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Game Of Thrones Theories: Show Only

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This is for show only theories, nothing based on the books. Any theory which is pertinent to stuff beyond the scope of the show should go here.

Do you have or know any good or crazy GoT theories? Tin foil hats at the ready! (Please credit any author if necessary.)

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I might not stick around to read anything here because I don't want to know things from teasers or interviews etc. But these are my theories for the show..

Cersei will get Qyburn to review Tommen like he did with the Mountain.

Dany will go beyond the wall in season 8 and die there fighting the white walkers. Because in the second season she has that vision of the winter having come to Kings landing and then she goes beyond the wall and is reunited with her former husband and son. I think it's symbolic.

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After watching "Fire and Blood" from season one yesterday, a thought popped into my head about Dany's "infertility". Maybe Mirri Maz Dur didn't mean Dany wouldn't be able to have any more children because of whatever she did to her in that tent, what if she meant that since Dany was a widow of a Khal, she was supposed to go live out the rest of her days with the Dosh Khaleen in Vaes Dothrak.

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Just to piss most viewers off, Cersei is going to sit on the iron throne at the end and rule whatever survives the war between Westeros and White Walkers.

Arya survives, maybe missing an arm, and is raising Danny&John's infant daughter so she can lead rebellion vs Cersei in 8 years time.

Everyone else dies, except for Hot Pie.

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