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S06.E04: Jungle Love

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I've known some addicts, but I never have known one who covers her ass like Jackie does.   Can you take four or five pills of something and not seem wasted?


Loved the "medical professional" drinking game - can the show be about the three of them please?

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I also feel bad for Frank because Jackie is the one who chose to get a dog and Frank seems to be the one taking care of it.


And damn it, I have "Jungle Love" stuck in my head again just from seeing the thread title!

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I know I have seen the actress who plays Antoinette before but I can't put my finger on it.  It's driving me crazy.  I checked IMDB.com but I have not seen anything that she's been in.

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One of my besties used to work with Julie White waay back in the day. He still goes on about how awesome she was, how funny, how down to earth, and he's just thrilled she's been getting such big work in the past few years. For whatever that's worth.

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