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S01.E03: Off Side


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Bryan and the team's search for a suspected terrorist who has been taken leads them to a deeper plot within their own government; Christina gets troubling news; Asha is concerned about Bryan's fixation with Mejia.

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I was wondering who that guy was too. No idea. Apparently someone important to her. Other than them not explaining who that character was, I still enjoyed the action.

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1 hour ago, saber5055 said:

Who was the guy at the end, the one Jennifer asked to be her emergency contact?

The husband of her friend that got killed in the previous episode.  That's why he said "I couldn't bear to lose you too."

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8 hours ago, Kelda Feegle said:

how can Captain Oblivious not see that sister's gf is hitting on him hard?

"Captain Oblivious" might be the first clue! LOL
Spotting bad guys is easy -- spotting flirting is hard!

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Oh, good grief, I'll be the first to say it. This episode sucked.  I thought this show was going to be a fun bit of escapism.  But no, it's going to beat us over the head with political correctness every week. Of course, the bad guy is a Protestant of European ancestry!  I'm done with it. I watch tv to get away from politics, not to get drenched in political mucky muck.

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I'm up to this episode, and I'm not sure Clive Standen was the right fit for Bryan Mills.  He's kind of terrible.  There are some UK actors who are so focused on the accent that they lose the performance. He reminds me of Michelle Ryan from the Bionic Woman remake of several years ago. I thought she couldn't act, but once I saw her in UK productions, she was perfectly fine.  I've watched only a few episodes of Vikings, but remember Standen being good. Or, at least natural.        

Just about every other character on the covert ops team is more interesting.  But then, I didn't think much of the film, either, so I guess they're consistent? At least the film was only a couple of hours - no idea how they're going to sustain this for more than a season. 

I found myself wondering if the man playing the murdered agent's husband wouldn't have been a better fit as Mills.  Plus, the actor and Jennifer Beals have tons more natural chemistry than Standen and Brooklyn Sudano, who feel forced.  I want to invest in their bonding, but it feels stilted, and most of it from Standen's end. Hoping it gets better.      

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