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The End of Days: Speculation on Narrative

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On 9/6/2022 at 11:53 AM, DaphneCat said:

NBC is also moving all of their primetime content to Peacock - no more next day streaming on HULU.   I think this is really just a push to make it that you either watch their content on cable or Peacock or you don't watch it at all.  Since there is speculation they may actually give up the 10:00PM primetime hour they could be considering going all to Peacock for most of their content.

At first I agreed with the notion that they were just dumping the show and getting out of their final contract year to burn them off in streaming (say you just filmed 50 episodes and spaced them out one per week for a year), but I'm really leaning towards this theory. I mean, really, what does NBC have at this point? Look at the 2021-22 records. The only non-reality hits they have are Law and Order or Chicago: Public Service Universe. La Brea did well, but it doesn't have the best reviews and that show looks mad expensive to produce and the ratings went down that season, not up. It doesn't bode well for continued success. Their crown jewel This Is Us is gone, and they weren't able to replicate that success with any of the feel-schmaltzy stuff they tried adding since 2017. The closest they got is New Amsterdam, and that show is ending at just the amount of episodes they need for traditional syndication. (Why else are they attempting a "this sounds like a horrible idea" reboot of QL without Scott Bakula.) They don't have a single hit sitcom running, either. Things have to be in desperation mode at that network right now.  I can buy that NBC's owners are deciding to migrate things to Peacock, and starting off with a dying soap opera with faltering ratings seems like a rational choice in the sense that you wouldn't get the outrage you'd get if you tried taking Law and Order or the Chicago Public Service Universe to Peacock only.

It does suck though- I really did think NBC would at least let the show have one more final year on the network and do a proper send-off like One Life to Live and All My Children got to have, and then maybe some part of the show would live on in the Beyond Salem format on Peacock. 

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10 hours ago, methodwriter85 said:

It does suck though- I really did think NBC would at least let the show have one more final year on the network and do a proper send-off like One Life to Live and All My Children got to have,

I suppose we'll see how this plays out...but yeah, I would have thought a few weeks of wrapping some stuff up and advertising the heck out of the shift to Peacock would have been the default. Have they even aired these 'family is important...switch to Peacock!" ads I see online on NBC?

And now with the Queen's passing, Days last day won't get any coverage at all.

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I literally only just found out about this (DVR-delayed viewing of yesterday's late local news, which I only recorded in case the NFL ran really long), and even though I dropped out of soaps in general around 2001 or so, I'm sad to see NBC become the first network to completely remove them from the channel.  (Idgaf about Peacock.  No streaming for me, tyvm.)

I'll mourn everything from the 1970s-1990s, and wish the actors continued employment, even in the dank corner to which they're now exiled.

My list of actors who got their big break on DooL would include John DeLancie, who went from playing the…eccentric Eugene Bradford to being a different sort of eccentric as Q on Star Trek: TNG.  (Which I believe he's still doing, in Paramount+'s Picard series.)

Like sands through the hourglass…

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