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Who Would You Like To See Return?

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Who Would You Like To See Return?   POLL OPEN

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I like Heather to come back and Jill as FoH.  I really liked Heather but could do without the constant "Hey, mama!" bit. Jill has a bit of the rich porn social factor and she can stir the pot. I just don't need to see her dog snacking on her boogers.


I enjoyed Alex but think with her psychology background she would either be more interesting or be more insufferable. She should stay in Australia.

Cindy, Kristen and Jules? Who are they again?

Kelly and Aviva are bat shit crazy. I can take very, very little of that. 

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None, for me once they are off the show they are done or should be. I don't like Lydia (RHOC) returning to OC. 

I do feel that they need to cast wisely and that almost every HW, with few exceptions, should be given a sophomore season just because that first season must be a doozy and a lot of pressure to be relevant, important and not fade in the background.

Maybe as friend of but even then I think that once they are gone...goodbye

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I only like to see a HW come back if she has some real connection to a good portion of the gals that are there now. If they don't, they might just as well hire a new gal. Lydia doesn't work much for me on the OC show (although I don't necessarily dislike her) because there isn't a lot of history there. She was only there for one year. 

For me Heather coming back would be a dream. She has a real connection to Carole and Dorinda (and still keeps in touch with them) and had a full and interesting history on the show with Ramona and Sonja, complete with fireworks. And then I would love to see how she would interact with Bethenny now that they know each other better. Her coming back would not feel forced or staged. 

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