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  1. My humble review would be here. <Doux Reviews> <Winterfell> In short I really liked this for unsuspected reasons. The post-Martin GoT may have found its footing.
  2. Dear friends, https://www.douxreviews.com/2018/08/gotham-no-mans-land.html This is me, in all likelihood, saying goodbye to my vocation as a Gotham reviewer. It's been fun, but less so over the last two years. I may return for some special features if the show miraculously decides to tick up. Hugs'n'kisses.
  3. Okay, I'll assume the FBI never recovers a car that Paige was in on operations, identifies it conclusively as such, finds a hair belonging to her, and has it scanned for her DNA in the eighties. I don't think that's stretching credibility. Maybe it's "better" but Liz is a nicotine addict and have you smoked papiroshki?
  4. She'll get Russian ones and they're way stronger. She'll be ecstatic.
  5. Actually I have nothing. All is said. I don't know how to review it. This finale was so many levels of nonsense. Feminazi Barbara was at least true to form. (I don't use that term lightly for obvious political reasons.) The plot cheated Bruce out completely. It cheated Selina out completely. There was good stuff here, though. Penguin. Lee and Riddler, cringeworthy insanity. God, I need help here. Considering to drop the show.
  6. I'd be fine with Talia coming on Gotham as long as it's only for Bruce to tell her to f*k off and for Selina to beat her up.
  7. Just as long as Gotham knows that if they recast Bruce or Selina I'm bombing DC headquarters.
  8. As little of Jim Gordon as possible. As little of the non-essential barely-canon characters as possible. Screw Barbara, Freeze, Tabitha, Firefly, Lee, Grundy, Strange and Bullock. I actually like several of them, and I really like Bullock, but I don't think they deserve a lot of focus at this stage of the show. Bruce has to step up to lead character. Selina as deuteragonist. Joker as nemesis. Penguin, Ra's Al Ghul and Riddler as the "old guard" villains. Don't try to "tell to much". Keep the story simple and straight-forward. I think it's pretty significant that Metropolis got semi-canned. I don't think WB are happy with Stephens and Cannon. Ideally, I'd like a new, true Batman show after a few years. The cast is fantastic. And someone please dump Peyton List in a trashcan. Give me back Clare Foley.
  9. Kathemy

    Gotham in the Media

    Will repeat myself, for all the good it will do. Gotham ending on a cliffhanger after having just reached the syndication threshold seems unthinkable to me. But I'm out of nails to bite.
  10. Kathemy

    Gotham in the Media

    iZombie got renewed, in other words, seriously hurting her credibility.
  11. Kathemy

    Gotham in the Media

    Lucifer, Brooklyn 99 cancelled.
  12. https://www.douxreviews.com/2018/05/gotham-that-old-corpse.html
  13. Kathemy

    Gotham in the Media

    If CW cancelled all shows Gotham's rating or lower they wouldn't have any left.
  14. Hella good ep. Best: No Barbara Worst: No Selina
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