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I agree. I watched the whole series this weekend and am very impressed. 

He said on Colbert last week that he actually directed some episodes of The Hogan Family back when he was like 19. 

I think this is going to help him get more dramatic roles. Of course with S5 of Arrested Development getting ready to shoot, and if they get a second season of Ozark, he's going to be pretty busy.  I was on Twitter this weekend and majority of the comments of viewers were very positive. Only one person was negative said they were bored by the first epi. I thought, what show were you watching?  

Wasn't the actor who played Bruce also on the old show "Ed"? I know I recognized him from something. 

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Jason Bateman also directed the films The Family Fang and Bad Words, which are both quirky and interesting, if flawed. (Jason Butler Harner, who really grew on me during this series, was also in Family Fang, playing the younger version of Christopher Walken. )

Yes, that was Ed's sidekick! Josh Randall.

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Season 2 is coming the end of August. I’m glad. I’m very late to getting around to watching this but am enjoying it just the same. It’s up for some Emmy’s as well. I hope that Bateman gets one and some recognition for how hard he has obviously worked to get this show made. 

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