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S30.E07: Ankles Aweigh

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On 9/3/2017 at 11:15 AM, WhosThatGirl said:

Also I love our podcast and our hosts, but I dislike the "who would kill it" choice this week being Susie. I  don't like her, but I'm wondering if I should listen to her podcast? I never have. Is she a cooler person now? 

I also disagreed with them on this, but I have never liked Susie.  I think she's a hypocrite and a bitch, and she claims to be all about female empowerment, but only when it's women she likes.  So she gets a big 'ole eyeroll from me.  

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On 8/30/2017 at 11:43 PM, RHJunkie said:

Why does Nicole put on her make up as if she's audition to be Mulan? And does Nicole have a 'natural' look in her make up repertoire? Her make up is so overdone, it's quite ridiculous.

Seems like she is even skinnier this season too. Like almost anorexic looking. The scene where she was dancing by the pool literally made me throw up in my mouth. She is disgusting

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I've decided to go back and watch this season. I can't think of a more hilarious moment than Camila constantly getting slammed against the post.

I was down and out. Crying laughing. Completely defenseless.

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