 

6. The way to overcome fear is to become that fear, maybe laying the ground for the Joker once more. 

7. Mutiny in the GCPD, interesting to see where this goes. 

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Looking back, I think it was a mistake completing Penguin's rise in S1 - because Penguin's tale seems  to go "You thought he was safe, but here's a NEW threat to Penguin's reign!" - Galavan/Azrael in S2, presumably Ra's Al-Ghul this Season (I skipped last Season, but I'm guessing somebody else in S3). If they'd made Oswald's rise slower (he started out lackey to one of the lieutenants of one of the crime bosses - his rise could have taken multiple Seasons to get to the top) they wouldn't have to repeat the same plot (particularly since any threat to Penguin is probably not going to succeed - if they're following Bat-Lore).

Loved Alfred's exasperated "He was meeting with Miss Kyle on the roof.  Teenagers, eh?" (which was sort of true) to Gordon. And he does still care, trailing Bruce on his "Rock Climbing" exertions!

On ‎29‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 2:37 AM, tennisgurl said:

if you want Tabitha back on your side, maybe a "I`m sorry I beheaded your boyfriend" chocolate box is in order.

I don't think Interflora does those (but who knows? Maybe in Gotham they do!)

On ‎29‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 4:36 AM, immortalfrieza said:

literally anybody else other than Jim Gordon would have worked better as the lead. I've said it before but the character just is NOT built to take a leading role, Jim Gordon has always been a supporting character

It doesn't help that Gordon is doomed to fail in making the GCPD into a force for good in Gotham, or we'd never need a Batman (unless they're gong with the biggest break with continuity and Bruce DOESN'T become the Dark Knight).

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I didn't like this episode.  Jim was being his usual reckless sanctimonious self by going to Arkham alone.  I felt badly for the kid who became the Scarecrow but he's basically evil now and any complexity is pretty much gone now.

I didn't miss Barbara, but of course it's this show so she just shows up again with zero explanation.  

I liked Ivy in the middle of last season, but her displeasure with Penguin is ill-defined and she's not as fun to watch angry and desperate enough to down unknown herbs.

Lucius' rock-climbing suit was cool, but Bruce was being an arrogant jerk to Alfred, so I didn't like watching him rewarded.  He should have learned a bit about his limitations at least.  

Not sure if I even want to see Falcone again.

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